Scrapbooking Process #266 Thermoweb / Happy Girl

Hey everybody! its Missy thanks for joining me today I'm here with my very first layout for the thermal web design team and I'm super excited to be a part of this awesome team and I'm going to just talk you through what I'm doing today I do a lot of things and the first thing that I'm going to do is start with one of these mixed-media sheets and if you're unfamiliar with what these are they are almost like a fabric e vellum paper I know that's quite a description but you can tear it you can color it you can sew on it you can cut it you can punch it it's very versatile and.

My assignment for my very first project was to use some of the mixed-media elements from thermal web and.

I decided to try one of these mixed-media sheets a lot of what you're going to see me do today I'm experimenting because these are a lot of new products that I'm just starting out with now these little ink pads are from Gina Kay designs who is also a part of thermal web and they're premium dye inks and I wanted to create a very colorful messy artsy looking background and my end goal was to punch a bunch of shapes out of it.

I'm going to start with some plastic packaging and several colors are these really cute small ink pads and they are very bold in color and just smashing it down to some plastics squirting it with some water and then flipping it over and smashing it down if you've seen any of my previous videos you know I practically do the packaging technique on just about every layout that I do it works it always looks great and it's just one of my favorite techniques to do.

Scrapbooking Process #266 Thermoweb / Happy Girl

I thought I would try it on these mixed-media sheets and. This is a little bit different than paper it's going to kind of seep through because it's more of like a fabric e paper I guess you could call it but that's. Okay, because it's not that big of a deal it's not that messy and it's not going to warp that's the one thing that's different about this from paper is it's going to stay completely flat even though I'm using lots of liquid here I really love the colors of these pads there's two different packages of four there's like a primary color package and then a tropicals and I'm just kind of mixing and matching I'm using my favorite colors I tried out this gelato it did not smooth very well on top of the mixed-media sheets but I just wanted to try it and see what it would do now you know I don't need any just sew or anything like that for this type of sheet and.

It's pretty saturated with color I'm going to add a little bit of spray inks from my stash and it took that very well and I love how the colors kind of blend together but they also stay separate.

I'm trying to kind of spray colors where there isn't another color or next to a color that it would blend nicely with so. This is the next day it's dry and you can see how it did kind of seep through but it's very flat it did not warp my paper at all.

I let it dry and what I'm going to do now is if you've ever heard of thermal web then you know that they are the company that makes the beautiful deco foil.

What I'm going to try here is to add just a little bit of hints of foil on this background because like I said I'm going to wind up punching circles out of it and it's going to be randomly artsy messy watercolors circles and.

I just was going to experiment here what I'm using here is the deco foil liquid adhesive and I'm just going to squirt some on to the paper and then kind of smudge it around with this line stamp but it's kind of a distress line stamp.

It's not perfect and I'm not looking for anything you know super bold here I just wanted little bits of lines of this glue.

I thought I wouldn't squirts them onto some plastic and then rub the stamp in it and smush it down that way and you can't see it because it's just a clear type of glue and now that it's dry I'm going to use some of this gorgeous Gina Kay designs fancy foils and it's basically just a package of sheets of different color and. This is the blue color and once this glue is dry make sure it is very dry you just stick the foil on top of it and then you rub your finger over it and it adheres the foil to the glue and you want the foil facing up because you want to see it on top of the glue now I'm not going to be able to see a lot of it here right in the beginning because my glue was very thin I just used that stamp but you can kind of see how it adhered to it it's very subtle but you can see the shape of that stamp that I used and that's kind of what I was going for here I didn't want a ton of the foil I tried to use a popsicle stick but your finger works just as well and I'm quickly realizing that I'm going to have to add more of that adhesive if I want to see more of it because I just didn't have enough of it on there with that line stamp because it's not very much.

I grabbed a solid circle stamp and then just kind of squirted some of the adhesive on that and then smudged it down.

Now I'm going to have these messy circles the glue is thicker because there's more of it again I let that dry and you can also dry this with your heat gun or just let it sit I use my heat gun just to just to test it out and.

Now you're going to be able to see it a lot better there you go doesn't that look cool it's kind of like a messy splotchy circle but you get these awesome beautiful metallic shapes and you could do this with I mean the possibilities are endless you could literally draw your name or draw a word with that glue and let it dry and put the foil over it there's a ton of different other products that I'm going to be using an imprint of future videos that I didn't even get to on this layout.

I did it a couple more times and that was just kind of an experiment I like how that looks now that everything is drying I'm just going to start to randomly punch some circles out of this and if you know me in my history with punches I have some punches that work great and some punches that need sharpening and they seem to be getting dull but my biggest circle there it worked great and the good thing about out this mixed-media paper is that it tears very easily.

Even though some of it got hung up in my punch I was able to just very easily reach in and kind of tear it and it still maintained the circle shape and some of my punches worked great some of them it did not but I definitely don't think it's the material it's my punches because I've had problems in the past punching out just regular paper and you can see my big circle there works great.

Anyway, I love how this looks look at the colors I love the messy randomness but I've got this mixed-media messy look but now that I've punched it out I can make it nice and neat and.

