Schneider Weisse Aventinus Eisbock Beer Review

Schneider basa I've been to this ice bowl come in at twelve percent a BB 30 30 milliliter bottle thank goodness for that you're like having a glass of wine from someone my question will be is how about the daya cover up the alcohol taste because an eisbock or you know a parka and I skewers usually usually they used freezing to take water out of the mixture will stick interesting little bit there's almost like a grape cherry flavor to it.

Let me slowly work on this ice bowl and I'll get back with you let me down to their well their looks like all we need to do is there reboot of the ipad and now it's working correctly to have to go pro happen the GoPro I can see what I'm video aim I can use this to control thing help with crafting innovation committee from click open desktop least I hope that Apple is nothing like Microsoft where I have to reboot things to make their work correctly when things go funny hahaha. Okay.


As I said earlier I'll looking like a hint of dark cherry grey and maybe a little hint licorice black licorice flavor interesting it's almost I give it up insert around your tongue when you're drinking it was interesting.

Alcohol cover up not too bad beer wasn't too bad man lets me drink its twelve percent peers ah especially it goes your whistle party with friends oh my god don't be freaking the lying on the floor and stuff after a couple of these maybe someday I'll have to look into doing Perry's food drink pairings.

Anyway, if you like height of all beers I give this on a thumbs up yeah one day I don't know if it'll 10 if it matches my shimmy a grand reserve mind you that's 90% hmm that's interesting question maybe someday I'll have to buy another one of these and compare the two but I'll have to have company over because I open this one off thats and Paul after all you can drink and then they have this one a 12-percent I don't think I'm gonna be drinking both then once you're over you need to drink.

Quick down and dirty not too bad yeah if they're me you why fight Knicks and lost why don't my wife I think you lost your right there to take it easy in forever you will get more there's letters rebooted my head.

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