S'Mores Maker - Reese's With Pieces & Hershey Symphony Chocolate, Nostalgia Products

You are now watching a Lucky Penny shop product feature I've been provided by an intelligent product for review it was a cold winter's night tell me some more LPS days there you go hey it's a little Lucky Penny shop and we are excited to check out the nostalgia products s'mores maker s'mores I thank to them for sending this item to let us check out on video and you might be saying to yourself what would you be saying to yourself self how quickly can I get up some more into my gullet no you might be saying yourself you've already done nostalgia products s'mores but I would not have been saying that to myself but you would be incorrect hmm in one way they've upgraded this to a stainless steel version really now the other one was not stainless steel.

I'll put a link to the original video.

Now we're going to see how this would work right nothing better than a s'more cooked on a stainless steel thing that's exciting news now we also went back to that video and realized we had a lot of good stuff in there we're going to do something completely different than that video but not only are you getting a different s'mores maker mm-hmm you're getting different ingredients how can you make s'mores with different ingredients don't you well you will see now what I'm going to do which is because. This is a one of a big box is hard to move around.

I'm going to pick a panel move the box and then we'll check it out Peter Piper picked a panel there you go alright we are back now the side panels which is kind of our repeats on both sides just different languages.

We have pick now English English.

You're at a better angle why don't you read that there yes sir EAB I'd then throw it de su casa el sabor del exterior you dis fruit the real English hmm English English Oh bring it taste to the outdoors inside enjoy homemade s'mores all year round. Okay, roast marshmallows to perfection over flameless electric heater includes lazy susan and poor girl for compartment tray to hold graham crackers chocolate and marshmallows use the four stainless steel Forge to marshmallows durable stainless steel housing and top cover great family fun I like that and if you order early you get free set for free no just kidding now the other side of the box is pretty much a repeat.

We are almost ready I'm going to gather some ingredients will actually look do this we'll come back with this out of the box we'll get it all set up and then we'll show you all the fun ingredients we're going to tell oh boy alright time to unpack the pieces that just slid right in the box.

It's real easy how about that alright now. This is the lazy susan aspect they were talking about seated I feel bad for Steven off yesterday being labeled lazy the rest of our life we'll have to google that I'm not sure that's exactly what that mean but there's a story behind that and then either the ball bearings.

The story involves some more punching I don't know if it involves some more hmm and then there's these little rubber feet.

You got some nice description on your servant encryption but you're lazy it looks like you could just wash that whole thing down you're gonna be sick stick that mistake oh yes there are instructions now it looks like. This is where the cord is going to sit possibly I'm not sure but we'll get it in that position tonight there and. This is removable and that is the heating element up here of course you would not touch that and. This is a mount of the box hopper caution hot service do not touch terrible that is a nice brush would you call that brushed stainless steel I um I don't know I missed a good answer and then we get for marshmallow forks they're all the same color in the backside.

Remember which is your then here's that's mine. Okay, we'll have to remember and then here is the instruction booklet. Okay, and we just want to read that I guess come back and divvy up those s'mores let's get eaten LPS Dave come on watch you're waiting for now we should just give it a quick run down here plug it in well that's a good start yeah thread the plugin electro same morfs makers through the hole in the center of the food tray. Okay, sure we will do all that if it's not done right and then we will come back and then plug it in and get our stuff ready to go we're gonna get fired and we're gonna come back any cars alright we are back which Just Answer one question. Okay, well I would longer actually go under wait there's a spot right here there's a little notch at that slides under. Okay, they want to kind of move it out away from your lazy bush we've changed name everybody to lazy Bush because he felt bad for Susan yes.

Now it's a lazy bush I will take on that responsibility else he deserves that mm-hmm not that you're lazy in any way well in many ways exactly mm-hmm. All right.

We've also turned off the heat.

I had to put on a coat because we want a nice and cold wing room pretending to be outside at a s'mores Accu s'more vacuum yeah I think we I happen to have a built-in coat.

I'm good either way yes now listen to this can you tell what. This is by the South marshmallow I got some totally different marshmallows there first time I've seen in the campfire premium-quality marshmallows and look at this guy does he not look happy he's got a marshmallow on a shirt and a marshmallow head he looks a little nervous though I think he knows where he's going. Okay, look a little nervous he's about to be tried by fire I think.

So here we go I see we're in a lucky finish oh there's the ingredients by the way in a direction. Okay, gradients in direction mm huh the lighting is a little too bright for me here maybe and you didn't tone that down just a little bit especially with all the white marshmallows there how's that yeah better yes much better.

