Response: YouTube Happiness Campaign

I am posting this log in response to see I saw it originally on give me a break man had he was posting a video response to someone else okay so he was responding to D McLean who asked the question about can we really be happy and it was a YouTube happiness campaign and there was someone before him I guess now I haven't gone back that far to find out where it originally started because apparently d McQueen's idea was the Stratos campaign but someone else had given him the idea it was pursuing happiness who I guess had had some difficulties I'm assuming I don't know why I guess I didn't go back that far but he made it sound like she'd been through some things that she was saying I'm did but I'm determined to be happy and I'm going to pursue it in spite of this which is that's great however I have a different take on the word happiness as most people and and I'm going to use my Bible as an example for those of you who don't want to hear you can feel free to just tune out right now but I'm not going to preach at you just going to use that as my basis because you know that is my basis no matter what okay the Bible uses the word joy not happiness happiness is a temporary short-lived feeling you can go out and buy a new car and you're going to be happy for a while because it's new and it's fun and it makes you happy but eventually the car is not new anymore in that feeling fades and then you're searching for something else to fill that void because you still want to be happy so you can go buy something and you're happy again until that feeling pain or you might get a promotion at work let's say you've worked really hard for promotion and you get it and you are excited you're happy and you're thrilled you're ecstatic about it but eventually you're going to realize that with that new physician came more responsibility more pressure yeah you're making more money but we all know money can't buy happiness and I don't care what anybody says about that it's not going to happen eventually the feelings of happiness fades so happiness is temporary and short-lived and people are constantly running around trying to find something that makes them happy now let's flip over to what I said the Bible uses the word joy in the Bible the word joy is completely interchangeable with the word strength so biblically it says the joy of the Lord is my strength and you know i'll give you another scripture one more so to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and then all these things will be added unto you okay so you take those and you put them together and give you a lot more but I want I don't want to burn you guys off but at the same time I want you to listen to my outlook on this because I think it's gonna be unique i seriously doubt anybody else was going to address it this way and it'll make sense you can even pull the scriptures out of it and the concept will still make sense to you if happiness is temporary and short list enjoy on the other hand is strength wouldn't you rather have joy but the joy of the Lord is my strength so it's not coming from external situations or influences but the thing about that is no matter what the circumstances are no matter how bad it gets or how hard things get you can still have a strength that will carry through because you're not seeking a quick fix like a drug of something that will make you happy and then we're off and then your stuff with this empty boy again instead you have joy which is more long-lasting and when you have joy and strength and you know that you can handle things no matter what there's a peace that comes with it so it keeps show no more even keel rather than the ups and down roller coasters of life nothing them above it I'm guilty I'm human but like I said join let me let me tell you something else before anybody goes there a lot of people say the words we can't rely on the Bible because it's been translated over the years and you don't know what the original was okay i am not a scholar on the Bible per se to go back and research the original Greek and Hebrew I have not done that okay but I do have okay this is my Bible that I used all the time it's a new international version of anyone cares what I'm using most of what I've memorized though was from the King James because look that's what pretty much the only thing was available when I was a kid that's what I memorized however i also have you can see this for translations in one in this one Bible you can open it up any Scripture you're looking at each column is the same scripture different translations and they all read pretty much the same but there are some words like sometimes word fear they'll use the word timidity and just because the original word has a double meaning like a lot of our words do so some translations will use the word fear in some ways to meditate wine is one of those words in the Bible sometimes they make grape juice that sometime it meant fermented wine and but every scripture just says wine and you have to go back to the original manuscripts to see which were they used for wine to know if it was actually fermented wine or unfermented wine that's beside the point just an example okay joy sometimes they use the word strength for the same word okay are you following me do not try to go over here to lose anything so now I have not researched the original Hebrew and great but I do have for translations here I think I have another one to somewhere and I have a record of the Bible that you can actually look up a specific word and it will tell you all the scriptures that contain that word so you can go and look up literally every scripture that has that word in it you have to give you the coordinates for a specific translation though since they use different words need translation and they're expensive anyway the word joy is in there a lot no matter what translation you're using it's in there a lot with the word strength so back to the question of can we truly be happy yeah off and on as you buy new things and accomplish new things you're going to get a temporary sense of euphoria or happiness I would recommend you seek joy though well actually can't seek that you have to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and then all the other things will be added unto you and there are a lot of things in my life that I have not shared with you all and even right now I'm going through some really difficult things but the irony is last year I went through a lot last year was just a horrible year for me but through it and for me instead of trying to fix everything I kind of just started praying a whole lot more and something kind of rose up inside of me that that strengthens me it is a joy and a piece that in spite of all the garbage and dealing with and the difficulties and the things that get me down in the painting the chronic pain that I have all day every day I still have peace in a strength that carries me through because I have joy really has the fire turned up under me in the last year and been forced to really step up and was a matter of I'm either going to push back against the circumstances in my life or I'm going under make it bold it boils down to that and still I'm still there I'm in the middle of a lot of very difficult things right now because there are things in me that need to change they are not perfect never will be but I can still have peace and joy and strength in spite of any circumstance no matter how bad it gets if I'm really trusting in God okay that's just how I see it
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