Sennheiser G4ME Zero Professional Gaming Headset Unboxing & Overview

I everything changes what's going on most girls they have the pleasure of doing an unboxing and overview of this newly released really sharp looking sennheiser game 0 professional noise blocking headset. This is an improved version of the pc 350 special editions with upgrades to the wearing comfort materials and in my opinion aesthetics and I've actually covered the pc 350 SCS along with three other sennheiser products with both unboxings as well as full reviews and if you want to see those videos just click the annotations or the links in the description the 85 of eights are actually what i'm using right now to edit the audio in all my videos because of its ridonkulous lee accurate sound and like always I'll be doing a full review of these games Eros and about a week or two after you get a good feel of how well they perform.

Definitely stay tuned for that and for some of the best pricing and availability for all these products I've included some links for you down below.

If we're quick to around the box on the front you got a photo of the product as well as the model of the headset and it is part of sennheisers game series which is their newest line of upgraded headsets it has a two year warranty and on the bottom you have one of the zeros greatest song points which is long term comfort on the side you can pause the video and read it for yourself but it just shows some write ups on the zeros and have even game developers themselves you sennheiser equipment to develop game audio this side has some of the main features such as fitted leatherette memory foam earpads and the sense that is fully collapsible for portability and. This is a closed back headset to maximize sound isolation the top houses your hang tag as well as the package contents which we will get into in a moment and the bottom just has some influence anhyzer as well as the certificate of authenticity finally on the back you see some more features in greater details such as Sennheiser's tried-and-true EA r technology which stands for ergonomic acoustic refinement and. This is said to provide a natural more accurate sound by angling the drivers to channel the audio directly into your ears on the right side you got an exploded view of the headset with explanations of each of the key parts and I do want to make note that this headset features a very capable microphone which should be expected given Sennheiser's long term experience with producing high-quality mics sennheiser is an international company so. This is all in different languages and finally near the bottom you have some of the main tech specs like a relatively light 312 gram little way and a very generous 3 meter cord.

Once the unboxing you just tuck the hang tag in on bob and slide the front seat off to either side from there you just pull the front flap up you can see the headset is very well packaged to vent any shipping damage in both the protective box and the headset case itself it's a hard shell case to protect that zeros from getting crushed and taking out of the plastic we see it's very classy and elegant looking and also functional with a handle on the top unzipping the case and taking off more protective material you can further see just how well design the cases with a felt inside.

Your zeros won't get scratched and pocket on the front to put any accessories or cords in moving on to the headset itself and taking off the rest of the protective pieces we see just that aesthetic it is with very flashy white glossy ear cups and a sharp red trim to it in my opinion these are one of the nicest looking headsets I've ever seen on the left ear cup you have the noise cancelling microphone and it has the very welcome auto mute feature where when you lift it up and away from your mouth it shuts the mic off it's also really flexible for those whose mouths are located at abnormal spots on their faces the e cups themselves are a very soft and plush memory foam material with a soul rebound rate to conform to the shape around your ears inside the cubs you can see the Sennheiser transducer technology drivers are protected from dust and dirt with layer of red fabric moving up to the headband it features the same soft materials as the ear cups and has a generous amount of padding the headset as a whole is very flexible and folds into two different variations for storage on the backs of the cubs you can see it's closed back design and I really like these line patterns on the back which are actually rubber to help with grip one holding your headset or taking them offer on underneath the lines on the right cup you have your volume dial with fit these zeros along with the PC 350s have the most range of adjustment I've ever seen on any headphone or headset I have a horrendously gigantic noggin and my fitted ball caps our size 8 which you have to get specialty ordered online and these headphones can actually go even bigger than my head for you peanut heads it go really small too finally moving down to the cord it's made of a thick Brady material and the long length is well managed by a convenient velcro cable tie and lastly at the very end you have your color-coded 3.5 millimeter jacks for a microphone and sound hope you guys all enjoy my unboxing and overview of the Sennheiser games your professional walking gaming headset if you want this headset for yourself I have some links below for some of the best pricing and availability let me know in the comments what you think of this headset and also since I've been covering a lot of headsets lately let me know if you want to see any comparisons to the other ones I've made videos of maybe I'll do some head to heads and like I said keep it out from our full review up in a few weeks once i get a complete feel of how well you perform and if you did enjoy this vid please thumbs up if you like that thumbs down if you didn't and let me know your thoughts in the comments subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and follow me on instagram and or twitter it would be much appreciated until next time you do both pace you.

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