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Hi everyone I'm Joanne with Newegg TV I'm here to overview the Sennheiser game zero PC gaming headset and like the game one it's very similar in appearance major difference is that the game 0 comes with closed headphones which means it's noise isolating whereas the game one is more open acoustic design I mean it is here is everything that comes in the box while not quite as. This is this was a sample that was sent to us.

There was no user guy but with yours there should come a user guide and first up we have this very rigid that is sturdy carrying case. This is clock and opened up for you that's where your headphones go my headset goes as well as this area here pouch where you can place small items like other cables flash drives what you need now moving on to the actual headset first up cable and get this nice braided cable of how long is it it's about its 9.8 feet or 3 meters giving you both measurements and you get headphone and mic jack so. This is analog connection plug it into your PC and on to the actual headset but before I go over some of the physical features I'd like to go over some of the specs for example the headphone specs you get 40 millimeter drivers one in each ear cup and you get a frequency response of 10 Hertz to 26,000 Hertz which is a bit unusual as oh it's a good thing but because it's normally between 20 to 20,000 Hertz you get a impedance of 150 ohms sensitivity of 108 decibels and as for the mic right here you get a frequency response of 50 Hertz to 16,000 Hertz sensitivity of negative 38 decibel volt at 94 decibels sound pressure level it is noise cancelling and to mute simply raise the boom arm up you'll hear a click.

You'll know and also just a couple more things is that this headset comes with the Sennheiser transducer technology the two transducers are made in Germany.

You know good quality it helps give you an accurate reproduction of game audio you also get your technology which is ergonomic acoustic refinement for better sonic accuracy and clarity now on to some of the more physical features oh one more thing is the weight of course it is important to know this it's actually rather lightweight with how large these ear cups are these are XXL that's ginormous but back to the weight it is 0.6 nine pounds or three hundred and twelve grams whichever is easy easier for you to convert and on to the headset.

First thing I want to mention is how collapsible is it is I love it you could just fold it like this lay it flat or something like this like it's easily pack it away in your suitcase whatever great for taking it on the go and as for the aesthetics you'll notice that it's got this kind of glossy finish but not like cheap looking but actually of a really good quality and this just this headset feels good in the hands and red rims around the ear cups once again these are closed which means that it's noise isolating and in the game one you'll notice that these grills here these steel grills have these ventilation holes where as these have those plugged up with these I believe these rubberized strips also the volume dial is located on the right ear cup a lot easier than I believe using an inline control or trying to find that mute button I mean sorry volume control and as for the ear pads very large as you can see these are leatherette on the outside and these are dual layered memory foam I don't really hear that much in fact this might be the first time I've ever heard of this.

You get extra you know noise reduction keeping all of that extra sound out and the base of the ear cups are thicker.

They cover like make sure they seal in the bottom of your ears to just very nice little thoughtful touches that they put into this you also get some soft padding beneath the headband make sure that when you wear it for long gaming sessions it won't wear on you of course adjustable do you like how the left and right ear cup are displayed very prominently.

You don't have to go which one is the left one although I generally know by the mic which is generally situated on the left ear cup here's a demo of how the mic sounds and I love that how it has a mic loop back.

I can hear how loud I am like speaking into it and also how it looks on me that wraps up our overview on this sennheiser game 0pc gaming headset I'm Joann and if you enjoyed this video be sure to subscribe to our new egg youtube channel as well as our other YouTube channels thanks for watching you egg TV and I'll see you next time.

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