Sally Hansen Simply Smooth Hair Remover Review

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Today I'm doing a review on the solid hansen new nivi assemblies smooth hair remover hair remover and it's a snap in store spatula six days of smoothness and hydration it works while while you shower for all skin types.

I just asked you guys where you can get this from or what not you guys can get this out like the drug store walmart meyer walgreens broker giant eagle blah blah blah blah blah blah um you guys don't know where those places are have them my town.


Sally Hansen Simply Smooth Hair Remover Review

It's a suit it looks like. All right, this. Okay, this when I got it was ten dolls is pretty hefty I thought it was gonna be real expensive like 15 bucks i was like i'm not buying nothing else but actually it was on sale pretend oz and fifty percent off 49 now.


It's like a little pump and i have to do is like fish it down and then this one looks like what.

It's this I used it last night and um yeah to look like in all you have to do is just like pump it and then you just apply it to the area where you have your hair and then um basically you wipe it off and oh go away I do not recommend using on your eyebrows cuz you know mine I was a really happy no I'm all of that i was i do not recommend using on your eyebrows i do not recommend using on any parts of your body on your face actually because you will strip off a lot of hair a lot of hair I used it on my armpits um it works really well I can use on your bikini line but you may have to be careful because you don't want to burn yourself I tried that yesterday and let's say it went really well but then I burned myself because this stuff I I think it's good but it has um it doesn't have anything that's very cuz have alcohol in it food extracts um yeah as long as definite but I like this stuff because one it works and it's easier than shaving like you don't have to shave anymore I hate shaving do you think i hate about shaving is when you shave and they get all those razor bumps I hate that.

Much like every time I get a bump I decide to get some Vaseline they're surviving aud oil plural of my um it wouldn't call it your your area where you have your bumps it just hurts really bad yesterday I got some bumps yesterday but they went away I just put some Vaseline on they just why do I didn't really hurt that much just hurtful looking Goofy's looks like 20 minutes and then I just want to wet.

I recommend using it um like I have hairy knuckles if you guys don't tell can't tell um but I'm not going to use it on my knuckles because um the fact is that um the reason why I don't want to use it on my knuckles is because my I'm very hairy and I'm not trying to use a medical stuff but you can use it like on your where we have here like I have a hairy toe. Okay, some people you people may think that's discussing but I have a hairy toe I used it yesterday and let me tell you the hair went off just leave it on okay. This is what you do make sure your skin is dry like some people have hair your arms are like to shave their arms you can do that.

First thing when make sure you aren't your pants are dry don't add water to it just make sure it's dry first apply the UM this this stuff to it the cream um use a spatula don't use your hand because don't rub it it's really bad just plan on the area where you want to remove the hair and then after you're done you uh put its it if you're not taking iron took a shower.

I just waited I just blend in the bathtub numerous amount of times.

I just left it on my toe for like let's say three minutes and then I washed it off and then all the hair went off but sometimes I hear will come up they're gonna have to pull a little bit of the hair off.

Yeah and if you have hairy legs amazing because you might want to use a glove I definitely recommend a glut use a glove because you will touch your face and all the hair on your face eyelash you see eyebrows and hair on your head all the way and I don't having a bad hair too.

Don't comment about that but yeah you will literally like mess up all the hair on your body on your face on your head if you don't be careful.

I recommend using gloves for this I do not use gloves yesterday because I was very very careful when I was doing it.

Look out macomb careful.

I'm sure it's very very careful when I was doing this I did not play with this because it's not a toy. This is very very serious thing and you have to be mature to use this don't use this if you are under age if you're under the age of 12 years old because i think that people who are threatening up or more mature to do use something like this because you can mess up your life if you just see someone of this this could kill you you look like a bold person and i don't want to say that um. This is my this miss PT rock said do this do that do this do that I'm not trying to say that i'm not trying to advertise myself out but i'm trying to say is the baseline of this product is a really really good plan if it's affordable it's see an obviously you can use it brand new occasion.

Basically I just and also says do not use on air that have been tweeze wax dipali ated or shame in the last 24 hours um blah blah blah not for sure not for use on base sorry yeah.

Basically um.

It lasts for six days that's what it says last post six days sorry goes in hydration and I was 11 and I'm think I'm going to use it again it's awesome and like I said it's only five dollars.

On how much it costs it's originally 10 but I got her five.

If you are anyway, needing to get rid of hair and you hate shaving just use that make sure you some gloves because you don't want to mess up your body or somehow them but just use that it's amazing and yeah.

I hope you guys enjoy this video sorry for that'll trying to my nuns teeth and more videos are coming up.

Hope you guys 18 x.

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