Roasted Potato Salad with Cranberries, Blue Cheese and Candied Pecans

Sarah from average Betty here and I'm making a potato salad so totally awesome I call it the potato tily awesome salad what makes this potato salad so totally awesome well it has potatoes in it of course duh but it also has the classic combination of cranberries blue cheese and sweet pecans let's make pote a totally awesome salad I've got some red skin to Idaho potatoes here the skins are pretty so I'm not going to peel them and the texture of the red potatoes is really nice for salads I've already washed these and I'm chopping them into even sized pieces in the name ring a bowl here's a little olive oil pepper and salt here's a little parsley just cuz I feel like it today you can season these any way you like here's my favorite baking sheet for roasting vegetables because it already looks like it's been through a nuclear meltdown I don't have to worry about messing it up get the potatoes evenly distributed pop these into a preheated oven and when they're done they'll look like this mmm crispy and delicious try to refrain from eating them all there's still salad to make I'm going to use this balsamic salad dressing that I've already prepared in this very fancy jar here's a big bowl this is arugula my perfectly roasty toasty red potatoes some of that balsamic dressing get that toss together here's some blue cheese dried cranberries and candied pecans holy trifecta of flavor this makes a great side salad but is hardy enough for a vegetarian entree too good and good for you get the potato tily awesome potato salad recipe at average Betty calm I hope you'll give my potato tily awesome salad a try soon after all it's totally awesome thanks for watching and subscribing see you next time totally awesome
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