Roasted Barramundi with Grilled Zucchini, Candied Almonds

Now i'm joined in the kitchen by Allison MacLeod together with Sean Lynch who will share his milk row eventually now welcome guys I'm just gonna anoint Sean as my soutien I feel like I'm on an episode of ready steady cook which incidentally starts new season starts today you are so good I'm on and I think the other ship comes second hand knows me now I will ask you more about the milking of the fish because that was fascinating but we are here that cork we are firstly now what are we doing we're gonna do em some roasted whale Bannerman deed so quintessential Queensland fish we're serving it with a zucchini and candied almond salad and then for the dressing we're going to use some of sean's hand milked yarra valley salmon caviar for the nuts Sean grab the almonds there please put them into the inside of that bull with your right hand yeah Claire nice look at that and to candy the nuts we're going to use some olive oil be a virgin olive oil yep some sugar yep I'm we pinch of salt and then and it's a bit arbitrary what you want to use we're going is coming today nice do I know the cook cumin yes please nice and the lemon and then we toss that together they don't give it a good fly that gives it grit personnel yeah I mean when you go when they go into the oven after a bit nine minutes at 180 degrees they will just cat the sugar will caramelize and give a nice crusty exterior beautiful and then our mo put some seeds in there oh my god that bad well yes well you can't charge as much like I just get used to us get used to pick it up Joss at Chris y'all get you going over here on the zucchini so you gotta do it like it's a salmon I will just keep just gushes in there isn't and I should have cut them into a sauce it's certainly the most disturbing thing I've ever seen on television give me you got kids I milk them oh it came out as a baby not as a little row can I tell you they lag had the opportunity to go and do it a couple of years ago as well and the sort of the gripping and stroking thing and most of the salmon caviar that's produced in this country is it's a it's again after thought the salmon is produced for its flesh and then they go all ways that we think all that's down that in the jar yeah it's just this salty creamy it's got no mouth feel at all whereas the stuff in the Yarra Valley is entirely the opposite way around the salmon are reared for their eggs and then the flesh is sold on as the afterthought yeah yeah you know and we're very parochial as you know about that the restaurant but it's one of the few things i would use from outside of Queens done because it's so bloody good it's really good no let's tell me about it oh yes pretty bizarre because I mean at the first it's slimy and it's weird and like they're asleep technically they're asleep that's what I well yeah well I can't I can't work out what's better or worse because that you could either go home smelling like fish or this global I went home and my girlfriends like I'm gonna hug you but I'm not going to like this whatsoever at all because it was just disgusting but the milking was like once you kind of get into it then you like get into any like pretty laughing at angelica's disgusting little bit what's hit song its insides were coming out a little bit my lad at one point I started doing on in a bit came out and it turned out it was a boy oh yeah well no that's that looks similar to what my own to look like just made mr. sir it was no bomb it was really quite good news like you're in the fresh air and like apparently it's like he goes you get paid 30 bucks today to do it my mom used to say if I did that sort of thing I'd go blind sir but apparently mama so anybody say Oh 30 bucks a day or an hour the operation of their own TV show some seven no it was fine it was fun salmon does it hurt the seven no because they're completely anything that's a nice to the top yes but it's quite rough yeah well that things I'm a very gentle milker no but what about when they wake up when they go it's it oh well they did when they're empty either like because they're all quite fleshy fish and when they're empty they do look like a little bit you know looking really sort of it yeah a bit weird but I think they're fine and then they gone back in like he said they come back for a second a second run they take their they took about six weeks to recover and I think they only get done twice in their life the / thing's legit yeah I don't get flowers a card hangul now getting nothing well that was fascinating i want to watch that again and do yet did you i'll still smell that smells of cumin that's was like lemon actually and sort of like link now we're going to check back with al and his fish-tickler friend Sean we are back in the kitchen out with our comedy duo what are we up to now Sean leash eltima crowd obviously and next step the next juncture is to make the dressing Sean Lynch lemon into the inside of the ball please addressing that we're going to use the official term but it looks like while there are monday that's currently burning yes um customizing some some zucchini that was vivid earlier yeah it's a lot of dicks and papers I learned to cook in a crematorium so you're gonna see them okay oh ok learning curves really sort of selling off yeah absolutely man juice at white balsamic yeah they've even heard of it which is nice if you well be a bit more handsome good one yep but i'll be bit more stand by you too if you're gonna be some verjuice in there yes well let's put a bit of Burgess in as well gee burgesses unfermented unwrite question without notice unfermented unripened grip juice and it's a much milder sort of acidulous oh well it smells great and then p get drunk on their bartender can I get a couple of glasses maybe you can't but you can use it you didn't drink it like a little Alexia yeah Alexia over here I put the barramundi into the pan about two minutes ago came down first very nice if you've got the skin on it's not just it would be nice to get it crispy you've got an obligation to get it crispy and my counsel to you would be for a wee piece of fish that size mr. Lynch say five minutes to cook total you'd want to cook it for seventy percent of the time on the skin side seven times 55 carry 13.5 minutes ok and then turn it over and just let it soak overnight ok then I'll turn it over a knife kiss the heat on the other side and at that moment you put in with your agent a wee bit of butter do you love platter I do adjust but it makes the world go round lemon juice no pips no we better fresh thyme and then you just tilt the pan oh and your best you don't serve that you know I can see on my heart filling up with just dad daughter exam and that looks beautiful but there's enough heat in the pan to finish cooking the fish there r I don't want to overcook it you know so essentially we're gonna put all the other ingredients together all right where does the stub rouhani infrasonic you have we been assaulted so what shoulder felt I knew I bet I put a pinch Oh pinch yeah all right be a bit more yeah then well yeah I thought you were gonna put it in I did we rehearse that all right so the acids are there and any pillow is we better salt in there too you can dissolve it and then add the oils we're using two oils a virgin oil and then a nut oil earlier in the show you showed us that you know how to milk a salmon look good then me looks Jenny ah so I can't wait to see what this looks like i have a little case it looks beautiful more yeah I looks great let's put three things in a bowl and you still haven't been able to what y'all sitting backstage seems like I can't believe you're doing this and you've got things in there no a Scottish dinner guys yeah here the Scottish friends thank you much and this one is what know that one we have to get back to Georgie have you look we can wait till the end of show you can see how it all comes together in a genius plan that was that was the dressing detector you Georgie oh thank you guys costing some mischief in the account wait to taste Jenny it smells like delish fishing here Alasdair this is absolutely beautiful Sean well girl well don't you know if you ever need me to milk after now we put my cousin l practice oh no not that ten seconds out there to tell us how you put this together hosted by the Monday grilled zucchini and candied almonds salad with Sean's yarra valley summer travel present easy Thank You elephant is shonda joining us today
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