Sennheiser G4ME Zero Gaming Headset Unboxing, Mic Test and Review

Welcome back welcome back today I have a another gaming headset here from Sennheiser. This is brand new just releasing or about to release something like that. This is the game zero headset they're coming out with two new models it looks very similar to their older ones but they've done some upgrades and a new look.

Uh this one is the game zero I believe all the ones called the game one I believe but. This is a gaming PC headset and always blocking so. This is going to block out all the outside noise and things like that on the side here they just give us some literature what it offers lets us know that has a nice way that you can fold this thing up flip the mic up and put it in the carrying case and take it with you it's real you know travel friendly on the back here they list some of the features that the headset has I'll read off a couple them to you just says it has a noise cancelling mic we are going to test that out by the way has the Sennheiser clarity and accuracy.

For the speakers and the ear cups it is a closed design.

It's supposed to block everything but the sound that you're hearing in with your PC game and it also has the memory foam ear cup.

It supposed to be very very comfortable there's a closer look at the back it also has some specs here at the bottom gives us the frequency ten to twenty six thousand Hertz headband style nine foot cable very good we always like to see long cables comes with the audio jacks and it weighs 312 grams.

It's not real heavy looks actually really nice here on the outside of the box has a two-year warranty you'll see here at the front and at the top just lets us know that it comes with a carrying case I believe these things are going to run for around 280 bucks and the other version will run my 250 I believe.

It's kind of nice let's go ahead and get this thing open see what it offers.

Inside the black box here in those there's just a carrying case get that out of the way so. This is a actually a really really nice case that it comes with you don't see many gaming headsets actually come with that has a little carrying handle right there the Sennheiser logo on the front and I don't know if you can tell time out material that is but seems like it's pretty nice zips open and you'll see here we have the gaming headset packed inside so. This is what they mean by how it folds up you'll notice. This is a brand new has a because it has all the pieces and.

Here's the inside of the case you have a little pouch for your wires and little two spots where the ear cuffs go let's move that to the side because that's not the important thing it is nice that it comes with it but that's not the important thing.

We have here the headset let me get the plastic off you like a little piece of tape on here you know what it can wait it can stay on there that's fine.

I'm going to show you guys a close-up of the actual ear cups right there.

You can see it does have the flip up boom mic which is nice looks very similar to the older headsets it is actually pretty light on the side there. This is the volume rocker. Okay.

You can control your ingame volume with the side of your ear piece right there it's inside the memory foam ear cups it is very nice and I do notice just right off the bat they are deep.

If you have big ears or a big head or anything like that these will fit perfectly it actually is made a really nice material I like what Sennheiser is doing here it keeps it light but it feels really really durable there's the headband it extends to great lengths and it also retracts back and the headband also has the memory foam on the inside here and at the top of course we have the Sennheiser logo other than that let's hook this thing up what I'm going to do is I'm going to use it for a little bit that's pretty much the whole contents inside the box guys has the braided cable and at the at the end of course as your two mic and audio hookups.

I'm gonna hook this thing up I'm going to gain with it I'm going to use it I'm going to put it through everything I'm going to do a mic test and do a a review and kind of like an overview of everything that I found out with it alright.

I have the mic on right now I wanted to give you guys a quick sound test.

You can see exactly how the mic sounds and how others would hear you I had no issues with the mic using Skype any other voice over IP and obviously recording here on the software it works good the last Sennheiser mic sounded good.

I imagine this one will too obviously no headset mic is going to match a real USB mic something like this that you use to record with but sudden Heiser does do a good job giving you a high quality mic and making sure it does sound clear and the noise cancellation and things like that.

He's actually playing the guitar in the background I don't know if you guys can hear it but the noise cancellation works really really good go ahead and play a little louder.

There we go he's actually playing it pretty loud now and the noise cancellation I have found works really really good on this headset I actually gave the headset for my girlfriend to wear and I was kind of talking in the background just.

She could try it on and my buddy that was in Skype as I hey were you talk in the background I was like yeah he's like I could barely hear you.

It does work really good this will give you a good idea of how it's out.

Next up I'm just going to have the conclusion where I'm going over some details about the headset pros cons and stuff like that.

Hang tight I.

