Reese’s Premium Dessert Bar Mix by Betty Crocker

Hey guys! today I'm going to be making this Reese's peanut butter and chocolate bar is a premium dessert bar mix it had and throw it as it looks like it's peanut butter and chocolate and a cookie like bottom.

There's three layers to it it's 180 calories for 1/16 of the bars once they're cooked that's prepared everything.

The first thing I need to do was of course you got the mix inside by the way this was recommended by Kate Thank You Kate we bought this for 246 at Meijer and. This is the peanut butter filling mix and then you have the chocolate mix is right there chocolate mix and then you have the actual Reese's bar mix Reese's bar mix.

What you need is all together you need one egg you need three tablespoons of butter for the bar two tablespoons of butter and one tablespoon of milk for the pop of the peanut butter filling any two tablespoons of butter and two tablespoons of milk for the chocolate frosting.

Need three tablespoons of milk and three four five six seven tablespoons of butter three of those are going to be melted and the other four just going to be softened if it makes it.

What I'm going to do is I've got my butter melted already melt about three tablespoons and let me get your get suited up and I'm just going to pour this all in a bowl for mixing up the bar we also have our oven preheated to 350. This is the dark man.

We did 325 and we grew strong pain and actually can he did that before I came over here.

She sprayed just with cookies right we're gonna get a butter in here and I'm just gonna stir it up I used to try to break my yoke up with spoon and then it's kind of sterilized and what I easily do with the cookie type stuff is I'm a squish it my team tends to get moisturized better than just stirring it it's a little air it definitely smells like peanut butter. Okay, now should spray my fingers but I'm not going to this just gets spread in the bottom of the it gets pressed evenly into the bottom of the pan I'm gonna make these little areas.

I can kind of spread it out a little butter on my finger a little help we'll try most bars the found they we made the what were they called the the heath the heath bars and they're not very thick on the bottom they're pretty thin actually and I said in that video that I should just break my fingers and I should have spread my fingers through this bar because it would definitely keep it from sticking to your fingers like this very sticky flex spread and glue I feel like the tar baby in the little the rabbit in Song of the South the Disney movie Song of the South Bree we're the little rabbit gets in the briar patch and he talks to the tar baby I will get it out of one piece sooner we're all work on this. This is going to go in the oven and it's an online on pants it's going to go in 1518 minutes and I found that during the last the the Reese's bar we actually the heath bombs are the heath bar we actually we wanted to get good and golden brown we actually kind of baked it a little long.

It was a it was a little too hard honestly.

We're going to bake this one just the 15 minutes this time.

I'm going to spike with this and spread it out to where it won't be holes in it and get in the oven and move that and the cookie part the bar part has had time to cool off and. This is a hobby oven looks like. This is have plenty time to cool off.

It's good and soft we didn't leave it in as long this time.

It's not as dry have a mixer here what I'm going to do is I'm going to mix it up my peanut butter filling mix and always use the boxes the garbage stick it right to the box in conwy anyway.

On then my butter and the butter I'm just I had a back of the stove when we had the oven on for baking this how literally just put on a plate in our event for our stove is back here.

I just light it back there and let it kind of warm up that way.

Should be good and soft and butter doesn't soften like a margarine does.

It's still kind of holds its shape and then let's see for this one a 1 tablespoon of milk and I'm not saving since this one uses 1 tablespoon and the at the crossing uses two this one's going to be a little thicker than the frosting. Okay, you got mixer I'm going to kind of go slow a little bit of course because I don't want to create a cloud. Okay, I've got my peanut mixture it's all fluffy and thick and you're spread this on you're going to spread this one on the bar.

We just want to spread it around you. Okay.

The next thing I do smells good tastes pretty good um next thing I'm gonna do is mix the chocolate frosting out.

I'm going to get the chocolate frosting packet and we need our other two tablespoons of softened butter try to get as much of that out as I and then for this one I need two tablespoons of milk now I'll mix this up it's a small bowl.

I'm half done I have to really be careful this will not fling it in and again 30 seconds on low in a minute on high high I've got the chocolate palm mixed up.

I'm just going to basically I'm just going to spread this on top of the peanut butter mixture and like I said it's it's much smoother it's kind of got a thinned out pudding consistency.

It is thinner than the peanut butter this looks like the same chocolate mixture that was on the heath bar it looks like the same consistency same color on same everything and we were kind of disappointed with that a little bit and it wasn't as chocolatey as we thought it would be.

I'm hoping with a peanut butter on this it'll it'll really come together but we'll see I was worried about it spreading but I had nothing to worry about because it's.

Much thinner it spreads fun. Okay, so. This is ready to cut.

We're going to get it cut and then we'll prop he.

Of course I'm here to help review the peanut butter you knew I would be are you ready it's very very soft and I don't know if you can see those you can actually see the layers in it the chocolate and then the peanut butter and then the cookie that is very good peanut butter flavor good and soft.

Not over baking that now really made a difference hmm that's very good very sweet that varies almost sickening Leslie yeah you could not well let's face it I could eat a whole pan but you wouldn't want any to help him because you would get very sick this birria i love the peanut butter the peanut butter the chocolate is still not really strong but it is it goes well with the peanut butter claw the peanut butter makes this oh um that's excellent Kate had wanted us to review this one and we saw the heath bar.

While we were there we Kevin and I both loved heath bar.

We went ahead and picked that up too and we were disappointed in the heath bar he didn't it was missing that just that really sweet element to it we thought the peanut butter is what makes this worth your wild it really once you got used to doing who said I was finished well once you got used to do in the three steps you know the baking and then the two layers I think you could go through it pretty quickly it wouldn't be that big of a deal it's a harm you just need a lot of butter let's sell anything on that this man and spray your fingers off when you're pressing the bars in I did twice now I knew better the first second huh spray your hands off they make your hands greasy but it's better than getting sticking and not going on the numerator yeah if my hands had been oiled I would have been able to just press right down with a big deal right that's not that's my best advice these were really good though I would recommend buying these these are really good the Heathman thought.

Much of these were the reasons were excellent right.

Hopefully you all enjoyed this and thanks for watching.

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