RANT: White Chocolate Reese's

Hey guys! trailer-trash Tammy here.

I've got a story for you um I I don't even know where to start um.

I got off work a couple hours ago and I was like you know what I'm gonna stop by a convenience store I'm gonna get me a little snack you know something sweet for after dinner.

I walked in and I got myself a six-pack and a king-size Reese's and you know I like my Reese's frozen.

I thought I'll put them in the freezer and after dinner I'll enjoy them.

I ate dinner ok and I was really looking forward to eating my Reese's.

I go to the freezer and I get them and I noticed something you ready for this shit man I flip the shit I was like what the fuck who are the new white races even existed I'm not happy about this shit matter of fact I'm pissed the fuck off I didn't know I had to choose between nasty-ass watch chocolate and regular chocolate and I feel like a regular person would just shut up and eat it you know but I'm.


Pissed off right now you know I feel like my knot is ruined my Saturday night is ruined how about this hey Reese's company how about you put big signs in front of watt and regular chocolate especially with the damn package is the same I'm gonna give it a go good I'm pissed off already it don't look right you know what ain't right ok I'm gonna take it out of this little shell ok here we go man fuck you races company you did a disservice to a loyal customer change this.

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