Scrapbooking Process #20- Hello Summer Girl for Therm O Web

Hey everybody! it is Audrey and I am super excited to share this layout with you today it is for thermal web and I'm going to be showing how to use some of their new mixed media sheets now I have an old package which they were called stitch and sew but they have been rebranded for scrapbooking as a mixed-media line and they are just.

Awesome to use i'm also using the summer day dreams collection from photo play i'm going to try to use the sheets in a lot of different ways today.

You can get an idea of some of the different ways that you can use them.

I'm going to just cut their eight and a half by 11 and you can print on them you can do all kinds of mixed media things on them i'm going to just take some gelatos and kind of go over the interfacing sheets here the mixed media sheets and when you feel it if you're familiar with sewing it does feel like an interfacing a very thin interfacing but the sheets do come in two weights there's a light weight and a heavyweight sheet and these are the light weight sheets they're their capacity is kind of like a I mean like a vellum.

Scrapbooking Process #20- Hello Summer Girl for Therm O Web

The RC through.

You can use them as that as a layer of vellum too if you wanted to do something like that but I am trying to just pick out some gelatos here that match the colors in the photo play paper and summer daydreams line and i'm using the gelatos just rubbing them on the sticks right on and then using some water and a brush to kind of blend in the gelato is a little bit better just.

That I don't get those that streaky look with the with the sticks there I guess if you I'm not sure how it would be if you wet the sheets first I didn't think about that but you would probably not get as a parent streaky line.

Might be able to blend easier if you want the sheet first.

Maybe i'll have to try that next time.

My plan here is to just color some four different for different sheets with different colors that match the line and i'm not really sure at this point what i'm going to do with each of the sheets or if i'm going to use all of them but i wanted to try some different techniques who knows if they're going to work out or not but they do and I'm happy with that.

I'm going to let these dry they do take a little bit too dry.

Which I'm not obviously not going to show you here but and my. This is this isn't really a craft mat it's just a cheapy dollar store cutting board and i buy them all the time because they come a a 2-pack and you can get a 2-pack for a dollar and you know when they get really messy you just throw them away otha bother clean them.

Anyway, that's what's in the background there.

This green I was a little bit dark.

I'm really trying to it didn't really match the green in the line.

I'm really trying to kind of get rid of those green lines.

I don't use too much of the green ok.

Here's my photo i'm going to use and i'm going to start with a white background as usual and i'm pulling out all the papers in the kit here you're going to shuffle through and look for things patterns that like and of course i'm just drawn to this starburst pattern these rays I'm the bright yellow paper which is perfect for my photo and then I'm going to those three by four cards just seen a throwing phrases or anything i want a fussy cut out which i also like to do and since the sheets are going to the mixed media sheets are going to be a highlight of my page I'm not really pulling out any more of the other solid colors just adjust the yellow here ok.

I'm going to cut this out and I'm thinking about doing a son shape.

I'm positioning my daughter's photo I'm sorry not just the photo but where her head is over the center lock the center point where all those lines converge and then I'm going to draw a circle around that.

I don't draw a perfect circle I always try to make those those points converge right on the subjects had in the photo.

That's a little tip if you're using a paper like this that has the Rays and I have the crazy idea to go through and cut every single little line out and just I just cut the edges at different links to to kind of make it an interesting burst ok.

My sheets have dried here is my craft mat and I'm gonna try a couple different things.

My first thought was to try some stamping and I have I bought these new stamps they were sitting right in my desk and I bought this new white distress ink and I thought I would try the white on the sheets and it's very subtle it's not you know a very strong contrast there between the white and the blue but I love the little bit of kind of interest it adds to that.

I mean you could try any color to stamp on here and the stamp just stamped right on it didn't smear it worked out great ok that pink sheet there which you got a quick glimpse of i stitched a bajillion lines all up and down the sheet.

I wanted to show that you could stitch on them very easily I mean it is kind of based on interfacing which is for sewing.

They stitch very easily and lastly here are not lastly but will the orange sheet i am using an embossing plate and embossing it and it embosses super nice and the embossed pattern stays right on the heavy sheets I've seen other designers projects and the heavy sheets in boss super nice too and you can get such beautiful texture.

To make those dots stand out a little bit more I just went over the surface a little bit with the light which was kind of a mistake because then i got my ink pad all dirty but oh well it worked ok.

Now i'm going to play around with the design and see how do i want to use these sheets and because they are thin and thin and I didn't they were also very very colorful I only wanted to use a little bit.

I'm just going to go ahead and rip them and you can see this one here is the one i stitched a thousand times over and.

It was very hard to rip because i had all those stitching lines i'm just going to kind of rip them all in a similar shape kind of a larger towards the middle and tapered at the ends.

The orange one is embossed the pink one is stitched and the blue one is stamped it is very easy to tear very easy to tear and I'm just going to play around maybe if I want them arranged different ways and that's the other good thing about these is that you can flip them over if you want something like if you rip a piece and you flip it over and you still get the color on the back because the color goes right through.

