Sennheiser G4ME ZERO PC Gaming Headset Review W/Mic Test

Hey guys! welcome to Mecca tech hd's Brian here again and today we're going to be reviewing this sanitizer game 0 pc gaming headset although it has pc gaming in its name doesn't mean you can't use these headphones with your ps4 xbox one day I very much fully compatible you can use them easily although there's a slight little para pareil you would need to be able to do that now let's move on into the review of these headphones these headphones are pretty much i would say in mind for my money and in my opinion one of the best gaming headsets you can buy out there around two hundred dollars it's not gimmicky they are not promising you outrageous gimmick surround sound orders we had little things that you get from gaming gaming headphone companies you know that make headphones and say promise you this i promise you that i noticed that sometimes the butte quality might be sacrificed for those headphones for those little flashy things like lights and all whatnot but it's headphones are built solidly they feel really good when you put them on your ear they're comfortable the microphone is absolutely excellent for a long it far along in the video will make wudu a microphone test and actually test out the mic in this headphones but look at the cops they look really nice really comfortable as I just put my hand on them to feel really really good they are big yeah large they cover your whole ear.

You feel like really a bit isolated when you put on the music your player games or whatever you feel the isolation of the of this sound when it comes to sound they sound really good they are not overly busy or anything like that they sound good it just really good sounding pair of headphones and if that's what you want when you're playing games then I can't really recommend any other gaming happy for you I did a lot of research we fight chose this there were other headphones to go for butts a nicer if they won me over with this.

Let's do one.

Let's talk a little bit about expects these headset stereo headsets he has a progressing response of ten to twenty six thousand Hertz yeah around the ear kind of headsets not over the ear I mean that sounds a little bit different but this one's completely cover your whole ear no matter how large your ears are they have an open acoustic design it sounds really good when you wear them it's really good for in terms of just plain old sound these are a little bit of noise cancelling but it's not going to be like the level that you get from maybe a Bose or dedicated noise cancelling headphones that's two pretty good for gaming though if you want to be kind of isolated winning game the microphone is actually really good I plan on using this when I do game in on my e ET HD gaming channel.

You guys can look after that and tell me how good sound quality is well the one thing i don't like about the cable is that it's non the chat detachable and it has a separate up no connector for both the microphone and the headphone but you can still use it it's not a problem.

As you can see the Sennheiser game 0 pc gaming headset are absolutely fantastic they have nice quality for a very good price compared to the other headphones in this same similar price range I would say the Sun highs is probably the best quality you can go for you can use this on your pc the xbox one your ps4 pretty much all your consoles and he has this really long wire I just wanted to talk a lot about it a little bit i am not a fan of this i wish it was detachable it's not and that's just a little pet peeve maybe I'm nitpicking but apart from that I think it's fine when you put on the headset on your head like this if you want the headphones to mute when you're playing game while you just don't want it to be in your site you can mute it by going up you will hear a little click when it goes up that means the head the microphone is muted but if you want to know still hear your microphone you know you want to talk while you to do is pull it down are you here on a quick and you're good to go all I have to say the microphone is absolutely fantastic i'm going to give you guys a little demo of how good this microphone is hey guys welcome to megatech HD is brian here again. This is the microphone test buddies sennheiser game 0 headphones for this test i'm going to be reading you guys one of my favorite poems from a movie the gray here it goes once more into the fray into the last good fight i'll ever know live and die on this day live and die on this day.

Thank you guys for watching it's been a Mac attack HD here please like share subscribe to spot my channel I'll be bring you guys a lot more reviews i have a pc build comment in and i would like to show you guys my pc currently i used laptop to run this channel and it's not being very effective that is one of the reasons why I've been a very inconsistent but one i once i get my pc i can guarantee you guys that i'll be making a lot more videos and I'll be a lot more consistent.

Thank you guys.

Much for the early support I've got a lot of couraging comments from the sony bluetooth headset that i reviewed and i really appreciate it makes me want to continue and do.

Much more reviews and a lot more tech stuff.

Thank you guys for watching have said this like three times now i'll be seeing guys soon i'll probably might be reviewing this 4k TV up here on samsung or this LG um 95 monitor i know a lot of people have already reviewed it but if you want me to review it and give you guys my thoughts on it I will do that just leave a comment in the description I always say description in the comments below and I'll get house get a good feedback or you can just leave a thumbs up.

I know that you guys actually like these reviews. All right, i'll be seeing guys later thanks and peace and may the force be with you bye I.

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