Review: Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolor set of 36

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Hello there guys how have you been I hope that you've been super fine you may know by the title of this video today i'm going to be reviewing coup d'etat cake and site thambi watercolor set of 36 colors. Okay.

Speaking about the brand could eat a cake and it's like design for designers crafters cartoonist typographers and all of those and they have a variety of products ranging from inks to pens to watercolors to water brushes markers colors all the stuff and it's super good and they have such a good price like. Okay, now speaking about the watercolors. This is a huge set like seriously. This is.

Freaking big but that's good if you're the kind of person who likes to use of flat brushes like one in you will love this set seriously I also want to say that this set I don't really recommend it for persons that like to wait since we would like to travel or stuff like that because it will be very uncomfortable to be like carrying this on I really don't recommend this for travel first to it I do because. This is huge and if you are like a watercolor artist and you use a lot of water believe me they will last you forever you can find these watercolors at yes i will talk to you about the content products about this set.

Review: Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolor set of 36

The price of this scent is that you receive.

Many colors good quality colors for a very good price it's very affordable and also the size of the pan is amazing because you can feed any type of brush in there and that's what someone likes you know also for me pro is that you have very unique colors you won't find on other sets or you rarely find them like for example the metallic colors ice-watch at the bottom and also you have a vast range of reds greens and blues because those are the colors are used emoto is useful for me. Okay, also the cons of this watercolor set is that having some unique colors doesn't mean you have the colors you actually need.

For landscapers that will be kind of hard and it's too big cuz you can travel with that lurk on I found is that you don't have a mixing area.

You I actually have to carry a plate with me but i will recommend you to use ceramic plates for a better blend ability of the colors but obviously those are like the only three cons i found about this thanks to the formulation of the pigments in the Connecticut company you can use this water colors as washes as you can see in this video I'm actually swatching them in black ink and you can see how opaque they are I mean to look at those metallic colors they're just beautiful and this metallic colors can only be found in the set of 36 colors the opaqueness of the pigments also depends on the amount of water color you want to use you don't want to use a lot of water color. This is the result you will actually get.

Yeah good as i said before depending on the amount of water you are going to use that's how transparent the water colors will be and as you can see on the video i'm showing you like a transparency test and a blending test and that's how you can see how colors work together and also the blendabilities depends on the colors not all the colors will blend exactly the same and i will also show you some blooming of the colors.

You can see if you actually use those techniques if these colors who work for you but with the colors i mean if you know about color theory you will know you can make some color.

To neutralize them because what i really find like just loving of these watercolors is that the colors you can find in here are really fantastic they're.

Bright they're kind of nyanyi they're.

Pigmented but sometimes artists don't want those colors they want more natural colors but as i said if you know about color theory you will know which colors to mix to get like the neutral color you want or a normal natural color you want and. This is a 36 x 36 color chart i made to show you secondary combinations also because this set doesn't bring like your normal french ultramarine or raw Sienna.

You also did a light fastness test I met the colors in the Sun for seven hours and the light fastness of these colors is just amazing I mean you can see the colors haven't changed and. This is seven hours direct sunlight like it is amazing you can see that even the Reds the yellows the Greens the purples they are the same I mean the life happens is really good and that's what you actually want to find in a water color because if i invest money i want my paintings to last forever i will show you a closer look to the painting you can see this right metallics they're just lovely and also how the colors are opaque if you don't add a lot of water now if you add water they'll be super transparent you see this colors are just lovely like and they dry amazing. Okay.

Incorporation to other watercolors the only swatch I have available right now is the one of the psycho boy I actually did a news watch because the other one was not in watercolor paper and this hard to quit attacking I've put it like this you can see it's a very good investment you won't regret it to be honest and if you like to travel and all that stuff I actually recommend you to buy the 14 set I will link it down below everything I speak about will be linked down below.

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