Review: Sally Hansen hair Remover Wax Strip Kit

Hey um.

First off sorry I look like complete and utter crap um since we're gonna had only a I went to I'm went out today and hot oh my national and I was done up all pretty and I came home to come and make up in tried out this thing that I bought today and I bought these the sally hansen hair remover wax replica for face brown some bikini yeah yeah come as you can see my i bought a price dash because i've always had like this really thinks gosh i'm running kind of never since i was little i clean on my tree school like these guys would be like oh hey Rachel I see I see I've been trying to grow a mustache but you know I can't he could you show me you tips and tree like that I was like.

I really exciting for me.

I finally got around to doing something about it.

Review: Sally Hansen hair Remover Wax Strip Kit

I tried this out these out and I'd hunt the grave them I give them the Dean because um it was really patchy and and left me like this pubescent like early stages of puberty boy type mustache like it was really patchy and.

Kind of it more thinned out than anything and basically I won't go through the steps with you.

You take here let's take a big one whichever side needs whichever size you need and you do need various sizes and your maracas and it's really awkward to run because like they made it.

It's easy to peel at that address which myself towards where hands basically you do that and as i said i'll briefly but like I'm always really paranoid.

I did it for like two ministry which is pretty ridiculous I know this dough to warm it up and if you later they're sticking on both sides and you put it where you want to put my numba sash um I do one side for each because I have a smaller like I brow piece I guess and um yeah I just and then you're supposed to pull the skin taut like.

I dad like god you're supposed to push down on the area that I saw all the sudden he's about my piece well then push it like in the area in the direction para grip and pull it in the direction and the opposite direction you're supposed to pull at all while you pull it right.

And in that helped me with like this patchy stash and I did he have multiple times because it won't part it says reuse the piece until it doesn't work anymore and in another part said only use once in an area in the same place or less irritation and I can like this tiny tiny pimple I didn't even realize it to like much later and it like a non bleeding and I'm balloon and little hair town I didn't even have a couple but I guess let's just like a normal credit huaxing what if it's me off that like it didn't even pull out like a lot of my hair like I don't know if you can talk in a bathroom that way I'd have better lighting even though he doing videos in the bathroom because just like awkward uh yeah I don't know if you can see but most of it is like here and I'm here and I even tried out a little bit on my eyebrow just cuz um I was like I should for me of this crap and the money was even though having none no this crap doesn't work uh yeah it didn't really work all that well on my eyebrow me there but it did come with this little bottle of blue stuff that I put some way not only port now even though I just did and it's just like this little ball of crazy stuff like the ingredients are like that the whole hexyl I son anand a way see some in become which is sesame seed oil and you know when you have an Oriole on this I can greedy hit they'll probably lets you know that it's like well grace and then a whole bunch of other stuff i can't pronounce but yeah um yeah and it left like aldus adhesive on meeting you and I dick baby wipes ooh and the baby lights and really take it off them well.

I tried some honor didn't take it off that wall.

It was kind of hoping that like the oil and greasy stuff. Okay, would take it off and it's not really what is healing the little nuts about something on my lips because like the invasive was getting on my lips and it was like you don't really her but it was kind of gross i put some nuts later on yeah i know i haven't he said my upper lip and i was bad on my eye but you know i'm scared i'm going to break out on my upper lip town there's gross cuz now i'm gonna have a pasty stash but i can't do anything about for another 20 days and i'm gonna be all pimply here and school starts in two weeks no I just yeah I'm in one of those I had a pretty good day earlier on a date with my eggs it's pretty fun we bought like two HD h times and does he need glasses but I got distracted that's why I signed up for pretty I don't even like usually work on daesh of it and it's like you know what I'm going to show me your foundation to school.

I wore it in to like see how long it lasts because I have that though this stuff the Rimmel lasting finish see isn't a great deal videos on my bathroom I can just post about phenomenal pero my session gonna be like Paige gonna after my sister doesn't say bitch has a page but you know an acid the primary no work pretty well because like a thousand degrees outside it she was like the hottest day of the year and today I felt about the same when I was at an outdoor mom and didn't really melt off with the pattern made it kind of kinky buns gonna pick up some like Milani face powder because like one of their face powder is this like supposed to be like really I me coverage not like having coverage but like almost full coverage which I really enjoy when I can get that out of powder because I have oily skin yeah the primer works pretty well and leave my face soft it doesn't leave a like dry like when I use like milk of magnesia where leave a dry oh my god heard.

Battered here cuz I'll Torah was bleeding. Okay, i'm done doing that now i'm gonna be all punching face and I didn't write that mom. Okay, I'll see y'all later they were trying to save me a good see mine maybe you can see a little better back here. Okay, I'm gonna stop um.

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