Scrapbook Process Video - New Couch Love

Hey there and welcome to another process video this process video I sped up quite a bit because I've done a couple layouts very similar to this I am using a large photo though and I believe my photo is a little less than four inches tall I didn't want it to quite be exactly a third of a 12 x 12 paper.

I went ahead and cut a larger title like I have done in previous layouts on my silhouette but this time I used a cursive font and I'm going to use the el estudio little moments collection once again I wanted to put my photo in kind of the middle.

When I was creating my cup file or cut yeah a file i went ahead and spaced it out appropriately i'm going to layer or back my entire layout on a piece of pattern paper that has a black and white design and I'm loving that look.

Same as before i'm just going to back those letters and see what looks good I love that purple.

I'm going to try to use that a couple of times the great thing about the six by six papers are that the patterns are scaled down a little bit.

I'm going to use those but i also have the 12 x 12 that I'm going to use as well and I really like the flower pattern paper because it incorporates all of the colors in the collection that I'm going to use when I try to use a lot of pattern paper on one layout I love the look but one thing that I'm conscious of is that I have at least one element of paper of the pattern paper that includes all or most of the colors that are going to be used I find that it helps you set your color palette and it also makes it look cohesive like that you didn't just pull colors you know for no rhyme or reason I'm going to space out the patterns as well.

Several of these patterns have polka dots and I'm going to make sure that no two polka dots are together and same with stripes and florals I didn't want anything all together I also wanted to make sure to include some of the black-and-white prints because i find that the black-and-white grounds it and it adds a little bit to me black and right reads a little bit graphic a little bit modern right now I'm just in love with that look.

I'm going with it and I like how that looks for the most part.

I'm going to go ahead and make sure there's no other papers I was thinking about using the gray but I decide against it.

I flipped my paper over I used my fine line bottle around each letter to attach the different pattern papers I like this cursive font as a change and when you create it in your silhouette software you just have to make sure if you want it to flow together that you weld the letters together and there are a lot of tutorials on youtube on how to do this that's how I felt figured it out I'm relatively new to using a silhouette.

When I use it it's very basic and simple in in my use of it it can do amazing things but still learning.

I'm going to stick those i decided to or i accidentally stuck that down wrong.

Just corrected that and keep sticking them down my favorite part of. This is when you turn it over that reveal it's just like Oh looks.

Good and these large titles I know our kind of trendy right now and when you do this your layout goes really quickly you don't have to do a whole lot to it which is a nice thing to it takes a little while to set up your cut file on the silhouette and cut it it takes me a little longer because I'm not as familiar with it but if you're familiar with your silhouette I'm sure that it can go really really quickly.

Those are all secured down I'll just trim off the edges where it's overhanging.

That I don't have any excess paper and then I take a look and I try to decide how I want to do that do I want to outline the letters with a pen or do I want to continue my trend of hand stitching as I have in the last view layouts and I am going to do my hand stitching and this I use my amy tangerine mat and the little piercing tool. This is my favorite piercing tool I've tried lots of other ones larger ones and for some reason I just like this little handheld one it's the perfect size.

I'm going to pierce all around the letters and since this font is connected each letter is not going to be individual you're going to have like a continuous look which is something different than the block letters that I had been doing.

I Pierce all my holes first and then like I've said before I can take my stitching over and watch a movie in relax or you know it just makes the process go a little bit faster if you do all your piercing at once and then you do all of your stitching at one time.

That I thought about doing in all white thread because I just got some new white but then I like the look of the layout that I did previous called new couch love or know this that's what this layout is the one called what did I call it youtube I liked how each letter had a different color of thread I just secure my thread on the back with a piece of washi tape and you can see here my thread got tangled and that does happen I noticed that it happens more when my thread is a little bit longer and instead of fighting it I just I had to cut it off and start again no big deal it's you know a little bit of a pain but that's that's life the hand stitching is tedious but I like the look as I've said before.

I decided to pull out one color from each of those papers and match the embroidery thread to it and now I'm magically done through the magic of video I'm going to go ahead and use some double-sided tape to stick that down on to that background piece of paper not sure where that one is from but I'm going to be quite careful to line it up because this tape is not very forgiving you can see I try to peel it off it wasn't going to work did not want to ruin that background after all that time spent.

