Quilt Wall

I thanks for joining me. This is angie at chic n scratch and today we're covering my design wall when I'm making quilts Ilike to see what the finished product is going to look like before I start sewingmy blocks together and then the rose to the to each other.

I have this designwall it's a rectangle flannel is it flannel vinyl it's a vinyl tablecloththat's rectangle I found it at walmart and I've attached it to the sturdy boredwith binder clips I'm going to get a little bit closer because I have two ofthem side by side if you can't find the vinyl tablecloth which is usually reallycheap you do have another option and you can use the fonz and Porter I'm not realsure what the exact name is I'll make sure I have it on my website but if youjust Google funds importer you'll find it and the board is actually sturdyboard and yes the labels upside down.

It's what 40 by 60 and I don't rememberwhich store I got it one of the hobby stores craft stores ok.

I'm going topause this video for a second then I'm going to place a couple blocks on mydesign wall.

Quilt Wall

That way you can see exactly how I use.

I've added two rowsto the design wall I'm going to walk in a little bit closer.

That you can geta good look. This is what I do on every quilt except for my jelly roll quilts sothis first row I'll try to scan across release low.

Let's say that I didn'twant the two blue flower patterns together then I would just move those soi usually will fill out this entire board i'll be honest i wish it wasbigger most of my quilts are probably 56 or 53 x 63.

It goes what I do is I iwill go over the binder clips and then sometimes it will go down to the floorbut anyway, that's what i use to make sure that my quilts are going to lookreally pretty before I.

The blocks together if you have any questionslet me know thanks a lot bye.

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