To wrap up the video I always go over the pros and cons last and kind of tell you what I found out about the headset headset has officially launched in the US now I've been using it for the last couple weeks I've been really impressed with it.

Here's some of the things that I have found out you'll see obviously other than the mic test it's clear it's loud it works good Sennheiser always puts a good mic and they're as bad as good as you're going to get on a gaming headset to be honest with you first thing though sound quality Sennheiser comes second to none the other headset that I tried out from Sennheiser 3:6 3d was great as well this thing is the same guys it's top-notch you know you get a good mid-range of sound it's just super crisp you hear everything sennheiser you can tell that they take pride in that and they've been doing it for a long time and it shows they also take they when they did the headset you can tell they took it they paid attention to fine detail.

I don't know if you can see it here but on the inside of the cup there you can put like little bumpers here.

When the headset swivels you know it's just relaxing it doesn't make any clanking noise everything from like the joints here everything feels super high-quality I don't know what it is about it it's not heavy it's not light it feels sturdy and it's really high quality.

You know thumbs up to Sun highs or about that the mic is great and the comfort is top-notch.

Wearing the headset I have the one with the memory foam cushions and the memory foam headband here at the top.

Wearing it comfort 10 out of 10 for sure there was a couple times I even forgot that I was like wearing it couldn't you pay attention and usually these kind of headsets that block out a lot of the sound by the way this does block out almost all sound when I put them on I can't hear what's going on over here in the kitchen or in the living room or anything like that usually my ears tend to sweat a lot these they did not sweat because they have these big huge ear cups.

Plenty of air in there and you're not going to sweat another neat feature is right here on the right you can adjust your volume without actually having to go into your control.

They put the volume control right up on here and something that some other gaming headsets do is you have this.

You have the flip down.

When I flip it up and it clicks it mutes the mic.

If I need to meet the micro quick I don't got to fiddle around with dials I just flip that up the headset is very very simple I didn't do a setup video because it's just two audio jacks guys you know headphone and audio that's it the three-and-a-half millimeter jacks that's it on quality and the feel the headset are amazing and also another plus is it comes with the case.

Sennheiser knows you're paying a pretty penny for this headset you know paying two hundred and eighty bucks for this headset it's going to come with the case which is nice for for those who travel or just want to store it away somewhere it's a nice feature and I wish more headset companies would do that I can come on I can kind of understand not coming with a case if you're not spending as much money on it now some of the cons. This is not a surround sound headset.

You're going to spend 280 bucks you're not going to get surround sound guys it's the normal 2.0 audio don't get me wrong the audio is amazing I don't play that many surround sound games other than I'm a trial like battlefield and some things like that some Diablo where surround-sound you know is nice but most of the time I play League of Legends or I'm listening to music I don't really need the surround sound but keep in mind if you're looking for a surround sound headset is not the one to go sennheiser offers other headsets that have surround sound.

You peach you know you can click on the link that I have down below in the details where. This is and you can also check out their other headset the only thing is that it does not come with an adapter to work with like your mobile phone they offer the adapter on the website but doesn't come with it I wish that for 280 bucks they just you know threw it in there it's not going to cost them a ton of money to do that and that would be nice to see other than that I really have no bad things to say other than that and they're really not that bad overall the headset is is amazing and Sennheiser just makes top-notch products and you can tell when I'm using them I also forgot to mention here the the mic is very very flexible I've had some people like ask me about that and a lot of I get a lot of questions as well it doesn't work with PlayStation and Xbox and the Xbox one and this and that these headset this headset is made for PC guys now other people yes they've gotten a lot of the headsets to work with the consoles like Xbox and PlayStation they use like an adapter where they hook it up and this and that.

Yes it can be done but. This is optimized for PC I just want to get that straight.

When I get those questions I just want you guys to know that is made for PC even though sometimes you can get it to work for consoles other than that I just wanted to wrap up this video and tell you guys to make sure you watch my last video leave a comment now on that's my giveaway video thank you for watching and subscribing and if you have any questions leave them in the comments below I try to answer all that stuff you know when I can I'm still getting used to the whole Google+ comments and things like that I can't I can't reply to some of you guys it doesn't let me.

Have a good turkey day and I hope you enjoy the video until next time.

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