PS Vita Pull n Go Folio Unboxing by Lai

Hi guys I'm gonna do a little unboxing in which I bought something from target it costs me 29.99 it's a PS Vita pull and go cover or a case and it's pretty cheap actually.

I'm going to show you what I got so. This is take it off there you go.

Rather wish the front one. Okay, here oh that's.

Anyway. This is the front case is for the PS Vita pull and go folio.

As you can see thirst a case in here and you can detach them anytime you want and it's pretty handy and there's a oh where you can put all your games it holds up 19 PS vita game cards.

Let's see if it's really true and there are two slot for the memory cards and here you can see on the side where we can put your adapter.

I'm not sure I heard a lot of people were saying that the target doesn't fit let's let's try.

I here i have my PS Vita.

I'm going to open this.

I'm kind of a little sick think I had a cold it's raining outside when I bought this open it up I think it's this one the part where are you going to touch their you think I'm doing it.

Bear with me if the the video is a little shaky let's look at the back always still the same just hold some little French version this two strands yeah this aside so. This is an official case from PDP and I think.

Need to prove this one yeah and as you can see there is a PS Vita logo in here here's a logo and there's attach it has a cold leather um style of case same as the bag there's a stitches in the sides and the cool thing about this look at that zipper it looks.

Sturdy and in the good quality and on the under zippered also a logo from the PlayStation I'm going to open it up there you go.

Here's the places where you can put all your gains.

So the case is one two three four five one two three.

Five minutes 3 15 16 17 18 19.

There is really 19 slots for the game and two slots for the memory card and. This is where you put the charger and the and the brick so. This is this is what I like this part that I really like about this case because you can detach it look see so. This is where you put your PS Vita look and the whole thing you have a modern four slots for the game which is pretty nice at least have.

You have 19.

All in all you have 23 places you can put your game cards.

I'm going to show you how. This is done I'm going to take my Vita the reason why i buy this pulling go because I don't have a good place to put my Vita my charger is on another container which is that one my games are also in there.

I wanted in one place that's why I bought this one I do think about this when you put the feet up inside.

I put it already the good thing about this if you pull this Tran the Vita will come out.

It's kind of handy and a good thing.

What I'm planning to do is I'm going to remove this robber case and the video will come out easily for now I'm just going to set that aside in there because usually.

Anyway, since the video was cut off I'm just going to tell you that the reason why I'm removing this robbery is that.

That the PS visa come out easily and. This is a really good case.

I really recommend you guys to buy this one anywhere you can buy it online in the PDP site and also in anywhere in target I think the best buy or any game shop sells also this one and there is also a 3ds version of this you can buy it in either yellow color the blue one or the black one.

In the PS Vita all I know is that there is only a flag version.

I hope you liked this video light your subscribe and see ya thank you guys bye you.

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