Sennheiser G4ME ZERO Gaming Headset w/ Mic Review

Hey what's up nerd gasm fans're here AKA barclays ask yourself what do i not have enough of the answer to that is clearly headphones now a lot of people think that i have an unhealthy addiction to my headphones but the truth is I really love headphones it's something that I've really got into and it's like you know women love their purses and they love their shoes well I love my headphones well I think Sennheiser got sick of me abusing their HD 800 headphones because these things are like 1,500 bucks every time I post a picture on Instagram of me putting them on with all the other things you're like oh my god please be gentle with them please well the good folks at Sennheiser are now feeding my addiction they sent me over a pair of game series game zero black gaming headphones with integrated mic the only other pair of headphones I have with a microphone is my bear dynamic mmx3 hundreds which don't get me wrong are a phenomenal set of cans with an integrated mic but this will only be my second pair that has an integrated mic and tonight I'm going to be using it on Tech Talk. All right, well let's crack this baby open and see if it's deserving of the Sennheiser name well again special thanks to Sennheiser for providing me a set of cans to review they really thought that I'd like these because they are gaming centric and they have that microphone which I have a lot of headsets when it comes to down doing stuff like live-streaming that microphone comes in.

Handy now I've got several other sets of Sennheiser's I have the HD 800 's and I have the HD 180 Wireless ones I use in the man cave and I actually quite enjoy them.

Now open up the box here you can see we've got the Sennheiser logo it looks like they actually come in a case and it's like a soft and a hard case that's cool I really like headphone cases um most headphones that I have just come with like a bag or they'll come with like a display box the really expensive ones they'll come with like a display box they like put on top of your stereo.

Everybody can go oh my god he's got the HD 800 oh my god he's got those really fancy audiophile things well that's quite literally everything that was in the box isn't that bad.

Let's go ahead and toss those aside. All right, get to the meetin taters. All right, we're here we have the case as a carrying handle on it that's very practical it's actually pretty small doubt fit your backpack no problem. All right, let's unzip this bad boy flip it open and there we have the cans right there and it looks like there's another piece of foam in the top here that can be removed that was just for shipping and it's got a pocket where you can put some stuff in there these are the cams right here first thing they tell you is they got a fair amount of weight to my honestly thought that they were gonna be a lot lighter than that that's not a big deal actually at all I'd prefer them to be heavyweight and built with quality and you can see here it looks like the microphones got like a little piece of plastic over it and you can see the case has two little knockouts.

That you can figure out how to put these back in the case I'm guessing looks like they fold up just like like a.

And then you can take the cable and either coil it up or stick it in a little pouch over here oh look there's even some buttons on the inside to fasten it down.

It can be a big pocket and then once you get everything in there button it closed.

It doesn't fall out that's cool let's go ahead and set the case aside. All right, looking at the headphones it looks like see they fold out like that and like that that's nice not too complicated the microphone bends you can see here to position it and it actually feels like it's made out of really heavy-duty material it doesn't there's no creaking Wow no creaking even some of my expensive headphones creak a little looking inside the codes you can see the speaker and there's this red material on the inside the pads are leather really really soft leather and it feels like they have a memory foam inside of them that'll make for a really nice fit and it looks like the volume control is right on the side of the ear and it actually turns very very smooth it feels like a very very quality potentiometer in there look I know a big word I know bigger grid like potentiometer did yeah and the microphone feels super heavy-duty I can tell you right now like on my MMX 300s it feels really I don't say cheap but yeah it feels cheap. All right, let's see how they fit. All right, now I got a moment head the first thing I tell you is the noise isolations a lot better than I was expecting they actually deadened down most of the room noise um originally I thought they were open back they're actually closed back.

Really good if you have a noisy environment and I like the microphone the microphone feels like non-existent when you're whipping your head around I can usually on my other like the mmx3 hundreds I can feel the mic on the ear like moving around it has a presence out there they did a really good job of making this very transparent I mean if I couldn't see the microphone with my eye down there I wouldn't even know there was a microphone on these headphones also I noticed when you flip the microphone up right here there's a distinct click in my ear.

