Removing Stuck Lug Nuts On Your Wheels

You're having a hard time getting your lug nuts off when you have a flat tire to change the tire then stay tuned cuz I'm gonna show you how to get stock lug nuts off of your tire yeah now unfortunately lots of mechanics myself included use Aaron Peck wrenches to put lug nuts on so if you get a flat tire like this it can often be hard using one of these factory lug nut removers to get off carts the first thing after realizes these things are small and arms are pretty much useless on these so here's your foot in your leg muscles they're a lot stronger than most people's arms make sure the vehicles parked with the parking brake on put your leg on it's like mad there it goes but let's say your mechanic used a giant impact wrench like this and you can't get it off even with your leg well then you get a long piece of pipe like this and act like Archimedes because with the long enough lever hey you can even move the whole earth out of booms a long pipe gives you so much leverage even your arms will be able to push it off now if you noticed I've left the tire on the ground because you want to make it so the tire doesn't move leave it on the ground and then loosen all the nuts first then once you just have them loosened you can Jack the car up and there and take them off and replace the tire but if you notice this is one of these dumb locking wheels so people can't steal the tire and unfortunately the key that unlocks it is nowhere to be found so here's something that I use all the time it's a wheel lock remover tool it's got reverse threads so when you turn it to go off it bites in and pulls the lock off I just bought mine online just Google wheel lock removal sockets and you had a side of three in little fit most cars and it really is it is just gonna cheater bar and snap it on the end of the cheater bar then go to the wheel lock place over at the top and whack it with a hammer a few times I'll lock it in place since it's a reverse thread it bites in as you turn it now I'll just pull on socking in rah now it's loose and that sure beats the heck outta searching all over town for a puzzle lock that'll fit it they're trying to cut it off with a torch and ruining your wheel and these little wheel lock removal sockets are really great anyways cuz if you have rounded off bolts it'll also bite into them so you can get them off and then buy a new one once you get the old one off so the next time you're trying to get a wheel off and can't pull it with your bare hands now you know what to do and remember if you've got any color questions just visit Scottie Kilvert com
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