Reese's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes - Marcel Cocit - Love At First Bite Episode 41

Hey guys! welcome back to another episode of date night in the kitchen I'm Marcel and. This is my beautiful wife Jeanne how are you always excited my kitchen yeah.

I'm super excited because I know this recipe is gonna be really happy with you're making chocolate peanut butter cupcake favorite last week he made my favorite the red velvet.

This week I pretty miss me yeah last week this week is about me finally it's about me.

Let's get started this recipe but before we get started the full description and the measurements are below.

Make sure you check that right below.

We're gonna start with a standing mixer and what I have here is a bowl and what I did was I sifted all the dry ingredients in there we have some flour some baking soda baking powder a little bit of salt brown sugar regular sugar and some cocoa powder.

I'm the reason why I sniffed it all together that way you have a nice smooth batter you don't want any lumps in the batter.

Let's get started baby yes. Okay.

First step we're gonna add some vegetable oil perfect or you can actually use canola whole but we're using vegetable then we are going to use two eight. Okay, now I'm gonna go ahead and add some milk and finally some vanilla extract and then we're gonna mix everything up together.

It's nice and incorporated until the batter is really smooth yes let's do it yeah.

Now that the ingredients are nice and blended we are gonna add one last ingredient which is really important because. This is a big cupcakes extra moisture that's right it's one cup of hot boiling water and you're gonna add it in gradually and what it does it keeps the cupcakes super moist you have the water and the milk in there trust me once you taste these out of this world now that the batter is all finished we have a and panic here and we lined it with cupcake liners.

Our next step is we are going to fill the cupcake liners with some batter but this one let you guys know and you saw that right that's the batter is pretty liquidy which is normal because it has boiling water don't be alarmed now there's two ways of doing this ready for this you can either ladle it with a ladle of course or what I did was I put it into a measuring cup that way it's easy to pour.

Let's get boring Wow these looks.

Good yes.

What we have is an oven behind this it's at 350 degrees and you're gonna bake it for about 20 to 25 minutes or until it you put a toothpick in the middle and it comes out nice and clean.

Honey get bacon baby now that the cupcakes are baking we're gonna start with the frosting oh that's my favorite part that peanut butter frosting is out of this room.

What we have here is a KitchenAid mixer with a paddle attachment and what we have inside the bowl is that love it's the peanut butter we got some butter powdered sugar a little vanilla and a pinch of salt.

We're gonna blend that up all together until it's nice and creamy and rich and.

Much deliciousness let's do it yeah wow that is looking insane huh I can't wait to take my hands in there anyway, but the final touch is we're gonna put some heavy cream that way it gives it that smooth consistency.

So we just face with the frosting and while we were doing that the cupcakes were done.

We put them on a cooling rack and now they are ready to be plucked baby.

Here in this piping bag is love right here lots of love in here now what I did was I got a piping bag with a star tip and I put the frosting in there but if you don't have one of these you can just use a knife or a spoon you can frost it I'm just going that extra mile since it's the cupcakes are for me oh no they're for you. All right.

Let's get crossing David.

While he was fasting I decided to add a little love in there.

I added a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup because I know he loves to connect Yuri know that was such a sweet little surprise baby thank you very much I mean look at this look what this young lady did I love it i frosted it she put the peanut butter cup you know I would have done actually I was going to do some shaved chocolate or some sprinkles but this one really I'm on Prince of yet you eat with your eyes now that looks amazing.

Now what we got to do is we got to try it honey finally finally I cut it in half.

That we can share a half one just hops right on top there you go baby happy date night hmm perfect way to celebrate a date night thing that insane.

Moist it's that boiling water told you about Moya tombow in there but also really light too and the cream cheese for cream cheese the peanut butter frosting is really nice and I like the heavy cream at the end because it just gives it that smooth texture and it's light out of this world then no good.

Please subscribe to our Channel yes and leave us some comments and if you like this recipe give us a thumbs up thanks for watching low first bite hi Marcel. This is my beautiful wife Jeanne thanks baby for joining me in the kitchen cards again I know anyway, we'll see you next week guys yeah and some more once a Mormon there you go Inc yeah love you baby bye everyone.

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