They must have a switch on the microphone.

That when you flip it up at mutes and when you flip it down it on mutes and I really like that because I hate looking for the mute button if I want to talk to somebody it's way more natural to just flip this up be like hey what's going on then come back and flip it down and I like that it's really big here next to the ears.

That I can actually grab it when I reach up to grab it move it out of the way it's not all flimsy it's actually quite nice now they do not have a detachable cable on them.

The cable is fixed to the headphones I do tend to like headphones to have removable cables because you can put better upgraded cables onto them but the one thing that I will credit form right now is that. This is like a paracord cable I'll give you guys a close-up of this but it basically looks like it's woven material and it's very very strong this stuff doesn't tangle on you because I've actually used this this paracord looking cable before and they give you a lot of it it looks like here I'm guessing that I've got I just hit myself in the teeth with the connector how the hell that happened anyways it looks like the cable here is about ten I'm going to say ten to twelve feet in length and then at the end of the cable you clearly have the microphone and you have the audio and not only are they colored but they also have these little insignias on them to say what they are whether the microphone of the headphone which is really really nice.

It's a very very high quality cable compared to my MMX 300 it's a much higher quality cable also the adjustment on these there is a lot of it you can see here I can slide both them out.

If you have a gigantic head these will fit you and I like how smooth it is you can actually put your fingers right up under here and just pull it down and snug it to your head that it moves very very very smoothly but you can feel a distinct click.

That they're not moving around and coming loose on you while you're playing now I will say just from handling these for a few minutes out of the box and not listening to them these are going to be remarkably comfortable the pad up here at the top that same leather on it in a very very very soft memory foam putting these on I would say that their ass comfortable.

Far is my AKG s my a kgs are super super comfy the ones I just picked up well I'm going to put these guys to the ultimate test because tonight I'm going to be live-streaming with Jays two cents for Tech Talk for T this will be the first Tech Talk that I'm hosting personally and it's going to start in about 30 minutes my time which means by the time you watch this video it's done and over with but you can go watch the pre-recorded show on my channel its Tech Talk 40 now normally when I do Tech Talk with Jays two cents I use my at2020 audio technical Mike coupled with my art to vamp MP to give me that really really high quality audio well tonight we're gonna put this bad boy to the test cuz I'm going to use this microphone in this headset for the whole show then after that I'm gonna listen to some music and I'll come back and give you guys the verdict alright guys well I spent most of last night listening to music and today listening to music and I even did some gaming just to see how it would sound in a gaming environment and I also figured the best way to test the microphone would be to plug it directly into the camera.

What you're hearing right now is the microphone on the headset tap directly into the camera without any sound card or amplification in between.

I did try the microphone out on Tech Talk but I had a little bit of a problem with it where it was clipping but it turns out it was because of my zoom h4n microphone setup that I had that it was just pushing the gain too high and it wasn't allowing me to adjust it.

If you guys watch that show that's why the microphone probably sounds.

Different in that then what did what it does right here is because here I'm not actually applying an excessive amount of gain to it.

Throughout my testing to give me a baseline I pretty much use the bare dynamic MMX 300 headphones that I had because they're my other more higher-end headphone that has an integrated microphone.

The prices though. However, is. This is literally twice the cost of these.

I didn't really expect these to outperform the MMX 300s but it did surprise me in a lot of ways.

Let's get started with the pros these are incredibly comfortable and they form a really nice seal with your ear and I mean it's a really nice seal like when you have a heavy bass and stuff like that going on it's very very crisp bass and you actually feel it pulling on your ear drum I mean it's it's that good of a seal against your ear and I really really liked that mmx3 hun lack that because they don't use a sealable leather pad they use this like you know I don't know they use like the soft material.

You don't get that same effect now as far as ambient noise cancellation these actually are better I found that when I'm wearing these it cuts out more of the room noise than wearing these but both of them reduce the room noise significantly a lot of my headphones that I user are open back and the open backs you hear everything they don't kill the room noise at all.

