Sennheiser G4me Zero Headset - Unboxing & First Impression

Hey guys!.

Today I'm going to be doing a little unboxing and review of the Sennheiser game zero PC gaming headset now you may be wondering Lauren she's just doing a boxing of a gaming headset do you really need two gaming headsets well son highs are actually saw my review of those headphones they were probably like we could do better.

They asked if I would give their gaming headsets a look-see and make a video about them and let them know what I thought about it but I'm going to unbox them and I'm gonna use them for for some of my upcoming gaming videos to test them out let you guys know what I think of them but for now we're just going to do the initial unboxing and review of them.

First off I get the black ones.

They're black with a red trim which is awesome because as you can see in my background I love red and black together I know Sennheiser puts out really really awesome headphones and have really great sound quality and not many people know that they have gaming headsets.

I mean I didn't and now I do and I'm very excited about this.

Let's uh let's just get to opening it alright first let me let me read their their little description the game zero professional noise black in gaming headset is the no compromise headset when you need outside noise blocked out when you seek nothing but pure clear gaming sound and when you want the best fit a closed gaming headset offers this headset is for you I don't know where that accent came in like halfway through that featuring Sennheiser speakers fitted leatherette memory foam ear pads lightweight design and pro noise cancelling microphone you'll have the best headset for your game as it sounds even more awesome the hood I had thought alright let's let's open this alright.

Already A+ compared to my other headset it comes with a carry like a hard carry case that is pretty awesome because it is very helpful when you put your headphones that carry case because if you're like me and you trap a lot and you throw them in a bag they can get crushed and break like my old headset uh not that they got crushed while traveling they just got crushed because they cost like nothing oh wow. Okay, I don't even know where to begin it's all a nicely folded up it looks like a speaker in this camera Wow.

I didn't realize too that the red trim is metallic that is super cool alright there already lighter weight than my other headset it's funny because when I got the Razer headset that was like my first gaming headset I ever bought.

I'm not very used to the higher end ones but you can tell the difference.

They pop out like this that is really cool though it's a really great way to store them. All right.

Copper test test one of the most important. All right, there they're more comfortable than my other ones my only complaint already is this I like that my other headset the microphone goes straight in and it's just like a way cuz I don't use this a lot while I'm recording gameplay I look like a fighter jet fighter pilot. This is pretty cool this bends.

You can do it. However, you want I have to say. This is a pretty sexy looking headset like I even like and then it comes in white too which is also very nice looking but then when you click it up it makes it click noise and that's how you know that you're now muted and there's a volume control on this one.

You don't have to like like my volume is on the keyboard but it's a little difficult to see if I have been playing in the dark.

All you do is just go like this or like this and your sound is magically adjusted alright oh.

The cord is like shoelace material I forget what. This is called but it's not rubber.

It doesn't ah doesn't kink I go ahead like bud headphones once with this material and I'm telling you it's life-changing when it comes to headphones um but there's - there's only two jacks just one for the microphone and then one for the actual headset volume the really great thing about this microphone it's obviously it's a lot I don't even use my razor headset microphone because it's not very good and of course this I mean a headset microphone is not really gonna be as good as a USB microphone but this one is definitely better quality than the last one and it has like crazy noise cancelling oh my gosh ah delicious if you want to see it close-up -. This is that little dial pad that I was talking about I am super excited to try these out on some of my gaming videos I think I'm gonna go record one right now and try these instead of the other ones they are seriously super super comfortable like alright these ant boats definitely impressed me way more than I thought I was going to I was like how much more could you improve on headphones you can improve them on them a lot apparently these are obviously more expensive than the razor ones but you get what you pay for this definitely feels like a much higher quality headset than my other one.

Yeah these definitely get my recommendation.

Far I'm going to be trying them out for the next a couple weeks and.

If you have any questions about them just leave it in the comments below and I will do my best to answer them or try it out on them or whatever you might want me to answer about to them let me know if you actually have a pair or if you were thinking of getting one make sure to leave a like and subscribe if you haven't and I will see you guys soon as some of you may go from following me on social media broke by headphones you may be asking yourself how does somebody break a pair headphones.

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