It's not it's not one-sided you can use the other side as well flip it over and I decided to do a little tiny piece of green.

Actually I like the way it looks just like that without the yellow paper in the background it looks kind of cool and I thought I needed another piece of just plain a plain sheet there in the background to kind of helps often the contrast between the colors of the yellow and I went ahead and cut that yellow circle in half because it was just too much on the left side.

I just wanted to have that concentrate on the right.

I love how. This is looking right here.

I cut out this word summer from one of the four by six cards and my plan is to fussy cut out those letters and use them as a title then I'm just going through and finding some papers here to use kind of as a mat in the background these are super fun and really cute summer prints all kinds of little there's that water ela watery page there's one with keely which is.

Cute I think there's one with flip-flops super cute.

I took this sticker off the 12 x 12 sticker sheet and it's a pair of sunglasses and my my intention is to make the glasses kind of look like the Aviators that my daughter is wearing in the photo and give them a nice foil look which I will do in a little bit here after I fussy cut out all these letters which i'm not going to show you all that but there they are there's the letters.

I wanted something I felt kind of like those colors were just kind of like blending over to the left a little bit and I wanted to put something there to kind of make the color come to stop I don't know if that makes any sense but to to help help stop your eye.

That it didn't it didn't make those colors too jumbled and.

I added a couple strips right behind the photo of a piece of colored paper or that I'm going to do the same thing here with a black and white strip and I I think that helps keep the all the color to the right a little bit and and.

That you don't i don't know.

That just makes it stand out better and keeps it contained over there and also helps i think draw your eye to the photo again here's another way that i have an element drawing your focus to the photo having those strips go right up and down kind of through the top of my daughter's head and then underneath as well.

On the sticker sheet there are these tiny little dots which are super cute i love them and they're perfect for scattering and.

I'm just scattering them all over and. This is going to be pretty much the final design layout of the page I'm going through and just you know going to find a couple a little bit more a couple more bits to put on here. Okay.

I am using the deco foil liquid adhesive pen and you just tap it a couple times to get the glue flowing and you just simply use it like a pen and color in with glue and then you let it dry for a few minutes and I am using my deck of oil sheet in an iridescent deco foil it's.

Awesome look at that that kind of rainbow silver rainbow color it's awesome.

I'm going to let it dry for a few minutes if you try to UM apply the foil when it's still too wet it won't stick you'll pull up the glue instead of having the foil stick to the Sun rather whatever object your your foiling.

You've got to let it dry.

That it gets really tacky ok.

To me it's done enough but the good thing is if you do do it too soon you can always go back over with your pen and.

I'm just burnishing it here a little bit with my fingers and voila and it completely covered up you saw that there was some text in the glasses I guess said I love summer or something it completely covered that up.

You can't even see that through.

That's awesome and I had gone through I don't know if you saw and done had made a couple dots with the pen with a glue pen and write on the layout and now I'm just going over and it kind of looks like sparkly confetti when you do it like that.

I'm going over with the foil on those glue dots that I had put on the background there on the white background ok.

I've just um distressed the edges of the photo or the papers around the photo.

Ahead of the fotomat to kind of give those a little bit of texture I kind of weight like the way that that title summer is kind of crooked like that I put it straight but Hannah looks cool crooked and then I'm just going to go through pick out a couple more phrases and stickers to put on so. This is a picture of my daughter on one of our first long boat trips this summer.

We're very lucky to be able to have a lot of fun summer things to do that Grandma and Grandpa's cottage and our other grandma grandpa's cottage as well.

We go to the finger lakes into the st. Lawrence River we had a lot of fun these were actually my sunglasses that it was just too bright for her and she had to put them on some on and gave him up for even though she has her own pair she likes mommy's better ok and you in my hand you'll also notice another product new from thermal web. This is their mixed media liquid glue now you can use it for anything and if you like the Scotch quick dry glue which I have used my like forever the Scotch quick dry glue dries super super fast and once you put the Scotch glue down in ain't coming off and even if you decide like 10 seconds later you're going to get some tearing and ripping the Miss thermal web mixed-media glue works awesome it glues very very fat I'm sorry it dries very very fast but it doesn't dry as fast as the Scotch which to me is a benefit because you still have a little bit of wiggle room if you want to take something off and it dries clear just like the scotch and this one it's not as this particular glue isn't as white when put it out it's a little bit more clear than the Scotch but. This is my new go-to glue and I use it on everything now.

You'll see it a lot in my videos instead of the Scotch glue ok.

I'm just figuring out where to put a couple more embellishments and little bits here I tried oh here's another thing I try to do I tried punching um some of these sheets and I know that you can die cut them but my punch I don't know if it was because this one was in Bosphorus and plus my punch is probably super dull but I couldn't punch through it very well um.

I just fussy cut it.

There it is look at all those awesome layers and all those different things that you can do to those mixed media sheets.

Go to the thermal webstore check it out and grabbed a package of these sheets and give it a whirl hope you enjoy and learn something have a great day.

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