RH-5010 – Jeep JK Winch Mounting Plate – Install Instructions Video by Rock Hard 4x4

You. This is our rock hard 4x4 winch plate designed for a factory front bumper that utilizes the tow hooks for bracing along with the inside of the frame. This is designed to take a standard winch normal people on the Jeep JK's are installing an 8 to 10 or 12,000 pound winch all of the winches that mount on the lower four mounting holes will mount to this plate it has both bolt patterns in it for the large and small pattern it's designed to accept a standard roller fairlead along with the Hogs fairlead or fairly designed for a synthetic rope you can use both the nice thing about this winch plate is it's designed to fit the jeep JK from 2007 on up and it from 2012 on up we have a vacuum pump now the vacuum pump does not need to be relocated with our winch plate as it utilizes the factory tow hooks for bracing now you do have the tow hook the we have a rod that goes inside here that keeps the plate from going up or down or moving around and how it braces itself it can still be used with a tow rope if you're needing to get out of a situation which is what the original tow hooks were designed for also the neat thing about. This is it gets its strength not off of the inside off of the inside of the frame but also the tow hooks and either designed to tow the whole vehicle the winch plate is easy to install with a normal installation running somewhere around an hour to install the plate you can do it by removing of the front bumper or just simply removing the front bumper far enough to slip the winch plate in.

That you can get it around the tow hooks it is a little easier sometimes if you do remove the factory front bumper but it can be done both ways we're going to remove the plastic panel in between the bumper and the grill and the lower air dam here sometimes removal of these plastic plugs can be a real big bear if they strip out what I do a lot of times I will actually just go ahead and drill the center of the plastic out next what we're going to do is after we've removed the plastic plugs here on the top on both sides it's kind of tough to slide this out and get it to the side now what we do sometimes you can actually pull up on this and remove it in between the bumper and the grill what we're using here is an 18 millimeter socket with a three inch extension then it works really well to remove your front bumper or to loosen it to bring it forward. Okay, now that we've loosened the right side of the bumper what we're going to do is just pull forward a little bit on that right side of the bumper and go ahead and slide this plastic panel out.

We're going to go ahead and remove the plastic plug that holds this wire loom into this channel we'll just leave that there there are two additional plugs one located here and one on this side that hold this air dam in place now that we've removed the plastic panel between the front bumper and the grill and the lower dam by removing the plastic plugs now we're going to take an 18 millimeter socket on a three inch extension and remove the nuts that hold the factory tow bar tow hooks in place this will allow us to pull the front bumper forward we'll go to that step now when you remove the front bumper there is four wire ties that hold the factory fog light wiring on the inside of the bumper we want you to go ahead and clip those wires as will demonstrate here. Okay, there's two different styles of fog lights but they remove the same you're going to push in on these factory Clips here and go ahead and pull it out once you've removed the wiring this will allow you to take the bulbs out of the unit go ahead and take your factory front bumper and set it to the side we're going to now install the factory winch plate we've removed the factory front bumper you can actually just pull the factory front bumper forward enough to be able to slip the winch plate in place now we're going to go ahead and take the hardware that's provided with the winch plate and install them into the lower portion of the frame go ahead and tighten these with a three-quarter inch in wrench or socket on the rock guard 4x4 winch plate we do not have to relocate the vacuum pump bracket as we embrace it in the rear of the frame and in the tow hooks this allows that you don't have to cut your factory front bumper nor remove the factory tow hooks on the driver's side it is easier to install the bolt and then use an inner inch on the newer models that have the vacuum pump in place all rock art 4x4 parts are laser-cut and we've went ahead and put both patterns in here there is a couple of odd patterns out there in some of the winches in the rock art 4x4 winch plate we've added both patterns now to install us there is no welding no drilling required it is a simple bolt on now we're going to go ahead and install the roller fairly that we're using on this installation now our winch plates are designed as we've laser cut out the holes to accept the Haws fairlead or a roller style fairlead now we've set our winch in place we're going to go ahead and run the wires through the grille up through a little hole right next to the radiator here across over to your negative side of the battery and accordant over to your positive side make sure as you're reinstalling the factory front bumper that you go ahead and reconnect your fog lights will save you from pulling it off and redo it you you.

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