Self Tanning: Vita Liberata HD

Hey guys! welcome back um.

Today I'm going to be talking about my self tanning routine whatever you want to call it um I do use the vanilla burrata self tanning it's a luxury tan and I use the 2 to 3-week tan mousse in the shade medium this one is for your body I don't tan on my face just because I do have sensitive skin and I break out really really easily.

I'd rather not put this on my face there might be one for your face I'm not sure I don't ever look for it because I don't put them on my face at all um I have foundation to do that.

I'd rather not risk that but um I apply it with the Mitch or glove whatever you want to call it that comes with it it is dirty because I just use it I haven't washed it yet but um this the glove comes with the self tanning thing whatever you want to call it and it comes with it this one specifically this one kinda is pretty expensive I got it off of the actual website and it was originally about like don't quote me but it might have been like up to sixty or something like that but when I got it I am because I first saw it off of crispy her you to be on her self tanning she I will link her below and she did post a really long time ago.

Self Tanning: Vita Liberata HD

I'm not sure if um sure coupon code for it is still available or anything like that.

Um but I will link her.

You can guys go check it out you guys can go check it out um but yeah she had a 50% off for it.

With only 30 bucks you can't beat that because if. This is a really really good self-tanner in my opinion just because one it does not turn any orange and when it fades it fades.

Beautifully like you don't look like you have self-tanner on at all or you don't want your fading um but this this one has a color guard.

That way when you're putting it on you can see where your actually putting it on.

That way you're not putting it over the same spot multiple times and you're like super dark in one spot and not super dark in the other spots and but yeah um what else what those Oh every time you self-tan you should always shave and exfoliate because um you should never ever shave like the day after you excu self tan because you could just be shaving that tan right off of your legs and it won't be pretty.

Always shave and exfoliate stop looking at all that dead skin off and everything like that um and when you are applying it you really want to be generous around those certain areas like your wrists and your neck and your elbows your knees your ankles all I get stuff because it can build up there when you are drying and the good thing about this one is it dries super super fast and you can put your clothes on like two minutes right after you apply it you want to stand there like. Okay, let's come on let's try now like it's dry super super fast but just because the dries fast doesn't mean that you can go and play in the water and all that stuff wash your hands and all that stuff because honestly you shouldn't because even though um it does dry superfast it can wash off super fast as well I remember I went to wash my face right after I put it on one time and water like ran down my arm right here in decoy see a line and it was horrible but um for as far as my hands and my feet go I do use um excess uh mousse that's on the mix just right after I apply a bit to my arm or my chest or whatever I do rub it on my hand because I don't want to put a whole bunch on my hand they don't want it to be too dark but I just want to blend perfectly because I do wash my hands every single day um and same with my feet I do use the excess again on my feet because I don't want it super tan on my feet um but yeah that's pretty much it.

I will link crispy on the bottom and and if you want to see my demo then alright.

I'm just going to take my need a little otter and I'm then going to take the myth also that comes with it as well kind of dirty I'm just going to be pump that into the mitt and kind of just spread it all over the globe then I'm going to apply straight on to my arm I'm going to go straight up first and then I tend to go on to circular motions that way I can just clearly blend everything out without any lines and that you do not want lines laughing you want then I kind of just put it generously around my elbows and all that good stuff and especially that armpit area right there that creep you really want to be careful right there too then I just use the excess off of it and put that all over my hands.

That way my hand and my arm aren't to different colors then I'm going to take some more and I am just going to put that all over my cap and my shin I do the upward motions well again and then I'm just going to go in circles and kind of buff it out I'm very generous or on my knees as well in the back of my knee then I'm going to use the rest of that that excess that's on there and put that around my ankles be very generous around there and on my feet as well but I'm going to take may only do about two pumps each time I get some more anyways just to let you guys know and then I'm going to go in and do my thigh area and make sure I get that completely everywhere and sure there's no line now I'm going to do that same thing on the other leg as well finish up my thigh as well click it bitterly into the smell line for sure everything's kind of blending and that's pretty much it.

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