I love how that looks I've got little hints of the foil I'm trying to decide between two pictures and I think I'm going to go with the color one but before I glue anything down or make any decisions I'm going to jazz up the background just a little bit not a lot and I'm going to use some of my shimmers and just do a little bit of the packaging technique here just to give the background some color and I'm not going to use orange or green on my background because I've got a lot of that in the photo and a lot of the orange is going on in those circles and I didn't do any gesso work or anything like that because I knew that I wasn't going to do a ton of liquid stuff on the cardstock okay. This is a different thermal web product this stuff is super cool wait till you see what it does. This is called transfer gel and it's kind of like a thin modeling paste I guess you could say cross between a thin modeling paste and some glue I'm just going to smudge it on with a palette knife through this sunburst stencil and. This is different than the glue that I used previously.

You have to let this stuff dry and if you want the foil on it you have to use a laminator and what I've done is I've let it dry you can kind of see it there shining in the light you're going to take your laminator and plug it in.

It can be heating up and it's you um are supposed to kind of put your project in between some parchment paper but I don't have parchment paper.

I'm going to use velum.

What I'm going to do is stick my file right on top of these sunburst and again make sure the the gel is dry I'm going to use a sheet of the blue that I was using before then I'm going to use some pink and some orange and I know. This is glaring in your eyes but it's foil.

It's just going to be Glary for a few seconds here and what's going to happen is some magic because the heat from this laminator is going to heat the foil right onto that Jill and I execute me I actually put a piece of vellum underneath it I think I didn't really need that piece because my top piece of vellum kind of got wedged in there but that's. Okay.

Look what happens here it's like magic is this not the coolest thing ever I love how this looks all these different colors you could do this with any type of stencil you could just anything you can imagine anything at all it's.

Pretty and it's.

Shiny and you can see it covered exactly I got a little spot over there on the left.

Anywhere you put the adhesive or the gel and you put the foil on it it's gonna stick to it but look how cool that looks. This is totally mesmerizing to me I'm just going to leave that accident spot over there because that's. Okay, now as I'm putting this layout together it's going to look a little dark it looks like I just got black on there but it's totally in the way that you look at it in the light and later on my close-ups you'll be able to see how awesome everything looks.

I'm going to start to play around with the circles again I'm going to come back in and start to arrange those where I want them and that's the picture that I'm going to go with it's from several years ago that was actually on my daughter's third birthday she's eight now and we were running around the park and she had on the cutest little orange butterfly shirt and it matched all of these colors perfectly and it's actually been sitting on my desk for quite a while and I thought yep that's the perfect layout for this.

I added a little bit of yellow spray over to the right just to pull in some of the yellow that is in the circles I'm going to add some foam to my picture now I don't do a lot of embellishing on this as you can see it's pretty busy I wanted to let those circles and the fan via foil stand out and some of it does get covered it's just the nature of you know the design and the layering process but you're still able to see lots of the shiny metallic foil I'm going to add a little bit of splatters here in pink yellow and blue and then I let everything dry. This is the next day I decided to add a little bit of stitching detail and some of the circles I just did like a big criss cross and I used a light blue thread and you can't even see it from here but in person it's just an added little extra detail. Okay.

For my layering I used a random me and my big ideas project life card and then a left over a hip kit project life car project live card and they just matched perfectly.

I just kind of layered them behind my picture just to give it a little bit of separation from the background and then I'm going to add in some blue thread and some yellow thread believe it or not I don't really add a ton of tangled thread on this layout and it's just a little bit of an added bit of texture because from here you can't even really see it a lot I am going to add some flare buttons from my stash I've got several that I have not used that I've had for a while that are white with a little rainbow circles or rainbow dots or rainbow stars and I'm going to kind of scatter those around just to echo the circle element and then these are some stickers that I've had for forever they're on my little bin here on my desk they are some older carpe diem simple stories stickers.

Gluing everything down. This is a glue from thermal web and it is called mixed-media adhesive very strong multi-purpose glue.

I'm going to use that to glue everything down and my title is going to be very simple which is going to be happy girl and I'm going to combine that cursive yellow word with the blue blocky alphas I'm going to just play around with some of these flare buttons and I just recently got a new order of sequins Pro Spiegel mom scraps there was a sale on international scrapbooking day and.

I stocked up on some beautiful new sets and these are a beautiful yellow color.

I'm going to start to glue everything down I'm glue down the sequins I glued on some tiny of this medias sheet circles and then I'm going to add some color thread behind my flare buttons there just to jazz them up and give them a little bit of separation on the background. This is a sticker sheet it's puffy stickers from Amy tan rise and shine I'm going to use that little piece that says hello sunshine and just add in some random little stickers from this simple story sheet there little teeny tiny flowers and just they are the perfect color they match.

I'm just going to scatter a couple those around and I did add my journaling and the date and that is it I love how this turned out the foil is.

Cool here comes some close-ups of the foil you can really see it shining in the light look at that love it this would look.

Cool on cards on a canvas anything look at that blue I'm obsessed you guys. This is.

Cool I love how this turned out let me know if have any questions continue to look out for more videos from me using even more thermal web products that I didn't even get to yeah I'm super excited to give everything a try.

Let me know what you guys think I will see you guys in my next video I hope you have a great day thanks for watching.

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