Refurbishing Presto Pressure Canner

Hi. This is Lisa from rural in the urban today we're going to be refurbishing a presto pressure canner that I've had in the garage and basement probably for the last 20 years it wasn't in the box unfortunately but. This is what we have right here it's a really dirty look in me just go up here see how dirty that is that's like I mean 20 years of dirt.

That's what you see in front of you.

I need to wash it first of all but let's some look at the bottom first here's the inside they follow the dust bunnies and some marks looks like water was at one time in it I probably dumped it out but on the bottom you can find your model number. This is a model number um zero one seven eight zero zero four.

I took that number and plugged it into Amazon to get parts for this thing now the handles are intact it's just really dirty I have to wash it. This is intact is riveted that hold it down the top that's fine everything looks good it just needs a good cleaning yeah there's no dings there's no dents there's no nothing no bowls or anything.

Refurbishing Presto Pressure Canner

I'm gonna go ahead and put this over the sink cuz I can watch it alright let's get to the TARDIS there we go there's the track the handles are intact there he looks pretty good the only thing I know I have the pressure regulator upstairs on a door.

I just forgot to bring that down but um here's your vent vent pipe seems a little loose lots of bolt yeah alright you can tighten that right back up again now here here's the dial gauge gasket put it up if I take that off my finger see how it's cracked I'm not sure to even see this and you get a little bit closer right there see how it's cracked and whatnot.

I know that needs to be replaced and also here's the like a safety feature it's it's a over like a vent overflow it's just a gasket that's in there now this isn't sitting for a long long time and it's the safety thing that it moves freely little Cody because it's aluminum aluminum doesn't like water.

I'm gonna pop these out yeah I can see that we're gonna put new ones in alright another big thing here's the gasket original gasket that's never been used but since it's been exposed for the last 20 years I don't feel comfortable using it.

I'm gonna actually Chuck this and go ahead and order a new one my hands are filthy.

We're to go ahead and order new parts which I've already done 85 them but now you clean this up and do that here's the new parts hello Amazon slip you guys have to get Amazon Prime most things not everything free shipping is fantastic and here is the new gasket if I ordered just like 10 bucks right now say I'm gonna leave it out.

It gets a little stretched out back to normal also this one it came with these safety the overflow right there.

That we would go there once again I didn't know that this gasket came with that.

I do have an extra overpressure plug and I'm still waiting for the gasket for here that's supposed to arrive to speak sometime. Okay, and thirdly the most important thing this gage. All right, I don't know if that gage is working I don't have been knocked around kick kicked and it traveled I did live in Florida when I obtained this.

It had a 1,500 mile ride home.

I don't know.

In the state of New York I don't know about other states I think 48 48 other states have extension office's.

I emailed a local Extension Office up in Saratoga County and asked them if I could come by and have them check my pressure gauge she meet a man this was amazing for the state of New York immediate response back and said just call set up an appointment and I'll be glad to check your canner then.

I'm gonna bring this one up as well as my all-american that's over there dividing it made it I didn't check it this year you're supposed to check them yearly and then basically I have another canner to use which is fantastic it'd be nice to have two pressure canner is gone at the same time.

You can see those soups and stews and chilies and all that but um let me wash this and I'll be back. Okay, all our parts have arrived and we're gonna go ahead and furnish this um presto canner that I've had for 1518 years and have never used but it's been toting around with me forever alrighty.

I did go ahead and put the pressure dial gauge adapter in I couldn't do it with my fingers make sure you can see this right there cuz it must have weak fingers I don't know but I didn't go through the top I went through the backside and I used my strawberry huller to push it in because it's a hex when you have this open it's out a circle it's actually a hex a p-- and that fits right in there now I have the pressure plug I'm gonna go ahead and this says top on the top here from the top here but that's it's labeled which is nice.

I'm just gonna try to put this into the backside if not I can use my handy dandy strawberry color to help me again nothing's gonna go and eat here yeah this one one much much easier that's. Okay, there we go that one's in you got that in you tighten this up. This is a bolt there's a nut right here we just took a wrench and tighten that up a bit. All right, thank you for this I did purchase a new gasket I'm just gonna put this in here it's been out of the box for quite some time but isn't sure fitting in here look at that perfect fit. This is this is basically a brand new canner and then this right here the air vent lock cover lock let's see that when you use this that I actually go up I'm gonna go over both of these Kanner's and two separate videos on basically on how to use a press though and then also how to use them in all American it's just refurbishing this one.

I'm actually a very unfortunate grateful person that I have to canners now then on the top they're gonna take your dial gauge your pressure dial gauge and you're just going to put that in here now I did contact my um County Extension Office and practically enough alright. This is gonna take some doing here surprisingly you know if they got right back to me all's I have to do is call and may set up an appointment and they'll be glad to check the scanner.

I'm gonna go ahead and do that tomorrow morning make the appointment and go up and have this thing tested I mean it's never been used but it's been carted around a long time.

You do not want to mess with I remember work on this one um this dial because if. This is not accurate you can actually know poison yourself indirectly by not following proper guidelines on how to pressure can. All right.

Total this probably cost let's see that was like nine well ten but say ten dollars. This is probably a total of 13 bucks because I was able to do with the Amazon Prime and when your Amazon Prime member you get free shipping.

There's no shipping involved.

13 bucks I have a brand new canner and then you know just a little bit of time to go up the the Extension Office to have it checked but you should be checking that yearly anyway, because I'm actually gonna bring this one and the all-american with me when I go.

They can check them both at the same time and I'm done for the year. All right, once again. This is Lisa from rural and the urban and thanks for watching take care.

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