Reese's Sticks Chocolate Peanut Butter and Crispy Wafers

Java-based are calm and. This is Reese uses sticks mate with chocolate peanut butter butter and crispy wafer. All right, unfortunately lysis the girl from the importer it's made in the USA. Okay, and it's made by the same company muesli and they are from which yeah Pennsylvania right oh look at this orange background color is a registered trademark. Okay, how can be a color a trademark oh.

They have like it's car pop carrier here look at this reminds me of something. Okay, here nice smells like peanut butter. Okay, now I cut them I always cut stuff so. This is just like profile and now I eat a half of them okay. This is like peanut butter covered in three waffles in surrounded by chakra but somehow it's I think it's salty a little bit too salty for me I got it everything I still have to make my culture for the homepage someone is is it salty let me know I could like rip them try to swat Sol Sol Sol if it emits a no thought.

It's 4%. Okay, what's this it says 25% sold of the daily stuff and yeah it says 4% yeah let me know if you extend this salty stuff let me know this.

I give it a drop.

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