Thanks for sticking with us such a contradiction that such a soft loving caring man Shaun Maloney is here with these top five tough nuts hyojin's Nick thanks very much that intro mate one of your best now this has been the hardest category to settle on this entire year mostly because well I was scared of what the guys would say who I didn't make number one if you're at home watching make sure the lights are switch on there are some scary dudes coming your way the top five tuffnut of all time here we go cave Kersey and McCardle probably with the chiropractor or bang oh oh ah now you're ill three or four joints the only man ever to take down linemen one on one this possibly his biggest hit ever on Derek who guard my trip will come and again Oh lovely scenes postgame guys has everyone got to give this a prayer for Derrick's ribcage a low birth right nice touch number four Wow oh wow big Brad Zaun oh what a monster this guy is the stuff of nightmares him he's icing Bryan Habana scoring World Cup tries and they're dumping John Smith on his head tough that bang and again I that's gotta hurt number three Sebastian Shabab well bleep of nightmares indeed big hit on Christmas I whack now coming up a short on Ally Weems cause he nightmares and off it series where they do now Fred how's your vision in it no we are in French we speak French uh wait Monte oh okay I'm outdoors thanks so much sir shovel number two Jerry Collins oh boy oh boy oh boy look out Pierce Airport oh it gets worse up and again wait for : Chavez about to have his entire body rearranged Oh cave thought he make of it he is mr. concrete hey Dad about us and mr. concrete is jaan-e-mann in New Zealand who can do this - Richie McCaw look at this kerchief point and again Liddy dad Richard nog you didn't written are you you're right Jerri no problems another two percent of all time number one buck Shelford this guy is an absolute machine mm all the cages a classy number a and enforcer as well it's about to get ugly here and look bug we'll just step in and say you can't do that he's a diplomat also look he just hit better my feast can't do that the great news is therefore buck is the other bloke God sent off our feeling number one the toughest night look of all so I'm what a weapon buck Shelford is very good Wow Dan that's I mean that's just scratching the surface for bucks because he played a game in France once upon a time where he's uh I got split open by a stray stud had it stitched up and went out played the second half so that's a tough nut yeah yeah yeah it had to be said dinner it had to be said Thank You Shirley uh and that is about it
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