REVIEW/DEMO: Banila Co. Clean It Zero

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel I am really excited about today's video because it's going to be a review and demo on a Korean beauty product that I have really been enjoying and the beauty brand is called vanilla Co and the product that I'm talking about is a cleansing balm called clean at zero now I know there are a lot of different versions of this product but. This is the original one and. This is the one I picked up and. This is the one that has been working very very well for my skin so. This is a cleansing balm I actually purchased this in the United States through a mini box website and they ship from San Francisco that's where their headquarter.

I purchased this for 16 dollars now I know that is not a pretty price for a cleansing balm but. This is such a great product and a little bit really does go a long way.

It comes in this box like this which is very cute then you open it up you have the product itself in this jar right here and you also have a spatula and you use the spatula to scoop some of the product out.

There are also instructions in here that describes basically the balm and instructions on how to use the balm so. This is the tub you open it up and you see the balm in there you can see that I haven't used a lot of this cleansing balm and that's because a little bit goes a long way like I said before.

REVIEW/DEMO: Banila Co. Clean It Zero

You really just need a small amount probably the size of whatever fits in this spatula right here and it removes your makeup it removes waterproof makeup it just removes your makeup and it's also very hydrating as well I feel as if it's more than just a cleansing balm it's more like a hydrating moisturizer for some reason after I take it off my face just feels really refreshed and I feels hydrated.

I've been really loving this I recommended it to my sister she purchased it she used it she loves it.

I wanted to talk about it on this channel and also recommend it to you guys as well I'm going to go ahead and go to the bathroom and demo this for you guys I have a full face of makeup on.

I have liquid eyeliner on. This is the Physicians Formula two and one I boost in serum eyeliner and it is waterproof and I also have liquid lipstick on as well and some liquid lipsticks do stain your lips and I know that this product does a great job every movie want a proof makeup.

Let's go ahead and get demoing alright guys I am in my parents bathroom right now because I have yellow lighting in my bathroom and you won't be able to see as well I know it's a little echoey in here and I apologize for that. Okay.

After washing my hands what I'd like to do is I like to just open the tub take that spatula that I showed you guys earlier and there should be limping a little dip in there and that's why you want to scoot your products so. This is a really good amount of product you do not need any more than this amount I want to say. This is basically a quarter size give or take amount.

I'm just going to go ahead and put this in my palm right there and I'm going to go ahead take my hands my palms I'm gonna rub it together and you're gonna see that that balm just starts melting away it turns to liquid see that.

I'm just gonna keep doing that until it gets really liquidy and then I'm going to go ahead take my palms and then just go ahead and rub it into my face.

I'm gonna actually start on one side on my face the right side.

You guys can see and then I just take my fingers too and rub it around the eye area because my palm is not going to be able to reach there so. This is just one side of my face you can already see that every move a lot of my makeup and I didn't put any on my lips yet but just to show you guys and it looks kind of nasty it's pretty pretty messy but it does such an amazing job at removing the makeup.

I'm just going to go ahead and try and move all this as much as I can and then what I'm going to do is I'm going to just go ahead and wash it off.

I'm just gonna wash my face then I'll show you guys the results alright I just washed my face and it's pretty wet actually got some other balm on my contact lens which is not good but you can see now that my face is pretty darn clean it removes my liquid lipstick it remove my brows it also removed my liquid eyeliner my waterproof once.

Pretty pretty good and it just feels very hydrating too it does a really good job at cleansing my face I know sixteen dollars is a little steep for a cleansing balm but this has been a great cleansing balm that I've been using for a couple months now that I really enjoyed that my sister also enjoys no I'm not sponsored by them or anything like that I'm not sponsored by banila co or like maybe box or whoever I just really have been enjoying this product and I just wanted to do a review on this product.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I will see you guys next time bye guys.

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