I really really like these for that reason because I do have a lot of ambient noise in this room alright another big Pro that I found on these is that they have a volume knob on the side when you turn it to a hundred percent that's basically the full volume that you're getting through it but you can turn it down really easy.

If somebody walks in the room and wants to talk to you you don't have to reach for a volume knob or turn something down you can literally just reach up and twist the knob and it only turns about three-quarters or half it's about a half a turn.

It's very very easy to turn up to 100% and down also another really cool feature is when you flip the microphone up it'll actually meet watch.

You couldn't hear anything I was saying right there.

Somebody walks into the room you just flip them and you don't have to worry about reaching for the cable to find the mute button or you know trying to figure that out I like that that's a very very natural and intuitive motion and honestly I think all headsets should do that I also like that the boom and the microphones really really beefy you can bend it in really close to your face you can bend it away if it feels it feels very very strong and very high quality this guy right here on the other hand on the Barrow dynamic is kind of a weird like telescope you can kind of get it into a better place it's more like an aviation headset um but of course you know you got this big obnoxious foam thing on the end which sometimes can be a little bit annoying but overall I'm curious to see how the mic sounds because I'm here I'm going to be hearing it for the first time with you guys because I'm going to be editing the footage from the camera and another thing is I can't hear myself through the microphone through the headset because I have it tied directly into the camera I'm going to recommend if you use something like this for gaming that you get some kind of mix amplifier they can basically mix the voice and the game audio together and feed it to your ears because I find that it's.

Muffled when I'm talking right now that I tend to be talking really loud and it's weird talking when you can't hear yourself hope hope that makes sense now the build quality on these things is really really good I like that they fold flap they don't feel flimsy at all and they even come with the cool carrying case.

That's pretty damn awesome now on to the sound quality because obviously that's what you guys all want to know about now I used both my whoo audio wa7 fireflies amplifier and my Mayflower electronics objective 2 had headphone amplifier and DAC and in both cases these absolutely sound wonderful now they don't have quite the same sound stage as the MMX 300s as far as a sealed ear headphone go the MMX three hundreds had a little bit of a wider sound it sounded like thinking you sound like you could pinpoint where each instrument everything was coming from these tend to have a narrower soundstage but I found that these have a really really tight base the MMX 300s have kind of a boomy low-end bass these had a really tight bass.

When I was playing stuff like dubstep when it was doing really really rapid fast changes from deep bass to really really high tweet it was a very very clean transition and in many ways I thought that it actually sounded better than the MMX 300s but the MMX three hundreds are a brighter headphone if you like that really bright sound these ones are really good but these are a much warmer and more natural sounding headphone now I also tried this with Razer surround through Razer synapse and set it up for 7.1 virtual audio and I actually played the first campaign of black ops 2 and I found that the positional audio was dead-on I loved that when I was in the game and the you know characters were talking I could rotate my character around 360 degrees and I could tell where they were positional to my head that the audio positioning and compatibility with the Razer synapse stuff and the surround is absolutely phenomenal I would say it was every bit as good as my higher-end headphones and I have found that some of the lower end headphones have a really bad problem with it where you just can't get it calibrated quite right and never quite sounds where things are coming you know where things are coming from this this was completely natural and it literally sounded like you had a true 7.1 surround sound experience if you want to try to try out that Razer software just go do a search for it online it's called Razer surround or Razer synapse is the software package it's it's completely worth it it's really cool and it works with non Razer products also obviously now I found that the music sound was really really good the bass is really tight now this doesn't have that super deep thunderous bass the base is very clean it can produce very very deep bass and it can even shake your eardrum but it doesn't quite have that really low-end you know uh you know hoop deride 215s in the back slam and super super deep bass I felt like the MMX 300s were able to produce a slightly lower bass like I could hear some lower stuff that I couldn't hear what these but they were really really close and considering that these costs twice as much I was actually really surprised. All right, well you can't have the pros without the cons.

Let's go ahead and get the cons out of the way I did Tech Talk 40 with this headset and I found that after about two hours my ears were very very hot and I felt like my ears were getting sweaty the seal that it forms on your ears with these pads does tend to get a little hot.

