Ronnie's "How It's Made"

More snackin less cracking is the motto of this sunflower seed roasting company located in the heart of Canada's premier sunflower growing region Ronni seeds has been producing this local favorite snack since 1994 selecting only the best jumbo sized sunflower seeds from locally grown crops Ronny's create an exceptional product that's big on flavor I grew up in the farm where sunflower seeds was the main special crop that was growing every year my not with a passion to see locally produced crops get value added onto the grocery store shelves it was a natural fit to pursue the sunflower industry it all starts here in the fields of the Red River Valley where some of the world's finest sunflower seeds are grown selecting and inspecting his future product starts early in the plant's life Virani one could say he really is outstanding in his field did you know from the time it emerges until the flowering stage the face of a sunflower points directly at the Sun and moves with it from sunrise to sunset it's in this 9,000 square foot facility where the seeds get roasted seasoned packaged and sent out for the enjoyment of the consumer after the seeds have been harvested and processed trucks delivered the clean seeds each load is tested to ensure quality standards are met grain augers then move them into these large storage bins that are environmentally controlled for safe storage this jumbo size bin holds approximately 1.6 billion of these delightful snacks the roaster is then killed with about 400 pounds of seeds and the powerful flame begins to heat up the seeds to give them that flame roasted flavor a flavor bryant is mixed up and applied to the seeds - given the unique flavor the seeds will spend approximately 17 minutes tumbling in 700 degree oven one minute too long and they'll get burnt one minute too short Milt a straw when they reach the perfect roast color a chute opens to move the now roasted seeds to this cooling top each batch is now tested to ensure that quality standards and flavor profiles are met once cool the seeds move up the bucket elevator and through a series of various cleaning equipment to prepare it for packaging each time you process or move around sunflower seeds dust and shells are created this equipment removes all the unwanted items no one likes a layer of dust or shells bottom of their bag the seeds then take a ride on this lift and are put into holding tanks where they will await the packaging line well it's time to get crackin well actually it's time to get packing the seeds take a ride up this conveyor to the packaging department where it meets the scale this scale does super-fast calculations to determine which of the 10 buckets will add up to the exact predetermined weight then drops the seeds down a chute a worker below who is left holding the bag make sure the seeds fall into the day another worker then feeds each bag into this machine that trims seals and code dates the Bay we can pack 18,000 of these per ship each bag is then passed through a metal detector to ensure that no metal particles sneak along workers give the final product one final inspection and then box up these bags of goodness the box is then closed up labeled and stacked on pallet a huge part of our success is that we run a bakery style or made-to-order distribution system we do not stockpile any seeds route drivers we load the truck every night.

They can deliver the absolute freshest product possible to their clients.

From the fields to the fans that is how Rani's creates the more snacking cracking experience for all of us to enjoy.

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