Re: Happiness Versus Holiness

Hey buddy okay okay first of all if you can see it you're gonna have to ignore the glitter that's in my hair I turned to my hair last night and I was goofing around and found this old hair mascara is what it is so it's in a tube and it has a mascara wand but it it brushes glitter into your hair so I was fiddling around with it and this is what I have okay i'm making this video as a response video to one i just watched by violet katie 411 okay her video is titled happiness versus holiness okay in her video viola katie 411 address is happy and that God is not interested in us being happy he's interested in this being wholly okay I believe that to a certain extent I'm going to lab rate because you did say one thing that I myself say quite a bit joy God wants us to have joy and there's a difference between joy and happiness the Bible says the joy of the Lord is our strength joy is something that's lasting it's not a short-term who I bought a new car I'm so happy and excited and a few months later it wears off that's happiness okay happiness I run to the store i buy something as I really want and I'm happy for a while and it wears off okay joy is no matter what the circumstances no matter how difficult life may be no matter what the trials I'm going through at the time I can still have joy because the joy of the Lord is my strength that were my strength comes from I guess it's tied with faith I never really thought about that tool right now it's thinking about as i was tugging my joy yes joy is tied in with phase if the joy of the Lord is our strength and joy is what laughs no matter what the circumstances then it's tied in with faith because faith is no matter what circumstances I still have faith that God is in control and he has a plan and a purpose and I may not see what that plan purposes right now and I may not have control which I mean if you're honest with ourselves we're never really in control anyway we all want to have control but we're we're not we don't have patrol you really don't you don't know if the bottoms going to fall out of your business next week the question is are you still going to have joy events that happens and faith you don't know if your car is going to break down and you might not have the money to fix it but if it happens I still going to have joy you will if you're enough your focus is not on those things if you keep your focus on Christ then you will still have joy you will still have faith and you will have the strength to make it through because the joy is Lord my strength that's that means you have the strength to get through whatever the circumstances because now VK where you are talking about God's medicine are Venus even stood in our holiness on that part I wanted to add that I guess I wanted to add reasons for that so that people aren't left questioning well why would I want God's n or why would I want Christ God allows difficult things to happen in our lives he loved it for a reason because if you never suffered anything if you've never had any difficulty first of all you'd have no character second of all you have no compassion for anyone else third you'd have no maturity we mature as we learn and grow and gain wisdom from going through difficult times so in those cases you know you have to be happy but it doesn't mean God is van menu he doesn't on purpose because he doesn't want us to be immature spoiled little brat he wants us to be mature not just Christians he wants to be mature people I mean we're useless if we're immature of your useless if you never have compassion for anyone else or empathy you're useless in society if you don't have these traits so people who are running around seeking these happiness what's the next thing that can make me happy oh when you get in a situation like the country is in right now boy I feel so I for you if you can't find a reason to be happy because you can't afford all your toys like you could when things were right we're going great I'm in real estate believe me I cannot afford a lot of the stuff that I had grown very accustomed to buying a few years ago I was just used to buying I had no budget but what I wanted one a lot of it um that's boiled and you know it's things like that that if you take your eyes off Christ I I don't believe that God is concerned I don't believe it well do you weigh two were this I don't believe that God is displeased with us for having things that make us happy okay um just it's not a sin to be happy it's only a sin if you're putting your your focus your emphasis on being happy because the Bible says actresses does a jealous God he doesn't like for us to have sorry I got something else on my computer in front of me he doesn't want us to have anything else that's more important to us than he is but the flip side of that is is our focus is on him and he is the most important thing in our lives that he blesses us a matter of fact Bible says he blesses us exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think so he can bless you far beyond whatever you can even imagine so I guess this could be just semantics from word happiness I've said before like I said joy is long lasting joy comes from for me joy comes from keeping God first and reaping the rewards of a life lived for him when I'm worshipping just lost in worship worshipping Christ I am at my most peaceful time so for me peace is far more desirable than happiness joy and strengths are certainly more desirable than happiness so it's not just a matter of that doesn't once you be happy cuz I don't think God takes issue with what the thing happy there's no reason why he wouldn't want us to have tons of happiness I mean my cat makes me happy uh no thanks make me happy I can just walk outside and look at a blue sky in white puffy clouds and I guess he languages happiness they might be smile a little smile at things like that that's happiness it's not going to last me throughout the day um joy left me throughout the day because it's deep down so I guess I'm not I don't think I'm disagreeing with anything you said I just felt the need to elaborate maybe fill in the blanks maybe that was my job for the day heard you're ready I'll catch their eye
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