Sennheiser G4ME ZERO Headset Review w/ Mic Test

This video is brought to you by the world's first 2.5 inch dual Drive Western Digital black square dual Drive is available now at NCIX hello everyone. This is Dimitri with Haruka Knox and Sennheiser's game line has just expanded with a few new headsets covering both open and closed style designs the game Xero is a closed style headset keeping the sound in without any leak and most importantly providing an incredible amount of isolation during your gaming sessions it has a few very appealing features that we haven't yet seen on the gaming oriented headset and also the premium of $280. This is not in your casual gamers bracket but as. This is targeted for the pros let's find out if it's worth it we also have the game one in-house.

Leave a like if you want to see comparison video but one thing that really threw me off was how thin the game 0 box was inside we find a pretty stellar case that houses the headset with a pocket to contain all the cable and. This is one aspect of the 0 that I find really awesome the fact that these are collapsible in such a thin profile there's also a carrying handle on the case and I just love the ability to protect your investment during transport the games 0 is a white on black design that doesn't really feel like San Heiser in my opinion I know they're trying to stand out within the gaming realm but the glossy white is really not my style especially since there are three color variations of the white on the earcup.

Perhaps if it was all uniform it might have looked better the metallic red accents give the game 0 and more of a game or look again a big question mark in terms of design although that just my personal preference the large boom mic is somewhat of a staple for science or game series there's definitely no going around that and while it is flexible although I do have to position quite far from my face.

It doesn't pick up all day all knowing all the air coming from your mouth it is also noise cancelling I currently have a video playing at normal volume in the background also you can still hear it pretty clearly when I stop speaking I also really would have loved a removable or retractable option for this large microphone it is muted. However, when in the upright position with a satisfying click there's a very convenient volume knob on the right earcup perfectly within reach although it feels quite loose and I was not expecting that for the asking price the overall build quality is pretty great with solid plastic headband and metal joints there are also small pads between the ear cups and the support frame to avoid plastic on plastic grind the game 0 is also adequately flexible and size adjustable and like I mentioned earlier foldable either for the carrying case or just to throw in your bag the ear cups are oversized for this to be an over ear headset with extremely comfortable and soft leather padding this definitely has to be one of the most comfortable closed headsets that I've ever tried the deep ear cushions encompass your entire ear and the drivers are angled.

You never make contact with the internals and I can appreciate the red lining also to fit with the color scheme the cable is unfortunately non removable and it is long at 3 meters.

Most of it is always going to be bundled up with velcro it connects through standard three and a half millimeter mic and headphone jacks that are color-coded and putting the headset on the large ear cups and appropriate clamping force is going to be an absolute pleasure for hours and hours of gaming and the leather does concentrate the heat a little bit.

Occasional venting is definitely needed they are slightly on the heavy side that 312 grams but the way these hug your head wood supporting headband and the weight was absolutely not an issue the game zero is a hundred fifty ohms impedance headphone.

The resistance on the current is quite high for a gaming style headset and I would strongly recommend using a sound card with these I ran them through my Asus DX sound card and was totally blown away at how well these isolated even at low volume I don't have to say that the sound is a tap on the hollow side.

I would not use these as my main music driver but it is gaming oriented and I understand why it is this way being a closed style headset most of which suffer from tiny soundstage Sohn Heiser has tweaked the frequency response to sound more open resulting in a more reserved and distant mid-range. This means quite a bit of detail is lost as a treble tension is quite boring there's no pop there's no energy for music and I do prefer the brighter and the more flat response of my HT 5 5 8 and the K 7 12 pros the female vocals in here job did not really stand out and I strangely couldn't place her within the space where with the HD 5 5 eighths I could feel her presence close to the microphone the zero suffers with the same distant vocals and no church in the wild thus creating a larger soundstage that in game is absolutely important for immersion that it turns out comes out a compromise for its ability Drive music properly the bass extension with zero is very well controlled and non-invasive within the mid range for example Dragonborn from skyrim soundtrack was very powerful. However, left me wanting more of a rumble and low-frequency bass and young and your fault now this being a dedicated gaming headset it does sure sound like one.

I fired up battlefield 4 Crysis 3 and Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag and immediately understood why these have been tuned with the distant mid-range the 0 have an impressively large soundstage for a closed style stereo headset the incredibly large audio environment in battlefield 4 translated really well in detecting distant gunshots hearing the chatter from the enemy requesting ammo and math packs giving you a good sense of distance between you and your targets and jumping into Assassin's Creed 4 I noticed that music playback was very much muted compared to the HD 5 5 8 as the mid-range is recessed with the zero. However, other audio elements within the game like birds singing stood out quite well.

While you do gain a sense of a larger audio environment detail within the mid-range is lost and the zero are particularly conservative with soft treble bass response is excellent for music playback and even better for gaming as it is quite powerful and absolutely amazing in Crysis 3 it's well controlled clean and totally transforms you into the key and to conclude I think the best part about the game zero especially being gaming oriented is the comfort with large over the ear cups with soft leather cushions combined with just the right amount of clamping force and the weight make this one of the most comfortable headsets that I've tried and tested in a long time the collapse oil feature is also very appealing plus the included case is a nice addition sound quality wise I'm very impressed with the roomy soundstage for a closed aisle headphone and with a little of EQ tweaking you can get some pretty decent mid-range and treble results. However, the way these drivers are tuned with the recessed mid-range and the lack of trouble actually takes away from a proper gaming experience as the zero tends to sound hollow with much less detail compared to the HT five five eight or the game one for example I'm not a big fan of the color scheme although. This is more personal complaint and this with every game series had said the bulky boom microphone is non removable and while the sounds acceptable for gaming noise cancellation is quite poor and also close to $300 I'm actually a little bit disappointed with the way these drivers are tuned but you can certainly extract like I said additional detail through the equalizer with more detailed mid-range and the brighter high-end and taking all of that in how do you feel about the game zero we do have the game one in-house.

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