Roasted Pumpkin Seeds With Cinnamon, Sugar, & Coconut Oil by Rockin Robin

Pumpkin seeds what are you doing them well today I'm going to show you how to roast them and you can also use this technique for any other squash that you may have that you're eating and you have the seeds from so for example you might have your acorn squash or your butternut squash or your spaghetti squash it all works the same and they're very delicious and they're very healthy for you so I'm rockin Robin and I'm going to show you how to do it right after this so before I go over the ingredients with you I just want to mention that you can season these up any way you like you can be as simple and is you know plain as just some olive oil and some salt or you can do what I'm doing I'm adding a little bit more in fact I'm using something a little different than olive oil but you could use butter coconut oil any kind of oil you want and any spices you want so I'll give you some ideas on some variations at the end of the video so for today's recipe I have my sugar pumpkin here I've got some coconut oil because I like to use coconut oil it works well in the oven for higher temperatures than say olive oil I've got some ground cinnamon here a little bit of sugar and I'm using Baker's sugar just because it's a little more fine and dissolves in a little nicer and easier and some sea salt we're going to start off by preheating our oven to 350 degrees so I've got mine going the next thing you want to do if you're using coconut oil you're going to want to warm it up so that it's a liquid so that we can pour it over our pumpkin seeds so what I've done here is I've placed my coconut oil in this dish and I fill the dish with some hot water so that it will melt coconut oil becomes a liquid at higher than about 75 degrees so I've got to get the temperature up make it nice and liquid in the meantime we're going to go ahead and cut into our pumpkin let's scoop out our seeds so I'm just using you can use a spoon or I happen to be using here is a pumpkin scraper from one of those pumpkin carving kits so these little guys have a fair amount of seeds as you can see here like this we have quite a bit here so what I'm going to do is I'm going to place my seeds into a bowl of water and that's going to help them separate easier because we want it I want to get all the you know this membrane this orange stuff out of there so I'm going to go ahead and scrape all the seeds out and get it in the bowl and once we do that I'll show you what that looks like alright so now that I've got all the seeds scraped out of the pumpkin and placing them you know in the bowl here with the water and this is going to just help me separate the seeds from the the membrane there now if you need a recipe or you want to know how to make pumpkin butter with your sugar pumpkin there I've got a video for you and all you have to do is click right over here and I'll leave a link for you here and down below in the description of this video okay so now that we've got this separated you're going to want to put your hands here in the bowl and kind of pull the seeds away from the membrane or whatever you want to call this fibrous stuff and separate it out it tends to sink so and the seeds tend to float which is nice and now I'm going to go ahead and place the seeds into a strainer because I want to give them one more rinse I want to get as much of this out of there as I can just because I like it nice and clean when I go and and roast them in the oven alright let God to my last seed here and I'm going to go ahead and rinse these just one more time to kind of get any little excess off so after that nice little rinse we want to pour the seeds I'm just going to pour them out right here on a towel we want our seeds to be dry and not wet so that they will roast instead of steam in the oven right so I'm going to spread these out here they're still pretty wet and we're going to blot it dry here with this towel so I'm going to do that now you want your seeds to be dry like I said and there's a couple of different ways that you can do that one is you can let these sit overnight and maybe make them the next day I don't think you really need to leave them that long but you could do that you do it ahead of time or you can do what I'm doing you're going to Pat them dry maybe let them sit for 15 minutes or so and what I'm going to do is I'm going to take a hair dryer and just give a little blow-dry five minutes with the blow dryer and these babies are nice and dry you got to remember those as they start to dry they start to kind of float around a little bit so you need to keep your your hair dryer a little bit elevated otherwise they're going to blow all over your counter and you're not going to be happy so make sure you keep it away alright so now we're going to place our seeds into my bowl here so we can mix our spices alright so now my coconut oil has melted looks pretty good I'm going to add oh by the way I add about one cup of pumpkin seeds out of that one tiny little pumpkin so I thought that was pretty good alright so now I'm going to drizzle my seeds with some pumpkin I need some not pumpkin oil coconut oil alright and now you can do whatever you want like I said guys you could use you know you want to spice it up make it spicy and hot you can do cayenne pepper chili powder but like I said I'm going with the cinnamon so I'm gonna put about a teaspoon of cinnamon in here cuz I really like the cinnamon really does it for me okay I'm gonna do just a little bit of sugar not too much just a little dusting there and salt you got to have salt right makes it taste good alright so probably half a teaspoon or maybe a little less of salt and then you just mix it all up I'm going to pour this out onto you I have a little baking sheet here and we're going to spread these out in a single layer and we're going to bake these in the oven and we're going to check them like I said 350 on the oven we're going to check them in 10 minutes and I'll probably give a little stir want to make sure these don't burn okay and a little dusting sugar I'm sweet kind of gal here love my sweet stuff okay in the oven they go and we'll check them in 10 so I just took the pumpkin seeds out of the oven mine were in there for about 25 minutes and I checked him at every 10 minutes okay so I went in there and I gave a little stir to make sure that they cooked evenly and now you want to get them out of the pan because they will continue to cook and they may burn so once you get them out of the oven they're still really hot but just put them in another dish and you can see how nice and golden-brown these are perfect of course the longer you leave them in the more crunchy they're going to be so these are kind of like right in between those are perfect so and make sure you let them cool a little bit before you try eating them because you don't want to get burnt all right guys now here's some of the things that I'm going to do with these I'm going to eat these snacks as a snack you know on the go I just put them in a bag take them with me it's a great snack these guys have a lot of magnesium and phosphorus and zinc in them so they're really healthy they've got some omega-3s and they're just a great source of protein so healthy snack guys also what I like to do with them is sprinkle them on my salad and I also here's one for you I take my organic plain yogurt and I layer that with some pumpkin puree which you can get the video for and some of these and mix it all up it's a great delicious snack so guys I hope you'll try that let me see if I can get one of these and give a little taste see how they do oh I love the crunch don't know if you can hear that nice crunch I can taste the cinnamon it's a little bit salty it's a tiny bit sweet delicious guys I think you're going to love it okay guys that's how you do roasted pumpkin seeds and of course you can do any kind of squash that you like so I hope you enjoyed that I hope it helps you out those of you that asked for it this one's for you guys and also if you have any other recipes you'd like to see me make go ahead and leave that comment down below in the description I'd love to hear from you alright if you haven't subscribed yet go ahead and click that button that way you'll be notified of new videos as they come out every week I don't want you to miss any alright and you know share this video if you if you liked it you think somebody else might enjoy it and give me a thumbs up thanks everybody I'm rockin Robin and we'll see you next time in the next video
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