I'll fill this up. Okay, tray number one I've always wanted to do this thing with a marshmallow Oreo mash it mash it mash it mash it man in your dreams I've seen that can't do it if cotton Mike I'm the law inside by the way we want this to start eating up if you think that's enough marshmallows to start that'll get me through why what's the tell me what it is I know you're guessing I'm gonna guess correct crab Gregor's not any graham crackers I saw these and said mmm fresh stacks you know you're out there you're cracking them and you don't get a good crack it frustrates me when they don't crack right down the middle there in the self sealed bags this perfect shape that we're going to need there's all the ingredient in firm ation mm-hmm let's get in this never handle before stall owner stuff it's like a new Fandango check that out yeah I don't know if those are gonna cook very well well I thought it'd be cool just to show one like that mm was it cold in here I might have to get my gloves mmm-hmm we got to get that heating element heating up there is that perfect or what perfect let's make a nice presentation. All right, now in the area of chocolate we decided as we were shopping together right wouldn't you do a couple bars or chocolates we have never done before number one the extra-large Hershey's Symphony creamy milk chocolate with almonds and toffee chips I love almonds and toffee chips look at that whoo-hoo lift here and pull a little if that is going to make a world-renowned s'more and look at that.

We can have squares just like this one to perfect enzyme mmm one two it's like the Hershey people made two angels for I know I'm just gonna put them all out a bunch of the cool all be eating at some point mm-hmm. Okay, that is the first bar the second bar look at that hmm her she said buddy creamy milk chocolate that would be your standard and I have to do this as a side because we have one more yes really one bolt holes now I noticed. This is starting to turn red heat.

Be very careful everybody look at that Hershey's chocolate here let me do this let me do this I'm gonna put these together mm they're kind of like friends right mm-hmm they're from the same Hershey family that's correct they don't mind being in the pool together LPS and hopefully there's no Hershey's floating in the pool mm-hmm flap that. Okay, maybe Ruth and then one more one more you're not going to believe this I was standing in the aisle checkout aisle yep and I've been seeing the commercials for this one yes somebody get all all Reese's stopped with pieces Oh My look at that I'll just put that there I've never had these before and thought hmm that might be cool and you're going to make us some more out of that that's the one I'm going for right away mm-hmm when you do with a little paper cup cake with this inside you know you don't put that on all Congress just for storage.

I look at that they're in there I got a crack one open just.

We can see inside women a little soft there we go I had to eat one mm-hmm I know you couldn't resist mmm there's a little crisp inside that's nice with a little bonus peanut butter inside there hmm no I always losting LPS babies laughing through the shop let me I finish clearing out my mouth mm-hmm. This is super hot I could just see it's red we'll give you a close-up of that we'll move this in the center and I'll roast some marshmallows into time. All right, butcher I wanted to first give everybody a close-up of that red-hot heating element careful. Okay, don't burn the camera I will not the camera is pretty far away I am zoomed in and then I decided to cook off any other extra little residue which was smoking initially.

Now we're good to go.

I'm going to now Pierce a marshmallow are you ready for the piercing here we go Pierce. Okay, as you go under the time are you sure elf yes just for now I put some gloves on it's.

Cold it's chilly in here.

Now we are yeah you can sing the marshmallow I wish we had on a marshmallow roasting you yeah oh well they do say do not cut you don't want to touch this if you get this dirty you're gonna have to clean it that's hard oh I wish I were a marshmallow marshmallow marshmallow wish I were a marshmallow that's not a good one because the marshmallow getting toasted right now yes oh I wish I had a marshmallow in my mouth then I'd be.

Happy north and south yes holy nice I'll put some chocolate on it melt there's a light frowning right here already hmm there's some bubblies here I don't know if those were there but I see little pockets of bubbles forming now build it on a graham cracker no way mmm that's the new some more song now they did say the top can actually get red and it's just going to get higher have it no longer you leave it on.

Really yep until like forever until forever yes maybe I'll just leave it there let it cook on one side then turn slowly like a feeling Garcia only time wallet will that's what it said on the box remember no there we go yeah I'm just moving too fast do you think it ever lights on fire I like when it lights on fire oh yes day yeah that's that that can't happen at a campfire yeah let's see if I can just hold it right there and see if that spot now it gets real it started to get Wiggly on my morning there that's starting to burn there huh which one do you want to try first well I guess you can't have any to chug with Leo no don't go your choice LPS day let me move my lazy Bush over here click thank you the question is you start with traditional and move your way towards radical or do you start with radical and move backwards I don't think any of these are radical I think it's just straightened I'm going to let me do this I need to move the camera back and get my plate and get that all set up.

