Pyrography: Colwood Super Pro II wood burner Unboxing & Wood burning Haul ☆

[Music]. All right, we're going to look at the code and the stuff I got little bit closer.

For this. This is a heavy-duty nibs burner cord I do have a loose pin.

And where my other cords went I have no clue.

I pick this up. This is the burn master shooter tip it just came out recently if I can open it so. This is the burn master tip shader tip that I picked up it is bigger than the other one.

See if I can compare it Miz burn on top and burn master on bottom big difference that will help do the bigger areas quicker.

Excited to try that out and of course we have the free aluminum oxide that came with my promo code. Okay, and it's dropped but let's get on to what you really want to see I haven't opened the box yet either.

I did see you at the show I do know what's in it because of what's on the website but holding your hands in about now. This is Mark at 215 for the whole whole kit including the case it's a nice sturdy case and what we get inside is oh nice and paper. This is 600 grit. This is 800 polishing very useful nice size easy to use I look about the catalog here the catalog.

You could buy more stuff we did operating instructions and warranty registration how to use the burner and congratulations on my hand here what else again we have the different unit and overview of the handpiece system and how they compare kit packages which looks like there's a few new ones.

You can also do the whole make your own tip and then it comes with a package with the connectors how to insert and remove your tips and your pins on the cord up here some more tips get there's the ball pitch right there. Okay, and it says custom tip styles are available upon request I might take them up on that might do that.

Suggested tip usage. Okay, and return the repair and how long you have so. This is a super pro pro 2.

2 years alright I did want the galaxy the mountain what covers does not carry it they have to actually order it.

That's. Okay, well we'll go with this.

We got boom and here oh I like this have a case for the clips and pens it comes with two pins and I do know it says on the website as applies because one of them is supposed to be a bonus.

It supplies lost. This is the tip remover for Christmas and then it this one came with five tips you can get just the base if you want to and we have a writer skew a tight round another skew and the shooter oh now I'll mark on the top these are very pretty good Astrid alright.

I like that able to keep everything on start because what I hope put my tips in isn't big enough for some of this stuff and now the burner there we go. Okay, so. This is dual can. Okay, let's back it up you can see it better I don't want to hold it and have a shaking everywhere there we go.

Dual you this one works a little differently than the other ones you connect and I say where the course the cords are already connected and I connect based on these screws on the back.

You don't for this one whereas with the news Verna has a razor tip the bar master you can unplug the whole cord handpiece switch all that out which you can still switch out and get different cords for the coal with this one you keep the cord plugged in and you just switch out your pins.

How it looks like based on he'll and I'll have to look it up based on a color I'm going to guess maybe the blue is light weight which I guess is why you suppose 3 is at a 4th sorry not guessing let's see do you may tell us yes they tell us I am not seeing it ok I will look that up for you because I can't remember off the top of my head which is which normally for like the heavy duty they will put red I'm not sure what the blue is one should be general and one should be heavy ok. Okay, flip this around and then we'll take our pin and it plugs right in and some RCA RC plug.

Cork handle feels good rubberband should happen and this the joys of unboxing on camera you're not ready and of course they went the opposite way what's me. All right, I want you to do that for now. Okay, it's a thinner cork I would say then you need this burner actually venoms burner space down there to vent looks like we don't have any venting in the handpiece we'll see if that keeps it cooler a warmer I've smoothed down my cork from years of using.

I probably need to find a pen that I don't use it often which got a couple anyway.

You can get oh you can get the foam and I might get the foam yeah I might get this home. Okay.

To put in a tip there's a groove right here let's see if I can get it in focus for you there you go there's a groove right here and that lines up where the white dot is just push it started connection. Okay, yeah there's no event no events on here that I can see and I don't know if that's going to be good or bad.

No vent and a handpiece when you're done let's see if I can do this the pin sets right into the jaws and pull hmm I would suggest waiting till your tip might be a little cooler because if you hit that middle enough you might damage your tip at least is not screwed.

Line it up push it in you're ready to go they also have fixed tips.

If you don't want to mess with this part of having to pull you can have your PIN six -. Okay, that was better. All right, well I can't wait to try this out here if these might be letters for their pieces this one is I asked this one is also three volts.

Similar to the same as MIBs burner and the burn master all the tips should what it is we'll look at more detailed what can and can't do we get for this. This is the super pro - and it's the full kit you get the case a bunch of documentation - 10 5 tip the extractor for the tip 2 chords and there is record sandpaper samples to try out catalog and that looks about it. Okay, there's one amendment I think what you need to make because I was.

Excited I didn't look at the tape work and I wasn't paying attention this blue cord marked cord is for detail which means is going to be a the general chord and the reason I know. This is because this which hooked here says detail and that's where they have the court fucking. Okay, so. This is the heavy duty cord and I now this because it says heavy-duty right there.

That's where you can go hotter about worrying about burning your cord or your tip or your pen out.

Definitely need to keep adding behind pay a little closer attention you guys probably picked it up before I did oh well so. This is the general overall cord and. This is your heavy duty cord you can switch out and go heavy duty on both sides and then it's just a matter. This is basically the only thing for this switch really besides reminding you what court is what is to switch in between the tent.

The dial feels a little tight but it's not like you can't turn it and after use for a while it'll loosen up anyway, not a big deal nice sized on/off switch and I'm wondering on the back. Okay, one thing I don't see is a place to adjust adjust your low or high end heat meaning if you're burning a one and are close to zero but you wanted a little hotter not quite a one you give like in the razor tip and burn master there's a hole that you can insert a screwdriver and adjust either your low end or your high end and fortunately if you need it is not on this cold would not that I see with the news burner you actually have to take it apart and play with it it's not worth it.

Yeah there is no adjustable and any way to adjust the low end or I am heat.

That's good to know I did purchase all this myself if I did not get a discount on any of the bases on the base or anything I bought the only thing I did get with my promo code which is the strong let me lend them oxide to clean tips and now I get to go plea.

That was my little haul unboxing from the wood carver shelf don't forget to hit the like button down below and if you're new here don't forget to hit that subscribe button to get up here or down here depending on computer level or what you're on and join our community we love having you and thanks for game day bye.

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