If you're playing in a room that's very very hot like my room gets when I turn off when I turn down the air conditioner it does tend to get a little bit annoying that it gets.

Warm on your head I found that the MMX 300s actually stay a lot cooler over a long period of time but as long as you're in a cool environment or you don't mind your ears being warm it's it's not a problem at all it's a good trade-off for that seal that it forms now the only other con that I really ran into with these I noticed that when you turn your head these tend to catch on your you know catch catch on your shoulders a little bit and tweak and it'll break the seal on the ear and alter the sound.

If you're rotating your head a lot really fast like this at least on my head I noticed that it breaks that ear cup seal and that does affect the sound quality.

As long as your head's relatively in a narrow area you're just looking around like this well obviously you're looking at the screen most time I've got I've got a wider set up than most people but if you're if you're looking at a fixed screen you're not even going to notice it but if you find yourself looking around a lot and stuff like this you will hear some some squeaking from the cups rubbing on your ears and stuff the leather does does make a little bit of noise when it moves around on your ear and you do break that seal.

It does alter the audio a little bit when the cup shift but aside from that I would say that's about the only two cons that I found with this headset as far as a headset that has an integrated microphone which could be a pro or a con like I said it's going to be up to you you're going to be listening to this and you can decide whether the microphone is good or not like I said I have a plug directly into the camera with no EQ added. This is absolutely just the most basic sound that you can get from the microphone unmolested.

Hopefully it turns out good I think it would be because. This is a really nice look and microphone also realize there is a huge amount of ambient noise in the room right now if you've watched some my other videos you can hear I've got 24 fans running to my computer and I have an air conditioner running and I'm curious to see how well this microphone isolates being.

Close to my mouth and as a part of my headset I want to see if it cuts out some of that sound because my old audio technica at2020 picks all that stuff up well guys that pretty much sums up my review of the Sennheiser games 0 headphones I think they're really really cool I think for 200 bucks you can't I mean they're a complete steal I mean realistically the only other headphones that I've used in that category would be like the Audio Technica headphones that I use that were in the $200 range and they're even an open-back headphone and I didn't think that they sounded as good as these do.

If you want a hardcore gaming headset that has an integrated microphone this you can't really go wrong with this I would really really recommend that you give these a try the sound is nice if you like a warm sounding headphone these are exactly what you're looking for but I feel like they have just the right amount of bass which is good I'm a basehead I love dubstep I love bass and I felt like these were able to pick up most of the sound that was being produced in the dubstep I was able to hear the really low stuff it was really clean and the really fast transitions I didn't get any distortion and I found that they were incredibly high volume handling both of my amplifiers I was able to max out the volume to where it was uncomfortable to listen to and I didn't pick up any real alarming distortion some of the headphones that I've used in the past when you crank them up to a really really high you know volume a list an uncomfortable listening level you tend to get a lot of distortion off the drivers Sennheiser headphones I've never really had that problem and I still don't have that problem with these they seem to handle the volume just fine.

If you're a deaf person and you love to pump up the volume to where it's making your ears bleed. This is a good option one last thing I'd like to point out is these are a high ohm headphone they're a high-resistance headphone.

I don't recommend getting these to just plug into your onboard sound card on your motherboard or plug into your laptop get a proper amplifier go and look for a Mayflower objective to a headphone amp or some of the other headphone amps just do do some research and reviews I personally like the objective to buy Mayflower electronics I think it's a beautiful lamp it's inexpensive and it works great but I would I would recommend you have a headphone amp because if you just plug these into like an iPhone for instance or plug them into your iPad you're you're not going to get that that really really nice clear bass and treble in that power that you get with a proper amplifier connected to it plus the listening level unless unless you have really sensitive hearing the listening levels going to be really low that headphone amps going to allow these things are really really shine.

Make sure if you're going to invest $200 and these go invest a little bit more and get a decent headphone amplifier alright guys well I'm going to get to editing this video.

That you guys can watch it like you did right now.

Until next time I really hope you enjoyed this video if you did please like favor and subscribe it helps me a bunch also come follow me on Facebook and Twitter I love interacting with you guys you.

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