Replace Distributer with Electronic Ignition

Okay what we're going to do today is change stock distributor with point systems and condenser into an electronic ignition with this igniter electronic ignition set what this does is change this I or brain changes the points. This is the actual indicator that's going to go below the rotor and it's a quick 20 minute change oh.

And. This is all you need. Okay, to get things started what we're going to do first is make an area to work in.

We're going to remove that in this particular vehicle the air cleaner that way it gives us access to our distributor what we'll do is disconnect our negative ground on our battery. Okay, we're going to go over here back to the distributor take the cap off. Okay, we're going to take the cap off guys and we're going to leave all the wires connected okay. This is really simple we're just going to pick it up and bring it forward get it out of our way.

We can work. Okay, next thing we're going to do is take the rotor off set it aside now in the in this ignition setup here if your distributor with the points has a resisted resistor in it in line keep that coincided with your new ignition system don't don't disconnect or discontinue that leave it and running with this new system if you don't have it and of course that something will just not worry about. Okay.

Replace Distributer with Electronic Ignition

I got three screws here I'm working on my third one and I have this out two seconds here.

Here's one and we're going to take this wire harness assembly out pull it through see if it comes through here there and here's the components condenser and points here's one and we're going to take this wire harness assembly out pull it through see if it comes through here there and here's the components condenser and points also states that in the instructions save these components if your electrician they the chronic ignition ever goes out or if you want to change it back use the same components that's really simple. Okay.

We're going to put these aside for now we're going to grab this I okay. This is going to slide right over the top shaft and you're going to twist it until you fill it snap down I don't know if you saw that and we'll do it one more time pick this up you're going to turn it turn it until it goes down. Okay, now that's locked in. Okay, that's done.

Since this particular distributor housing does not allow us to feed these terminals through we are going to take these off there's plenty of wire on this harness for length. Okay, put the parts to the side.

From the inside of the distributor going outward you're going to feed one wire at a time. Okay, now we're going to pull the excess through and you can see on this on this harness there's a boot. This is what's going to seal the inside and the outside distributor from any debris coming in just like a factory one there's a groove here we're going to pull it and seal it to this groove depending on your whole capacity it'll be this first set here which this one is going to be or the more later models we're going to have a bigger a whole circumference and this will seal it.

We're going to go to this one here let's finish connecting the brain we're going to use this new screw which is in the kit. Okay, and you have a ground that's in this distributor from your old you're going to reconnect this ground as well.

With this one screw you're going to put it into this hole for the ground and you're going to put into the base of this new electronic eye we want to tighten it down. Okay, we're going to Snug it up but not make it 100% tight yet. Okay.

We still have movement by hand. Okay, I took off the sensor.

I get to my screw.

I'm going to twist this back on make sure it's down all the way also in your kit next step would be this clear gauge it's a thirty thousand plastic gauge you put it between the round sensor and your electronic eye. Okay.

So we have our adjustment for you want to stand it straight up put it here in between.

You pick that up and then you're going to slide them the eye forward and then at that point you tighten your eye. Okay, that completes that next step is we put the stock rover back on. Okay, same spot points the same way we go back and we are going to reinstall our distributor cap Riis nap it that's complete and feed that in there make sure it's all the way in we're going to crimp down its woman next one same thing feed it through make sure it feeds all the way through crypto. Okay, guys have you ever done any electrical really simple red is positive black is negative never fails.

We put on with our coil on this side you can't see but we have a connection here and a connection here. This is our negative side. This is our positive side.

Of course negative will go to the black. Okay, and then r+ will go to the positive side. Okay, last stage is we're going to do screws which are going to screw on and hold this the two connections and that pretty much guys sums this whole thing up as simple as that turn the key on when it's a runner there's no timing there's no putting your piston number one piston top dead center it's really cut and dry and simple to do.

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