I just go with it and deal with it I like things to be lined up and straight and for me it's a little bit of an obsession but i try to try to just go with it at times i'm thinking about what i could layer with that picture not really sure I knew what I wanted the title and not to look like but I didn't have an idea for what I wanted on or around the picture.

I'm going to try out some different options vellum pattern paper black and white color my pad my picture really does fit perfectly in that space and that I didn't measure when I was creating the cut file but I wanted it to be just a little bit smaller to add a little bit of breathing room.

I went ahead and trimmed down my photo a little bit i print my photos on a canon pixma large format printer and right now i'm using the Canon luster pro paper I got both of the printer and paper on amazon I like that paper a lot it's it's great and I'm really really happy with the printer and it wasn't very expensive.

You know I'm always up for something that's not expensive that works well and i'll have a link below to the stuff i use you can see i layered up some patterned paper behind there it wasn't happy with it and instead of peeling it up and ruining the photo possibly i decided to just go ahead and cut it off and you know i sacrificed some paper but that's. Okay, because the photo paper is quite expensive I don't like to waste it.

Then I tried mounting it on this paper even though it says happy place when you mount it on paper you really don't see what it you know what it says I didn't like that either.

I cut it off and i miss gonna go ahead and mount my photo on some of the fun foam that I got at the craft store and I like these sheets of fun foam it's less expensive than 3d tape but it gives the right amount of lift I think to your things.

You just stick that on with some of that same double-sided tape and i'll have a link to something similar down below that's a quite a wide one I like that wide tape for the larger jobs it just and then I have to have some chocolate of course because scrapbooking without chocolate is no fun and I'm thinking and thinking and not sure.

I'm going to move on to the journaling I know I want to include some journaling on this page.

I write it out on a little piece of scrap paper i like to do this just.

I don't make mistakes because uh yeah again I don't want to ruin that background and it lets me kind of finalize what I want to say and make sure it's worded correctly and makes sense and I'm not too verbose I'm gonna decide to type it up.

There's my typewriter that I've had forever it was my grandmas and I played with it as a kid.

I was lucky to have that I leave plenty of space in between my journaling as I'm typing I just kind of use an extra line or two in between there because I'm going to cut it into strips and I want to make sure I have plenty of room one benefit about typing your journaling on a piece of like other paper and cutting it into trips is that it's very forgiving you can definitely make mistakes and just retype your line of journaling to me I don't like having mistakes in the journaling I have made mistakes in the past where I couldn't fix it and I just go with it but it's one of those things that your ax Tate's me.

I just used my trimmer to cut those up I have in the past cut those by hand and that can work well as to as well if you don't want that precise straight edge look that works that's a good technique but I wanted the straight edge to go along with that graphic nature of the title I think when you have the graphic kind of feel the straight edges look better that's just my opinion.

I'll go ahead and throw away all the little pieces and cut the ends off and kind of place my journaling to see where I want it how I want it to line up and how I want it to fill that space I felt like that space there to the left of the word love was really really empty.

I'm glad that I had journaling to fill that up and occupy that space it just it was just and it felt like the word love was floating.

This kind of grounded it.

I started by adhering them at the end of the journey you know the bottom of the journaling and working my way up because I knew where I wanted it to end and I didn't really care where it began other than the fact that I'm not placing them to the like left justification I'm alternating where they start and end.

That there's no perfect alignment and I think that that just looks a little bit better.

I'm going to search for some labels in my collection of various labels a lot of them are from LA studio and pretty little studio those are kind of my favorite label labels that companies make and I'm going to layer up a couple of them I know that I will want to put the date.

I like that one that says date and it pulls out a little bit of that pink color my date stamp I will use the which one do I use the Heidi Swapp one I love that little cursive look of the word of the month and i use stays on ink which is kind of my go-to ink for black ink i have a lot of colors i'm trying to use but i usually stamp the date in a black ink that gray label kind of pulls out the gray in the couch.

I decided to go with that I stuck that down I'm happy with that thinking about placing some other things maybe to the top of the photo but I decide that enough is enough and simpler is better on this one just wanted the focus to be the title in the picture thank you very much for watching and I will talk to you soon I.

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