Sennheiser G4ME Zero Black Review

The game 0 black headset is one of sennheisers latest additions to its gaming lineup of products but it comes in at a steep price at about two hundred seventy nine dollars.

It's made for those who have the extra money to shell out and that are really interested in stepping up their game the first thing you'll notice is the enticing black and red color scheme it's not as flashy as the white version of the game 0 but many including myself appreciate the professional look build wise the headset does have its fair share of plastic but it's also made out of some hiring materials with the ear cups and headband being laced with the soft leather one thing I can't emphasize enough is how comfortable this headset really is the ear cups are extra wide padded and someone like memory foam.

They'll fit your head no matter how awkwardly shaped it is another thing I appreciate is that Sennheiser was able to get the perfect blend of adjustment with this headband it doesn't squeeze on your head too much but at the same time it isn't too loose.

To sum up the build quality and hardware the game zr1 is seriously nailed it this headset is also extremely portable it can be adjusted in a multitude of different positions and lays nice and flat in the provided carrying case speaking of the included case it's actually really nice it has a tough outer shell that does a solid job of keeping the games they are protected.

There's no need to worry if you do a lot of traveling the headset is also extremely portable on the left side of the headset you'll find a non removable microphone which actually does a solid job of eliminating background noise it's flexible and is a really nice touch as it does prevent it from potentially being snapped when you're carrying it around or just gaming towards the right side of the game 0 you'll find a convenient spinning dial which is perfect for quickly adjusting the game volume it's something I really enjoy English other headset manufacturers had included when it comes to the sound and audio quality for gaming sennheiser has done a great job i was able to make out footsteps and distant gunshots far better with this headset then the other cheaper alternatives i've used and while we wouldn't expect anything less than stellar gaming audio from a headset prices high it did leave a little bit to be desired when it came to listening to music while most headsets are bass heavy run out the mids it was a bit of the opposite with this one like most other gaming headphones they just didn't perform as well for listening to music but that is to be expected finishing up on a positive note the game 0 delivers a fantastic user experience it's extremely comfortable as a solid Mike is portable and delivers some fantastic gaming audio anyone in the market for a high-end gaming headset that shirt up there giving performance should definitely check out the game 0 from sennheiser it's available in both a white model and also the black one that I do have here links to the game 0 will be down in the description next to the like button if you enjoyed this video please do subscribe for more coverage and let me know what you think of the headset in the comments thanks for watching and I'll see you all next time.

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