Sennheiser G4me Zero Unboxing

What's going on everyone in Traverse consumer and today I've got an unboxing for you guys of the Sennheiser game zero PC gaming headset.

Let's not waste any time let's get right into it wow wow wow and. All right, guys here we have the game zero PC gaming headset from Sennheiser and as you guys can see. This is an awesome looking headset now. This is for PC use but that's not going to stop me from you trying it with my PlayStation 4 and Xbox one.

I'm definitely give those a try but here it is around the box it gives you some more details about the actual headset it's a pretty nice looking box actually but um let's get it open I'll show you guys what you get inside.

If we can just pull off the top before there we go.

We can put this over here and pop this open and boom.

This also does come with a carrying case and this looks pretty awesome already some very nice packaging hats off to Sennheiser.

We can put this to the side and that's pretty much all you get in the box there's probably more stuff inside of the actual case.

Let's open this up alright there we go and alright.

Now we've got that out the way here it is guys now. This is a really awesome case it's got this nice little handle.

You can travel with it I'm not sure how many of you are going to be traveling with a gaming headset but um. This is a really nice touch nonetheless and. This is a very durable case as you guys can hear it very solid.

Let's get to opening it see what we get inside and boom Wow. Okay, I like this already guys this looks amazing this looks really good on the top just has this little piece here and it has a little pouch.

If you want to carry tables or any other accessories you can definitely do that there um boom. This is it guys and I must say I'm impressed.

Far it feels really good umm it looks nice there black on red is just amazing look.

If you're a fan of black and red this will definitely do it for you I'm a huge fan myself.

This works.

Let's get some of this foam off see how we get that out of here alright.

Boom and then we've got a little bit of plastic on the boom mic.

Let's get this off and yeah I think that's about all there is to it.

We can put the case to the side now have that bear and let's take a good look at this.

These ear cups are huge guys really huge they're going to surround your whole ear for short no matter what size ears you have if whether you're you know you got some really tiny ears or your Dumbo. This is going to work just fine for you and um seems like it has a lot of maneuverability you can fold it up you can move the mic a bit so. This is really good this can really fold up well it's really nice some of the features that they stay they have is um the mic when you move it up it can automatically mute.

That's really nice. This is act. This is actually a noise cancelling mic.

There's no background noise that's supposed to show up when you're you know talking to someone in your party so. This is really cool stuff and you do have volume controls on the ear cups just like you do have a mute function with the boom mic.

That's really cool too and. This is a leatherette material for the ear cups and it feels really nice. This is going to be extremely comfortable I can tell already um the biggest aircraft I've ever seen we're probably on the audio technica ath M 50s but this looks like it has a beat for sure a really big oval shape nice little red on the inside design-wise material wise this feels amazing guys this definitely feels very premium the headband has a nice padding cushion on top.

That's really nice of course if you have a bigger head like me you can actually adjust the length of the headband.

That works well.

This does have a threaded cable and when we open this thing up then this goes. This is about forever in length but it's actually three meters.

That's very long.

If you're going to be a far away from your source you'll have no problem still being able to hear your audio is very very long cable but it is a nice threaded cable.

It feels very adorable very nice it has two inputs one for your microphone and one for your headphone.

Like I said. This is for PC gaming.

It has two inputs and pretty much. This is it guys. This is a really awesome looking headset but.

Far I'm very impressed guys the ridges feel really nice on the sides it's actually a nice like rubber ish material it feels really good guys um I'm gonna have pricing and availability down below in the description.

Definitely check that out.

That pretty much wraps up this unboxing guys if you enjoyed it be the cool guy that hits the like button down below and subscribe to the channel for more content for me.

Next time is your average consumer one for the actual headphones and one for the mic.

You've got two of those and. This is for PC game damn.

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