Review of the Max Shade Chair by QuikShade

Hey everybody. This is Jason and I'm here today to do a review of the max she'd share by quick she'd now we'll just start right off with talking about the fact that it comes in a nice convenient carry bag and although it's not the smallest carry bag ever it's also not the smallest chair ever but I'm 6 foot 2 and it holds me comfortably with which most folding chairs portable chairs can't boast about.

I will take this it's relatively lightweight and.

I'm very happy with the size of weight in terms of portability especially given the comfort that this chair provides me now give me a second to get it out of the back and I'll show you what this chair is capable of. All right.

I've got the chair out of the bag now and setup is very very simple it's as easy as just opening the chair and that's it now nice comfortable chair again I'm 6 foot 2 and that fits me very comfortably and again most chairs that I've found that fold down for easy portability don't do that.

Review of the Max Shade Chair by QuikShade

Out watching your kids soccer game going to the river lot whatever you're doing you're gonna be nice and comfortable in this chair my wife's about 5 foot 6 she said she's also very comfortable in the chair.

Yeah it's one of the most comfortable chairs portable chairs I've ever found now nice convenience feature is it has double cup holders one on each side.

You can have your water bottle on one side and your beer your wine on the other or if you're going for the party just double beer or wine and keep it going without having to get up anytime soon now you'll notice that it's very sunny on me in fact I think wearing yellow is probably a bad choice it's probably very flushed out of this video but if you don't want to be exposed to the Sun directly what you can do is use the convenient sunshade that comes installed on the chair now that's right it's attached directly to the chair to use it just snap it into place on the back and you've got a nice sunshade you can adjust the height of it.

Again for me I'm 6 foot 2 I usually have it on the highest setting but if you're shorter you can have it wherever you want and you can also adjust the levels.

That way it's on angles depending on what you're interested in.

I'm sitting here watching or hanging out I don't want the Sun I just pull this down I set the height where I want it to be and now I'm sitting in the shade my face is totally not covered by the Sun not getting hit by the Sun and it's a very comfortable experience if the Sun we're coming from the side and I didn't want to turn my chair I could do this I could adjust it this way I can adjust it pretty much any way that I want to and again if I were shorter but I wanted it low to my head I can do that too.

That is pretty much it it's got a convenient side pouch here in case you want to store anything down there like a book or whatever but again comfortable chair easy to move around easy to set up easy to take down very happy with it.

Thanks for watching.

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