Review: BackCam Car Rearview License Plate Backup Camera

Okay. This is my review of the back cam car rear view license plate backup camera it has infrared night vision and supposedly is waterproof and has an anti fog feature. This is the Amazon website where I purchased it from and this here is the actual product or the box after the product came in I already took the item out I came in this little packaging here also comes with a set of instructions that are extremely simple I'll go ahead and scroll across this real quick for those who would like to read it. Okay, and where's my product there is the product right here um it works rather well you can test it out by actually plugging it into your TV here this yellow cable here is the RCA for the video and this red one is for the power.

It also comes with this cord here um not quite sure what the red cord is yet but anyway, basically we'll go ahead and plug this in here I'll show you how this works on my TV what I'm going to do is I'm going to put this RCA into the rear video input of my TV now and I'll try to show you that here. Okay, there it is you'd basically be plugging this into the back of your you know head unit and here's my TV it's a 37 inch on 1080p HDTV now it also comes with a another wire harness here. This is the electricity here.

What I will do is I will try to remember how this plugs in. Okay, just simply plugs in here I don't do reviews too often but anyway, once this gets power should just turn on after I plug in the adapter of course go ahead and do that for you. Okay.

The unit has power now let me go on to turn on my TV that might help a little bit and there it is here's the camera is what it looks like looks like it comes with some lines there on the screen it also looks like the infrared is always on go ahead and flip the lights off for you here.

Review: BackCam Car Rearview License Plate Backup Camera

You can see how that looks and now it's totally pitch black in this room here as you can see except for the TV light here and you can see that it is now in black and white and the infrared LEDs are actually doing a pretty good job at lighting things up a little bit too good of a job actually to scroll a few things here still recognize this color but for the most part anything that it's looking at from the LEDs is black and white oops there it is you can kind of see the LEDs lit up through this here go on flip the lights back on its back in color now I see that it has also a a looks like a light sensor on it yeah controls when the LEDs come on and off you see it gets more light on the sensor down there put the shadow over it it kind of turns the LEDs on kind of cool so. This is it I don't have my head unit yet in my car.

I couldn't show you what it looks like in a vehicle but I think this basically sums it up for itself right here does a pretty good job it looks like um I'll probably post another video once I get it installed here but. This is on a 37 inch TV I mean on a little you know 7 inch or 6 and a half inch screen that you're going to have as a head unit it'll actually look a lot less pixelated but that's basically it all actually one more thing it is adjustable you can tilt it. However, way you need to to view the ground in my car I've a 2011 Scion tC and and the license plates actually angled upward.

That will actually help there and for those of you who also have a 2011 Scion tC it does fit perfectly if you put it on the top of the license plate um it actually does fit it does have enough clearance to actually still open up the hatch if you you know need to open up the hatch.

Anyway, that's the review there that's what the video quality looks like it's a very simple installation well it's actually simple to hook it up I think the most complicated part is running the wires.

That's basically it thank you.

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