Reese's Peanut Butter Cup White Chocolate Review

Hey guys! it's ken from KVD productions TV and today i'm going to be reviewing one of my favorite chocolate bars of all time in white chocolate it is the Reese peanut butter cup I've never ever tried. This is that first for me I've never had a recipient butter cup in white chocolate I don't even know if they sell it in Canada I've never seen it in a store I bought this at the candy shop just north or really I got a lot of imported chocolate from different places all over the world so. This is about 42 grams a hunt 1.5 ounces that's the size of the bar obviously the weight calories is 220 calories and. This is made by the Hershey Company in the United States of America.

Let's open this up check it out first time ever seeing a Risa cup in white chocolate look at that is not a strange sight all your life you've seen the peanut butter cups and regular milk chocolate now it's in white.

For all you white chocolate lovers out there. This is a new one let's break this in half see if it's any different from normal because I should have bought a regular going to show you the difference but most of you probably have had the regular probably never have had the white I'm not sure when they invented this or decided to make this because I again I've never seen it before.

Let's give it a shot the peanut flavor of the filling is.

Overpowering I can't taste the white chocolate it's going to take another quick bite other just a white chocolate now.

It's a really good white chocolate but when you eat the whole thing I can't even tell the difference probably between a regular one and a regular what milk chocolate and the white chocolate well anyway, guys there you go there's your Reese's white chocolate review I suggest you go out and buy one if you can't find one you got to check out a specialty shop like the candy shop but in the States I'm pretty sure that. This is on the shelves and your gas stations and convenience stores. All right, guys.

Don't forget to rate subscribe comment and like I said leave a comment about whether or not you've had this before and if you like it if you like this one or do you like the milk chocolate one there have a discussion talk to there Hey hey guys it's ken from KVD productions - you like you the fellow Reese's Pieces it's not pieces reaches pieces of the little things don't do that again because I want to take a picture excuse me.

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