Schneider Weisse Tap 6 Doppel Bock Beer Review

Well. This is a first really nice afternoon we've had this year I'd say hey second to have a few beers from the Frankfurt craft beer fest that we haven't tried you're going to use natural light it's much better than artificial light and my lightbox has got a fan.

It makes it pretty noisy so. This is a sniper vice tap 6 i'll probably go inside to the pitcher shoot in my room thanks i will switch my camera's not out here 8.2 percent abv oh it's a doppelbock i could be a doppelbock.

This device something here pick up my mind here schneider weisse tap sticks is revived institution what isn't that confusing loser aventinus well I knows yeah I mean it's eight point two percent of Scalia doppelbock it's like a double bock.

Of course water the vice and mullets garrison vaults hops yeast does not give looks like it's best served between eight and 12 degrees self if let's just drink it the heck is all that fancy smancy stuff let's get down to business thanks Christina Wow.

It's a dark raisin oh that's right at the crap beer fest every my intent was to get all dark beers.

Dark beer hey thysen let's darts got what I want.

Even if I was only looking for like oops nice nice carbonation little hazy.

Even if I was only looking really Ford uncles and Schwartz beers I mean I got Porter's I got please you've seen the list I've gone through.


I got a dark wheat beer I got Porter's I got attack of the other one stout I'll leave this in here i'll use that for adding the Moorhead to it when I take my picture crude light brown the light brown foam on top definitely got the visine or wheat aroma to it looks good what do you think expeditious huh haven't had dinner yet who dis Fargo cook will be moving good mouth bill feels a little heavy a little bit of the visine flavor coming through well.

Let me take my time with this and I'll come back with my quick down and dirty for this schneider weisse a tap 68.2 % doppelbock bison beer oh yeah that's a doppelbock alright.

Just finished dinner I've been working on this 8.2 percent beer whoo Wow think I'm all you need this and I'll be good to go.

I quick down and dirty almost get a little bit about honey flavor in there ah as you may recall I not much of a bison drinker.

This one yeah.

This one doesn't really appeal to me a lot as you can see I have no problem drinking it excellent job of covering up the eight point two percent abv with the with their balls and hops and stuff like that it did not taste like an eight point two percent a baby drink.

I would say if you're a bison drinker and you like doppel box give it a shot he'll means but for me personally I have really have no reason to go for this one again I still have a lot of work to do tonight and I'm gonna probably have to spend the next hour to sober it up the schneider weisse uh tap six there you have it folks still have a few more craft beers to go I need to come up with a name and nickname for y'all you know some people say Bob hey Bob how you doing or hey internet or hey peeps or or as what is it Philip DeFranco says hey beautiful bastards I got to come up with a name a nickname for you that covers everybody I think most of my stuff is is gonna have some hint of beer in it somewhere the first thing that came to my mind long before I ever watch the old Frank was fat bastard if you ask anybody at work but usually i'm using fat bastard's for people that aren't doing like they should kind of thing.

I don't think that applies to you.

If you have a suggestion for a nickname i can use for you my audience put it in the comments below I'll take a look at it my fans my friends my subscribers you are all fan tastic and for the next craft beer review thanks Cheers your word for the day in German is beer is good via pissed good.

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