Reese's NutRageous Peanut Butter, Caramel & Chocolate Candy Bar

Time for me to dissect a new candy bar it's a Reese's nut Regis milk chocolate peanuts peanut butter and caramel let's take a look at you are now watching a Lucky Penny shop product feature hey it's a little walkie penny shop and you saw it it's time for me to do a Reese's nut rageous I can't wait to see what's inside this thing well we know what's inside I can't wait to see the ratio peanut butter to caramel to peanuts they show these big chunky whole peanuts.

We'll check that out covered in chocolate it is a Hershey product here's some nutritional information for you if you would like that but for me it's all about cutting looking checking analyzing and seeing what it's all about now it's in the refrigerator we get this on a dish and it does look like hold chunky peanuts on the top let me just see if I can get a clear cut here even being refrigerated that's good look at that.

Does it look like the packaging I'm gonna say yeah it's pretty close to that get in here you know probably more peanuts and taller looking on the package but the smell ooh the smell how many Reese's fans are out there I'm sure there's a few I'm gonna bite the end that's looks a little like it got crushed look at the caramel or caramel. However, you want to say. All right, my first bite of a nut rageous I'm happy happy because it has a hint of what you would call the the Reese's peanut butter cups but then the extra big chunky peanuts kind of add more peanut flavor to it they cut one more piece off how could you not eat this whole thing in one sitting look I've peeled it apart now. All right, my second taste.

For all the people nervous about chewing here I go I'm gonna take a bite mmm that's a good bar well for my first taste of a Reese's nut rages having to say really good have you had this one leave it in the comments what's your favorite how about this what's your favorite Reese's product leave that in the comment and if I haven't made a video of it then we'll find it and do that for you and if you want to see more candy bar dissections like this where I cut it up take a look at it and taste it there's plenty look in the description for a playlist or as always you can just search Lucky Penny shop and thanks everybody who's commenting and supporting us it's really appreciated and thanks for watching later if you're looking for the item you just saw in the video click here watch more videos by clicking here don't forget to share on social media and give a thumbs up hey LPS Dave what's up butch make sure they don't forget to subscribe oh yeah please click here to subscribe to Lucky Penny shop and always remember when you see a Lucky Penny pick it up thanks for watching.

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