Review // Korean Skincare BANILA CO's Clean It Zero Purity Cleansing Balm

Hey everyone welcome back to my Channel today I'm going to be doing a sort of part 2 video I recently i recently did a sort of review video on industry which is a sin caroline from korea and i mentioned in that video that i also got my hands on a cleansing balm from banila company i will link the industry video down below if you want to check it out.

Today we're going to be talking about the vanilla company clean it zero purity for sensitive skin cleansing balm um. This is actually a spin-off of a classic cleansing balm which i think is also called Queen at zero but it's not purity for sensitive skin it comes in a pinkish toned container and the reason I actually requested this one rather than the classic one is because the first ingredient on the pink one was mineral oil and it also contains paraben and I just those are two ingredients that I try to avoid this one thankfully does not contain either of those and it's rather natural actually I looked at the ingredients of both of the products and I compared the two and they're quite different now I haven't tried the classic one.

I don't really know whether the textures are any different but the ingredients lists are quite different for example the classic one contains like some sort of raspberry extract or something and papaya and um some mistletoe it's a lot more enzyme-based it seems which i think would be a little bit more abrasive towards the skin which is probably why it was left out of the senses skin formula the sets of skin formula is a lot more traditional in terms of cleansing bombs the ingredients list was a lot more similar to the Western cleansing bombs that I've read about for example I think like Neal's Yard it used this one uses things like argan oil evening primrose oil camellia allo rosemary chamomile and I think it has like orange and lavender as a fragrance.

Yeah this does smell very mildly of citrus and I like it's a very like muted Sun.

Review // Korean Skincare BANILA CO's Clean It Zero Purity Cleansing Balm

It won't like bother you or anything like that but it's not a fragrance free so. This is the packaging for the product um. This is 100 mil this really doesn't have almost any English other than like product name and made in korea and the website.

I had to go online to find out what the ingredients list was and actually the instructions you can either apply this with a spatula it comes with a spatula to your face and use rubbing motions to remove any makeup and then either use lukewarm water to rinse it off or use a paper towel or towel.

Gently wipe it off at first I tried the cloth version and I did not like that it did remove the makeup but the reason I didn't like it was that afterwards I felt like there was still some residue on my face.

Then I tried it with the water option that was much better it really felt very gentle like it didn't strip my skin of any oils or anything like that but it was also yeah my skin felt clean afterwards some of the sites even said that you could use this a step one in like I think it's called a double cleanse method um but I am way too low maintenance for that one step is enough for me.

I can see why you would possibly want to use this as a first step to sort of coat your skin with something more like oil base before you actually cleanse with a regular cleanser for that reason I think that this would be a good makeup remover but not necessarily good cleanser but if you haven't been doing very much all day and somehow you're wearing makeup and maybe it's not the end of the night you just want to remove your makeup this would be a good product I think often times and I'm done filming and I want to remove my makeup I will use this and I'll go about my day.

I wouldn't say it's a good cleanser per se I personally wouldn't want to follow this up with another cleanser just because it has.

Many good ingredients in it and I feel like it would go to waste if I followed up with something I just washed it off almost immediately afterwards.


The packaging is really nice it's a frosty plastic and. This is metal I think or it's a metallic plastic that makes it look like metal yeah it's plastic my major complaint about this product is the packaging um the lid comes with a groove and it holds a little spatula now I'm assuming the thinner end is the handle and if all the spatula only fits in this way but then if you want to scoop it like as a right-handed person I want to scoop it like this right but then that requires you to touch it and clean it off before you replace it which is really difficult when you're also balancing a cleansing oil in your other hand or something like that.

I don't think it's a smartest packaging I feel like they could have made the groove fit the other way or something.

I could place it down temporarily or something maybe that's what this part is for or maybe I'm this really lazy which is probably the case now when I say that this cleansing balm can be used to remove makeup I kind of say that with a little bit of caution because uh while it can remove eyeliner and face makeup I had a really difficult time using this on my non waterproof mascara I don't even want to know what it would have been like with my waterproof mascara the good thing about this cleansing balm is that it doesn't really make your eyes go blurry when you use it in the eye area I did also read that the classic version of this does make your eyes go a little bit blurry.

That wasn't my experience with this product but it might be different with a different product and a different person there's actually more than just two types of this cleansing balm there's also a zero radians and a zero rivest drawl I can't pronounce that word and the two of those have you know different benefits and probably different ingredients in the times that i did use it I didn't break out I didn't have any sensitivity to it or any reaction I do have sort of like dry normal combo skin.

I don't know how someone with oily skin won't react to this but um I would think that it would be. Okay, especially if you're using it as a first step in like a double cleanse in comparison to the Innisfree cleansing oil which I featured in that other video I should prefer the cleansing oil and i think it's it's they do the same job they do an excellent job of removing makeup but i like that one better because it in a pump bottle I feel like it's more sanitary and it's just easier for me personally they use without having a balanced like the spatula and the lid and cleaning it you know like you just it's like a one-pump deal and that's it but I can totally see why someone might prefer a bomb over an oil but the bomb is a little bit easier to control um it's not like a coconut oil when you put in your hand and starts to melt and it drips all over place this one is a much thicker.

When it actually starts to it doesn't actually melt because you have to rub your hands together it just turns into like a thin layer of like I wouldn't call it a grease but like a bomb I guess you could say.

You can control a little bit easier where you want to put this product whereas the oil is a little trickier of course and I think like volume wise. This is a takes up a lot more room.

If you're traveling I think I feel like a cleansing oil would be easier to travel with.

This sensitive skin formula retails for twenty-five dollars whereas a classic one retails for 21 and I've actually seen that one on sale for sixteen dollars I think for the amount that you're getting an oil if you got this mount amount of oil I think the oil would last a little bit longer than this.

Overall I do enjoy this product I probably wouldn't repurchase it I probably purchase a cleansing oil instead um and as I said before I feel like it's a better makeup remover than is a cleanser.

That is my review I hope it was helpful if you used Korean skincare before let me know what brands are used and how you liked it whether you think it's really that different from american skincare and whether you think it's worth the extra cost or maybe it's not extra depending on what brands do you normally use in your skin care routine um that's it thanks for watching and for subscribing and feel free to say hi down below and I will see you next time about using that contain and paste your alcohol in it to help with the cleansing process turn real oil it's very thick.

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