I will do that while I wrote this and then we all come right back because one of that close-up everything right it's beautiful yeah I can't wait well you can eat marshmallow and graham I can make you just a plain withhold yeah look at that that our talking Paul we we will be hold on a second don't go anywhere lazy butch mm-hmm hope people don't get mad I mean that was your choice now my choice oh no it's it's I'm good with that obvious day mm-hmm I think we're close look at that yeah sir now on a regular campfire that sort of would have been charred garboil dog oh it's poking through I think we're good let me come right back. All right, let's lazy susan this here let me put this they're using lazy oh sorry lazy butch in I think I'm just not used to calling you lazy anyone one senior on the shop who look at that machine and marshmallowy hmm. All right, everyone would have a problem is because I want to lick every force I know but we want to at least see how everything is working and melting together hmm let me take a bite the chocolate is just melting maybe in the diving switch the camera we lost some of our heat mm-hmm let me was that the symphony would talk the LPS TV oh that's good oh that's really good mm-hmm I like the toffee you get a little crunchiness in there. All right, here we go let's do another one marshmallow number two but this time I'm going to be ready I'm going to take a gram. Okay, hey you like my plate I love your dress my favorite plate. Okay, if you're powering your fan bubble do movie coming up soon I talked awhile I don't know when it's coming out but I can't wait to see it looks really I'm holding back on some Power Rangers I have in my collection just for that moment in time I was looking for those in the shop the other day hopefully who I'm getting a little tidbits of the coffee well I'm on my teeth sticks to your teeth it sticks to my teeth I'm trying to get this camera up here with one hand while roasting mm I'm a professional marshmallow roaster but obviously very useful well.

It's got to be what 60 60 degrees now here 58 degrees there was an icicle hanging from the camera little while ago yesterday.

Leak out what that heating element sure does the trick it is super hot you could just see it I don't think you want to use it as a heater in your office or anything like that definitely wrinkly for Marshall mortgage oh look at that.

Have you really just need to set it and not spin it too much set it and forget I was just kind of moving around too much I think initially in this room here.

I have one here one on the other side.

You got four marshmallows or roasting marshmallows roasting on a heating element I like that hmm Reese's sitting on your plate graham crackers crunchy ready to go into your teeth yeah there we go almost ready almost I'm gonna push this one to the limit push it to the limit you don't LPS a sometimes when they do like a grilled cheese as the crust and macaroni and cheese in the middle I wonder how much we could push the envelope with some more someday yeah someday maybe we could that'd be cool to make a grilled cheese grilled cheese make a grilled cheese then make another grilled cheese over that grill mm-hmm now you're thinking.

You can make a s'mores tower yeah what about like maybe someday if we make a chocolate chip cookie and use that instead of graham crackers that would work and then mother the Lila second I'm pinching my marshmallows really yeah look at that.

It is pretty soft and squishy mm-hmm alright.

Let me get ready here with my second one oh why hold it milk you hope it melts it alright well let me turn this idiot let's see I'm going to do with all with one hand. Okay, and then I'm going to zoom in here mm-hmm and get this right here. Okay, here we go hopefully get a good crush look at that mushy and gushy I can't wait to lick the fork yeah yeah oh look it is melting right away on the top oh that's gonna be super tasty alright it looks sexually it's a bit of urea yes baby not weighing nearly beauty I need to get a little bit more camera view here I want to all this up.

Everybody can see it oh yeah look at that I got to get the right angle on this see that nestled in there it's it's it's a it's starting to melt on the exterior part I'm gonna bite it. Okay, oh trying to wait the whole emoji in there mmm look at that Wow I'm not sure which one I like better that's a mess right there oh yes day well it's always good angers a Morrie mess I tell you what mmm I got to clean up my hand a little bit mm-hmm go come back and we'll wrap it up really you know did you want to buy.

Much fun. Okay, you finish these up how come no liquor marshmallow oh yeah that's what I'm saying you could head like it's a cracker pie mmmm put a little marshmallow can you handle that we'll be back everybody here you go buddy. All right, butch I figured I would roast adjustable I cleaned off your fork help yes damn it didn't. Okay, job I mean I still see some marshmallow I got homework to do yet those are sharp old time is now I'm going to say that I really like the the toffee 1rc Stassi and I like the Reese's I didn't try just the play anyone but it's kind of you know a standard we don't do anything standard around that literally millions of those in your lifetime yeah we've had special marshmallows now and special squared a graham cracker mm-hmm.

Overall I would say the nostalgia s'mores maker whores work pretty good huh see unless we were to take grilled cheese grilled cheese and then put a roasted marshmallow roasted marshmallow place a bacon slice of bacon and then a Reese's a Reese's. Okay, and then another slice of bacon Reese's Arisa Reese's another grilled cheese I'm hoping it mm-hmm it's falling. All right, keep going and then we deep-fry that deep-fry that mm mm mm hmm and then well maybe keep it healthy we put like a slice of lettuce on there or something yeah well that would make it move and it made one especially for you you probably realize it oh no chocolate and thanks for watching everybody well butch mangia zon and you know we appreciate it thanks for sharing on social media and giving the videos a thumbs up I'm not I'm taunting you here right cause this.

Close but yet.

Far if you see a tweet from me or something Arthur gate let's take a box see ya later see you later just say later later. All right, well you know what I'm saying it any help you can give us on social media is really appreciated later I'm not just saying this earlier. Okay, let my everybody bring it on munch on ha ha ha ha if you're looking for the item you just saw in the video click here watch more videos by clicking here don't forget to share our social media and give a thumbs up hey LPS - what's up butch make sure they don't forget to subscribe oh yeah please click here to subscribe to Lucky Penny shop and always remember when you see a lock teddy pick it up.

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