Quick Tip Cutting Apart Nested Die Shapes

Hello everyone it's been a really long time since I've done a quick tip video I have one for you guys today Ivan asked quite a few times what is the best way to cut apart coordinating die sets or just die sets that are all connected and have interior shapes connected and all that sort of thing.

I thought I would show it with this love you a lot a dies that coordinate with the love you a lot a set because yeah. This is exactly what people have been asking me about generally most dies that come attached to their cardstock backing with some form of adhesive just to kind of keep going place.

Obviously you just want to peel it up off the adhesive now sets that come without interior shapes and they're all just connected which my favorite things is one of the companies that does them all separate. This is a set from MFT.

Rather than put interior shapes inside other ones they keep them all separate it's a convenience thing.

Quick Tip   Cutting Apart Nested Die Shapes

More often than not I won't separate these dies like I just keep them all connected that way I don't lose any I know where they are it's just easier.

That's the convenience factor but to save cost time money all that kind of sort of thing a lot of companies nest other shapes inside the larger ones.

One thing you absolutely pretty much have to have it makes a world of a difference is wire cutters.

I will link to the ones I have I've had these for years yeah yeah fine tipped wire cutters makes a huge difference it does say write on them to use safety glasses I actually do recommend this me personally I if you've seen my other videos where you can see my face I have quite large glasses that I wear on a regular basis if I wasn't wearing glasses I actually would wear safety glasses because when you cut these tabs and while you literally have to do is just cut them like.

Doing that is fine and then to cut the interior shapes I just I try and cut I hold like the cutting edge as close to the inside of the die as possible.

You know to try and create as smooth of an edge as possible.

I snip that off I hold the die when I snip the last connecting piece otherwise. This is gonna fly off everywhere.

That does protect yourself to a degree it's when you go to cut off these little tiny tabs here and here. This is where the whole safety glasses thing comes into play and honestly I've seen it happen myself personally when you go to cut these tabs like.

This little piece will fling off the pressure exerted by the wire cutters on this no matter what you do it just creates quite a bit of force I have had these pieces embed themselves in my skin and seen them fly over like it yeah protect your eyes when using these and I when my kids are around I usually either either don't do this at all or I do it in a way.

That like I have like even right now you can hear Gavin swings over here he's napping.

I turned myself.

That if a piece does fly off somewhere it's nowhere near him and then last but not least I don't know if I'll be able to show on camera I can kind of zoom or you can see my desk yes what I do is I have I'm gonna try and show this on camera is I have my garbage can right below like my desk and when I am cutting these little tabs I will hold the die as close to the edge of the garbage can as possible and just trim off the little tabs that way.

That if they flick flick off at all they end up in the garbage and not you know some are my floor we can step on them that sort of thing.

It takes me longer to verbally explain this to you guys than it does to actually do it.

I can do a whole set in not very long at all and then to store them I will either put them back in the package just loose and they'll just sit in the bottom of the package and then I'll sometimes insert that into weight especially when it's a coordinating set like this I'll just insert that into here or if you want you can get magnet sheets I happen to have a bunch on hand from old MFT sets.

I found one that's actually the same size as the packaging.

I can actually keep this stored in the package if I want and then that way I can keep all my little guys stored together and then I know where they all are and if it doesn't already say somewhere on the packaging which this one doesn't I will write on the packaging how many dies are in the set.

That I'll always know it's like oh it's a set of 15 if there's only 14 it's like can missing one.

I do that and then another little thing I do to keep track of my dies it's kind of dirty is I have this Tim Holtz tray it's got a little bit of a lip on it and when I'm using my dies certain sets I put them in here especially ones that yeah I've cut apart using the different pieces.

I'll keep them all in here until I'm done whatever project I'm doing and then they're all in here.

Even if I'm only using say one die I'll keep the rest of the dies in the tray just.

That I know or like if they're already out of package I'll just keep it like. However, just.

I know where they are because yeah these little especially little ones like this they tend to walk away.

That is my tip for you guys hoped it helped I knew I had these somewhere forgot to add if the sharp tabs on your dies after you've trim them they're still usually quite sharp and if that still bothers you or if you find you're catching yourself on them all the time or tearing things you can get files I'm pretty sure got these from.

And says I'll find where I got these and I'll link to these but you can get little like metal files that you can use to say down these rough edges it's time-consuming it's yeah it's up to personal preference I never bother doing this at all unless it was a die maybe that I use all the time and it was becoming a major issue you and I was like we're gonna cutting myself on it but I have.

Many ties that I would be spending all my time you know sanding off edges it doesn't take much like you don't actually say on the whole little like nub off but it's more just to get those sharp edges.

That they're not slicing you up but it is an option if it's a concern for people or like if your kids are using your dies and you're you know worried about it for me I just make sure to snip them off really well but I do have these if I want and I just thought I would mention them if people were interested in that.

I will try and remember to source these and I'll post a link with everything else in the description box below the video. Okay.

That is it for now I'll see you guys next time bye.

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