Salty Crispy Roasted Pumpkin Seeds for Halloween | Cook With Amber

Fall is here and who loves carving pumpkins oh yes we love carving pumpkins it is so much fun but what do you do leftover pumpkin seed it is a catastrophe when people throw them away so that is why today we are showing you guys plastic crisp eat pumpkin seeds we're trying to keep these amazing little pumpkin seeds from going in the trash the top part of our pumpkin is very very thick and hard to cut through so we just have my dad cut through with a serrated knife so we had him cut a little bit of a notch here just so we can see where it aligns up take your lid off like that and bam you're done learn from our mistakes and get a spoon that will not Bend because we have completely bent the spoon it's really sad dig in wash our pumpkins are all carved out look at this bowl of pumpkin seeds and guys so now we're just gonna start picking out the really big chunks of pumpkins that don't have any season let me throw this in the compost so we've got most of the pulp out as you can see there so now we're gonna dump our pumpkins I'm gonna fill it up with water that's pretty mesmerizing so you can see that there's very little pulp left because the pope sinks and the seeds float so now just go in here and if there's any pulp on there just rinse it off and let a little sink to the bottom so now we're just gonna scoop the top layer up with our fingers and drain it in here now see that's all pumpkin seeds to take it to the next level we are gonna dry them out so you've got a pan just put a little bit of oil on and then I'm coming into the paper towel so you really want to rub the oil all over the pan so that none of the pumpkin seeds stick so now we're gonna take it to a 300 degree oven for 30 minutes you really just want to dry out the pumpkin seeds so all the moisture goes away then we're gonna stick them in the oven again we're gonna add some oil salt and pepper so they get all crispy and we have 30 minutes of time so we're gonna go carve our pumpkins what should I name him our pumpkin seeds are beeping which means they are all dried out so we're just gonna add a little bit of oil on here and go like this and you just want to coat all of the seeds so another reason why we have the oil on is it has something that the salt can stick to back in the oven for 20 more minutes so it gets crispy and golden and delicious these I'm so excited for these I seriously can crunch on these all day they're so good they're really hot so just let them cool down a bit they're so crispy these are seriously one of my favorite all-time snacks and we have a bunch of them so excited so we can just snap elizalde they're perfect for school lunches if you love your chips this is a great alternative let's do c'mere they're done huh nobody in the cook whatever family it's going to be wasting pumpkin seeds this year so give these a child on your leftover pumpkin seeds because none of those are going in the trash
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