Pumpkin Seed Review

Hello I'm here to do a review what I'll be doing is David pumpkin seeds fresh new bag and i'm going to try some out and let you know what i think this is my first review and i'm going to add it to my collection of videos so let's try this up I've also had these before so they're nothing new to me i just want to show you the positive review i would give these usually fill up a corner like that right away you get salty very salty um sodium the percent of the daily value is thirty-nine percent in quarter of a cup so poor poor about a handful did they say you know eat the whole thing I treat these things like sunflower seeds whereas I don't eat the whole thing I get the quote unquote meat of the sea witch inside so right away again very salty I you know which of the salt goes away and you get more of a mild basic China playroom song in the background is nothing is stopping you by Big Sean by the way so now basically ready to stop working the seat open as they've softened up a bit and I believe that when you break it off in is where the magic happens get a really earthy flavor um he's really harvested in pumpkiny kind of on how to describe the inside of the meat of the seed as I say it's really good actually I personally like these pumpkin seeds better than some polish eats now nice to be a summer of sheets fanatic yeah so I really enjoy these David's pumpkin seeds because they are good salty snack if you like salty they're good first of all they're good things just munch on while you just kind of hanging out kill them sometime and then you bite into them you get this good harvest the earthy kind of flavor so yeah positive review David sunflower seeds to go out and get them for baseball season coming up and yeah that concludes my first food review I hope to do many more reviews in the future such as alcohol reviewed when i turn 21 this summer so well anyway yeah I hope you enjoyed thanks for watching
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