This is an American favorite and it's perfect around the holiday season it's pumpkin a pig and pie this fantastic American treat is pumpkin and pecan pie we're going to make it with a very own homemade pastry a filling that's so simple with pumpkin and condensed milk and there's some candied sweet and pecans on top okay Oh start with the pastry flour and cold cubed butter if you just rub those in with your fingertips yep we're making a crumbly thing we're making a crumbly thing to start with our pastry you can start with our filling which is pumpkin now this sort of hunting this is the kind of pumpkin they use an awful lot in the States and it's just tin pumpkin Jordan pureed so if you can scoop all of that into there and to sweeten up even more we can add some condensed milk so one tin of pumpkin one tin of condensed milk and two eggs if you can crap those in there cause it's one of those dishes that kind of mixes the savory in this week the Americans are quite good at that yes but most we have our own versions of it so carrot cake you're mixing savory root vegetables into sweet cakes this is just a pumpkin pie so why not to add to our pumpkin mix two spices one is cinnamon that's going to go in there and one is allspice in the case that's going to go in as well how many spices are in Old Spice what all of them one to bury all spices apparence you got our eggs pumpkin dense milk spices cumin heat that can go on the backbench we can do our topic so brown sugar two more eggs beautiful give that a good whisk up and to it I'm going to add a little drop of vanilla extract and as soon as it's all combined we'll stir through our pecan so obviously pecan and pumpkin fantastic for Thanksgiving very seasonal is it because I forgot both begin with P pumpkin and pecan pie yeah please right and our pecans can go in there just stir those through awesome so beautifully crumbled butter and flour so our shoe goes in there and one egg but if you can just mix that together hands and hands or just until it comes together perfect and at this point you just get your fingers involved as well when the whole thing together and we write might look still quite crumbly at the moment it needs a couple of sort of pushes together and have an amazing pastry don't overwork it so we'll wrap this up in cling film get that into the fridge to rest if you can do that very fortunately here is one I made earlier that's already rested so we'll get a quick dusting of flour onto our work surface so what's the problem making that much although these people exactly what they're looking for right so if we can just roll this up nice and flat now and every so often you roll it turn it and move it so you know it's not going to stick to base yep so now what I've got is a plate that's quite a bit larger than our mold well I can just cut around that anything will do a knife back a spoon something like that it's that off and that we can use to line our pastry case so ease in gently again we're not pushing into those corners just dropping it down into that fluted edge beautiful joint good one the same there yeah and then from here we just want to trim around the outside look nice and level top question if there aren't public key but must you use apple apple wood we're basically picked fruit puree pumpkins very seasonal perfect Thanksgiving but use any fruit puree to put some of our pumpkin filling into our mold about halfway up kind of like a lot of pastries we don't need to bake this one blind we're going to bake it at 180 degrees for 50 minutes it will cook anyway bear it if you can put plenty of our pecans over the top and all that sugary eggy goodness over the top there you're just looking stunning as well J now all that pastry after the table can be rolled out again yeah it should have enough here to make four of these fantastic tarts or of course you can make one big one lovely job and then these can go into our preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 50 minutes and they will puff up by that pumpkin and egg will set solid and a be lovely and golden brown so there we go cooked off that had time to cool slightly onto a plate there's a big big portion but a generous dusting of icing sugar oh you do some generous duster yes not on me on this our fantastic pumpkin and pecan pie sorted our professional Wow carried on look at the layers on there well Wow whoa some awesome awesome awesome in this deal war we've got a creme fraiche or ice cream just as good cold hmm hmm it's like America it does mmm does that flood this is what we're going to be eating to celebrate the American Thanksgiving holiday this year but what are you going to be eating and if you'd like this and like this like this video do it now
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