Sennheiser Game Zero gaming headsets blogger review

Hey plug in its Matt back today with the Sennheiser game 0 gaming headset sennheiser isn't usually the first company that comes to mind when you think of gaming but i know it's pretty top of mind for audio and for their normal headset.

It shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that they're involved in gaming now too ok let's unbox this guy fair warning it actually comes with a storage case in foam but I removed all that for less dramatic effect it has two well cushioned padded ear cups with memory foam inside of them and a really sturdy high quality microphone that's fully attached to the left side on the right side you'll see a volume slider interestingly you can't actually turn the sound off on this thing all together it just goes from quiet to loud it also has one of the longest chords I've ever seen here's a look at the microphone a little bit closer alright let's put it on and start gaming there's really not much more about the casing that I have to go into it's pretty simple and straightforward it's not moving mountains by any means but it's a really sturdy high quality headset with great quality sound output and a really responsive microphone you can comfortably wear this headset for hours on end without heating your ears or getting a headache the only thing you might have trouble with are really bass-heavy sounds and explosions I found that this headset didn't really handle those as well as I was expecting but everything else from music to all other aspects of gaming sounded great how good is the microphone by the way I recorded this entire voiceover with it.

That should give you an indication that's the Sennheiser game 0 gaming headset now available at Best Buy I'm Matt please subscribe to this channel and follow plug in for more gaming reviews and headsets just like this one.

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