Professional Gaming Headset Review & Mic Test: Sennheiser G4ME Zero

Oh you what's going on broken girls today i'll be reviewing one of my favorite heads it's today and this recently released sennheiser game 0 professional noise blocking gaming headset. This is a successor to the well-reviewed sennheiser pc 350 special editions with upgrades to the materials comfort and in my opinion its looks and I've done a full unboxing of these games zeros which goes into greater detail on these upgrades and improvements as some of my longtime subscribers know. This is actually the fourth sennheiser product i've covered with both unboxings and reviews for all of them all of which i've came out extremely impressed with the HD 558 SAR actually my go-to pair when I want accurate sound for audio editing and a super wide sound stage four games and if you want to see any of these vids just click the annotations or the links in the description and for the best pricing and availability worldwide I've included some links for you down below like all my reviews i'll stop with any cons i found and leave off on a good note with the pros i only found one con and it is a con that any other high performing high impedance headphone has and it is the need for an amplifier while these still sound good without an amp to get them to sound absolutely amazing and live up to their full potential you will need to acquire an amp like the pc 350s they have an impedance of 150 ohms which most stock sound cards do not have the power to fully drive but like i said on my review of the 350s you don't have to spend a ridiculous amount on an amp and i'll link a good performing subs $30 pheo e6 amp that's also portable and once you have an amp you should be able to hear the difference immediately in these games zeros as well as any other high-end headphones you own as well.

On to the pros and since i've been very happy with these headphones they'll be quite a lot i'll start with what matters most in all audio products and it is sound quality these use the same drivers as the 350s cs and this results in a similarly impressive sound both sound like a closed-back version of the HD 558 which is a good thing these have a gaming optimized sound using a fairly flat Sam signature without any exaggerated base and. This is good.

You can hear all the footsteps and small sounds around you in the game without having those important positional Q's turn out by excessive base and speaking of positional audio of all the clothes back headsets I've ever tried these have definitely one of the widest soundstages sense age is important to pinpoint your enemy's position and where they are firing at you and with the game zeros once fired upon I was quickly able to locate via sound where the shots were coming from.

I'm not exactly the quickest at locating enemy since I'm pretty shitty at most FPS is these for sure helped a lot the advantage closed-back headphones have over open-air models is sound isolation and with these zeros they were able to block out ambient sounds.

I can hear the finer smaller sounds including footsteps a tad bit more than on my five five eights especially when it's noise around me and though meant for gaming the sound stage and isolated sound are also good for movies and music where the isolation will really immerse you in the movie scene and the strong sound stage combined with the neutral sound signature provide an accurate musical balance with great instrument separation this IQ musical balance also translates well to sound editing because they reproduce exactly what is given from the source the next Pro is microphone performance and I'll talk about this using the mic itself right now it is about one inch away from the corner my mouth and as you can hear for a gaming headset mic it is probably one of the best for those who don't know sennheiser actually makes mics for music artists producers and game developers this mic expertise Delphie shows here and i find the mic on these zeros keeps up very well with even dedicated voiceover mikes like the blue snowball which i'm using to record the rest of this review the mic is also noise cancelling and even though my computer is right beside me and has 10 fans running full speed you can barely hear it if at all speaking of sound cancellation the third pro is the noise blocking properties of this headset with upgraded ear cup adding these are marketed as Sennheiser's most quiet headset in terms of outside noise coming in and I definitely believe them like I touch on before these block out the majority of ambient noises which means while gaming you won't have any distractions from the outside world and everything you hear will be coming from the game itself and not your cat meowing wanting to get fed or your roommate having set sentimental moments with their significant other. This is also good for LAN parties where everyone around you is talking another pro is design and build quality as some of you may know white is one of my favorite colors and I absolutely love having this very unique-looking whitehead set in a world of plain black ones that most others have these are deftly attention-grabbing and in good way I also like the rubber trim design on the outside of the Cubs which does help with grip should you grab the headphones by that surface build quality wise these are reinforced with metal in all the healthy stressed areas like the headband and hinges.

They definitely won't snap or shatter any time soon they also feature a thick braided cable and robust strain reliefs a fifth pro is comfort like I said the earpads are upgraded from the already comfortable PVC 350 SCS and I find that these are even softer and better fitting.

Now sir tailored these pads to mimic their professional pilot headsets which as you know pilots during long flights where the headsets even longer than gamers the pads are now a thick leatherette and feature a triple layered memory foam which I found are the most form-fitting ear and head conforming memory foam pads I've ever used less pro wanna touch on is the fact that these zeros are packed with convenient and functional features they have the noise cancelling mic that also has Auto mute when you erect it away from your face also mounted on the headset itself is the volume control I like the solution way better than other headphones that have it mounted on the cord where it takes a tad bit longer to find which could make the difference in games where a split second delay can mean everything speaking of the cord the brit design is not only durable but also tangle free and at the end there's a velcro cable management system.

The generous 3 meters of length is easily tied up when you don't need that length lastly the foldable design is a nice touch that not many other headset can say they can do and then included hard case to place them in is extremely compact and protective to take with you to any gaming event you go to.

All in all unless you are completely oblivious I really love this headset everything from the top notch sound which is great for games as well as music and movies to the beautiful white design I can't praise enough though these are a bit pricey I think they are well worth it to anyone who wants to absolute cream of the crop in gaming performance and gaming experience just make sure you get an amp for close by headsets these are one of the best especially for first person shooters but let me know in the comments which had set you would pick if you had to choose one in any price range I'd really like to hear your opinions and get some discussion going also I have quite the collection of gaming headsets now and I was thinking of doing a gaming headset roundup.

Let me know with a thumbs up or comment if you want to see that.

I hope you guys all enjoy my full review of the Sennheiser game 0 professional noise blocking gaming headset if you did please thumbs up if you liked it thumbs down if you didn't and let me know your thoughts in the comments subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and follow me on instagram and or twitter it would be much appreciated until next time you do both pace you.

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