sally hansen. cream hair remover for face review.

Hello everyone I'm here to do a review for the sally hansen hair removal for face now i'm kind of bumming looking right now it's cold out it snowed a little bit.

I don't look my utmost best but I wanted to go ahead and get a couple videos done and I said well who cares you know my hair does a little stupid hopefully my hair is going to look stupid I hardly wear makeup anyways now if it looks like i have a red mark right here I don't know what that's from I might have like rub myself right here in the last video had done that.

If you see if that's what it's about anyways getting to what you actually came here to see I picked this up because and. This is kind of like an embarrassing thing to do a review on because you don't want to say oh I'm hearing you don't want to say that but I am just going to be honest I have Addison's disease and I take steroids for a living for little invasive that take steroids to live and the steroids you know being a girl kind of soft as they make you a little here that sounds horrible say that's TMI in some ways but i do get hair on my upper lip now the original hair removal cream that I used was the Sergey cream but they stopped carrying it in stores.

I have basically been trying to scrimp every last little bit of hair cream out of my survey tube and I what you know what. This is just getting old it's not working like it's supposed to and I found it online blah blah blah but I was like am I going to store see what options there is something different to use and I solve this Sally Hansen and it's pretty much the same set is what the Sergey cream was and I figured I'd try it and it says vast and pain free now i will say that. This is definitely pain free exam use of mice i'm used to with my Sergey cream get a little like puffiness little red burn going on you don't get this it all with the sally hansen cream it is really really nice now this you can get this at Walmart which is where I picked it up i really suggest if you're going to look for hair removal creams that you go to walmart because it's a heck of a lot cheaper than if you go to walgreens or CVS this was under six dollars or under five dollars this was under six dollars I know that I can't tell you exactly like 5 95 95 or something I can't tell you that rando i know it's definitely under six dollars and the tube itself is two ounces and the extra smooth motion that comes with it is 0.5 fluid ounce.

sally hansen. cream hair remover for face review.

You really do get a lot in this little kick.

I'm going to go ahead and open up you got the directions right here and. This is your tube and it's full.

When you see this tube you're not like all the cream doesn't start here the cream starts here so. This is a full tube of the hair removal cream and it is virtually scentless it has a slight scent but it's like a nice really really light floral powdery scent I will say when you have it on it's not like as soon as you breathe through your nose you're like oh like you try to escape the smell no not at all it's a very light fresh scent.

It's not they probably just put the set the fresh set in there.

It doesn't smell chemicals you know and then the little lotion you give the lotion smells the same way pretty much it's a little bit more perfumey but it kind of smells like a hotel lotion you know how hotel lotions small now if that turns you off to buying this then you're stupid because it doesn't stay around the scent doesn't stay around and it's not the beauty product you're not putting this all over your body.

It shouldn't matter I don't want to insult you but I'm just saying some people are weird like I don't like that smell not going to buy that no please don't be that dumb because. This is really really a nice set to use now when you put this on I will say my skin is kind of sensitive I would say it's kind of sense because i would say sensitive but I'm not sensitive I can wear any type of makeup I want to you know I don't have that issue at all but my skin is very my skin's combination I got the t-zone that's oily and everywhere else it's kind of dry.

I don't put lotion on every time I wash my face because if I do a turn to a greasy mess within an hour because it just doesn't take to lotion but I will say that the night before you choose to do this put a little lotion like a nice thin layer of lotion not this lotion that comes with it you use this after you use the hair cream they used like a cure L or your face lotion something just very basic and mild and put it all on the area that you're going to be putting the hair removal cream on the bag before.

That way your skin has a little moisture don't put it on that day because then it's going to prevent the air removal cream from sinking in.

You put the lotion on the night before and that also helps to reduce inflammation because you're not burning your skin as much because it's not as dry and then you apply the cream I'm not going to waste this cream at all but it's a white cream I'm not going to swatch it because I'm not going to waste it because it is hair removal cream possible but I'm not wasting it but it's a white cream and it's kind of it's runny ER than what the survey cream ones but you just put it all around the air you won two in a nice even layer now this says to let it sit for about four minutes and then test a spot and see if the hair is coming out and if not leave it on for another four minutes and you're not supposed to leave it on longer than eight minutes at all but i really suggest leaving it on for the full eight minutes right away now if you start feeling any burning or tingling remove it immediately but i really suggest cuz i put it on the first time I used it I demon test a patch and he works they say it's a test the inside of your elbow right here just to make sure you're not allergic I do suggest that that was a little dumb not doing it but it is a very gentle very mild and it's supposed to be pain free.

It's a very good mild cream.

I just put it all on and i really suggest just to leave it on for eight minutes and when you remove it all you need like a damp washcloth and you just remove it and when you do I suggest not to rub too much because that will cause the irritation and once you have the cream off completely you just apply the lotion which is white the same as the cream you just apply a very light layer of the lotion you rub it in and I will say it is painless I really do love this hair removal cream because Olay has a new one out that's supposed to be like feather soft when it when it's removed and this hair cream remover by sally hansen honestly probably gives au lait a run for its money because. This is a nice wonderful hair removal cream like I said the sense not that perfume me it goes on you can put it on and it really removes the hair completely because sometimes you might remove it there's like a little bit there here like I didn't do it was supposed to do but this stuff removes it all it does it painless I was really surprised because it was painless just one hundred percent pain-free I removed it with the damp washcloth did it all put the lotion on and there was no pain at all one thing I will say though that I have noticed is the skin around this area is drier than what it normally is it kind of sucks the moisture out a little bit.

I do have to apply the lotion in this area every day.

If you have extremely dry skin I wouldn't suggest using this because it's kind of dried my down a little bit in this area and it has that put the Sun what did I use this I use this Monday and today's Thursday the same week and yeah it's left me kind of dry but there's puts no swelling no redness. This is something you could do and then run out the door and leave and nobody's going to be like well looks like she has just removed and lip hair or you know it's not as evident because it's completely pain-free no swelling no redness now another thing they say not to do and it's something that's obvious is two hours before in two hours after doing this you don't wash your face at all and be very careful like if you go out to eat don't rub your which you know this if you use hair removal creams a lot you got to be a little sensitive to that area but don't wash your face two hours before two hours after.

Pretty much you'll have to have a full eight hours dedicated to to a good four to eight hours dedicated to know washing your face but you can't wear makeup but just note the fact it might be a little sensitive once it comes time to remove it.

That might be like a nude lip day or you might not wear as much makeup but I really do suggest that you pick up the sally hansen cream hair removal because it's just a really pain-free wonderful i'm very impressed with it i'm pretty sure you can get this anywhere a lot of hair removal products are sold i do suggest you go to walmart no walmarts not compare me to say this but i suggest going to walmart because you're probably going to find a cheaper deal or even myers I think Myers Michael you could cheat the deal on this also but yeah you can get this anywhere it's the cream hair removal doer kit for face now you're not supposed to use this on eyebrows at all you're only supposed to use this basically in this whole area is where you're supposed to use it you're not supposed to use it around your eyes I brown you can also use it on your hairline.

Like if you got like an uneven hairline or if you just want to clear up like maybe some sideburns or something you can use it for that I haven't used it for that I just need it for the upper look that's all I need it for.

I definitely do suggest you check this out and sorry this wasn't the best it was my first time doing a hair removal cream review.

I kind of wanted to tell you how to use it and help my experience went with it.

I'm sorry if there's anything else you'd like to know about this definitely do not be afraid to comment I answer back to comment and definitely ask me and I'll tell you about it and let you know and I hope this review was helpful and thank you for watching.

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